Fun House

Weekdays 5:00 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 05, 1988 In Season


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Fun House

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Two teams competed for prizes by answering trivia questions and participating in physical stunts. Two rounds were played. Each round had a stunt for 25 points & a 25 point toss-up question. When the two rounds were over, then came the "Grand Prix". One kid would push the car while the other did some zany stunt, while picking up tokens valued @ 10 or 25 points. The teams would switch positions after one lap & then the team that won the race won 50 points. Remember, once a token hits the ground, it's out of play. Then the tokens are added up & the team with the most points wins the game & goes into the Fun House. In the Fun House, there were 13 prize tags that kids would grab along the way. Each kid took a turn inside the house to grab many tags along the way. They had 2:00 inside the Fun House. If they grab the secret prize tag, they would also win the POWER PRIZE!!! (usually a trip). Sometimes, the game was played with one kid & a celebrity partner as a team. In the second season, the series added a water slide inside the Fun House. Fun House also spun-off an adult version called College Mad House with host Greg Kinnear (Yes you read right!). The only difference, no grand prix, just rapid fire questions for 90 seconds while hitting your opponent with a pie in the face. After two syndicated seasons, Fun House moved to Fox Kids when they started a Saturday AM schedule in 1990. Unfortunately, it was the first show to be canned from the schedule. JD Roth would go on to host other kid shows including Double Up, Masters of The Maze, Moolah Beach & Endurance.moreless
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  • There is a Spanish variant now, why not have this back too?

    I can't be missing this show much longer whenever I see "Mega Match" on Telemundo. If kids want to have physical fun in Latin America, why not here? Children are getting fatter now because of uninteresting shows that include physical activity. Fun House did convince me to go out more and try to be on that show when I was young. How the late 80's and early 90's had better TV and fitness for kids. I do see that nothing is going on now on the English channels with just cable- you need satillite to see Nickelodeon GAS to see such shows like this. I know I'm past my prime to watch such children's reality shows, but I do hope that my children of the future will find shows that are more entertaining than what is on now after the PBS active reality show, "FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman" had just been taken off the air for a short time.moreless
  • Jeopardy meets Fear Factor - It's simple Child's Play.

    Before Fear Factor - there was....Fun House.

    Fun House was an absolute thirty minutes of excitement, challenges and sheer entertainment.

    It was a game show of sorts made for and played by kids. The challenge - not to get slimed, or soaked, or duped into the day's trap of slime, gunk or goo. For what you might ask?

    The grand ol' chance to make it to the final round and twist, run and jump your way through the ultimate house of fun - the Fun House.

    I loved this show as a kid. It was entertaining and if memory serves correct - slightly educational. Either way it was always a riot to watch the young and fun host J.D. Roth. He was almost as exciting as the Fun House challenge itself.

    This is just a classic show from childhood that you enjoy, and really miss once its gone. I'd love to see Fun House back on the tube again - and like a kid...I'd be glued to the screen watching it all over again.moreless