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Funky Cops

Saturday 11:30 AM on FOX Premiered Aug 23, 2003 In Season


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Funky Cops

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This show takes place in San Francisco in the 1970s. It is about Jack Kowalski and Ace Anderson, SFPD detectives and disco dancers, solving crimes while adding in touches of disco, hot rods, 8-Tracks, and of course, funky fuzzy dice. Fox Box Broadcast History September 6, 2003-October 25, 2003: Saturday @ 11:30 AM May 1, 2004-July 3, 2004: Saturday @ 11:30 AM Special Presentations August 23, 2003: Saturday @ 11:00 AM December 20, 2003: Saturday @ 10:00 AM

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Season 2 : Episode 13

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  • Horrible show.

    Well after seeing that show got cancelled during December of 2003 I wanted to see at least one episode. It got cancelled due to low ratings but I decided to watch the first episode that aired since 2003. I watched it and it was horrible. All kinds of weird 70s disco going around, do you think kids would actually like that kind of stuff, apparently not. This show is dumb and stupid no wounder why it got low ratings. At least it can't get any worse now, if this show ever airs in the US again, then the people who work for that network are idiots.moreless
  • I don't have a summary, just want to know if Funky Cops is on DVD or not.

    My husband and I love Funky Cops. I would like to know if it is available on DVD anywhere. If you know, please a reveiew here post & I'll check back. I've looked everywhere and can only find an audio CD. THANKS! I can't believe you have to make your reveiew 100 words long! Who has time to type so much stuff when you're busy? Only 30 or so more words to go. This is ridiculous! Still 25 more words, sorry this is running on and on- it's really not my fault. Eight words to go and I will be done!moreless
  • An adult cartoon that lives from its soundtrack and visual effects, but needs some fine-tuning in terms of plots, characters and pace.

    I coincidentially found out about this show one day, and the reason why I kept watching is the same that makes me watch again every now and then. As soon as you get infected with that 70ies disco virus, you can't switch channels anymore. The soundtrack is a blast and is what really sells the show, with a mix of original disco hits, some remakes and original score (check out the official soundtrack CD by DJ Abdel).

    This is greatly supported by the animation, which I would call state-of-the art. The disco and car chase scenes are really well done, and the computer generated (and sometimes three-dimensional) effects don't just look great, they also blend in seamlessly with the hand-drawn characters and backgrounds.

    And that's what makes up for most of the show. If it has one thing, it's style. On to the downsides: The plots are really nothing you haven't seen a hundred times before, and I miss a bit more originality and parody to give the storylines some spice.

    The characters, including the main men Dick and Ace, are too shallow for my taste - the taglines are cool and important, but there should be a bit more. Not seeing Dick and Ace do anything else than disco-dancing and catching criminals makes you feel somewhat indifferent towards them. They need background!

    Then, there's the pacing. And I don't only mean the frequent disco dancing interludes either, I can cope with them because disco is half of the show, and you can appreciate the music and the great animation. But sometimes it's just too out-of-context, too extensive or scripted too boring. What I personally find more annoying is the maladjusted rhythm the episodes have. Everything happens in 30 seconds, right after 10 minutes of disco and pure nothingness. Then there are those unexplicable breaks. Why do the characters sometimes pause for 3 seconds after their sentences? Do they think we need that long to get the jokes?

    All in all, I think that due to the shortcomings plot- and depth-wise, you can just watch a few minutes and decide whether you're going to like the show or not. If you can't get into the whole style, you'll definitely be bored. But if you find you're into the whole seventies style (and I certainly hope you are!), then you'll have fun watching these episodes and feeling the disco, and be able to ignore the shallow storylines.moreless
  • I hate rating shows low, I know creators work hard, and this had a good overall idea.

    Following two funky fresh San Fransico cops on da beat is a cool idea for a cartoon and has not really been used. The visuals and animations ruin this show along with the terrible sound and voice overs. The actaul plots are a snooze fest from what I see. Yet another snooze fest fro mthe Fox Box people. I do like the idea of following two cops on cool adventures, but it got to \"jiggy\" in a time that does not want to see disco balls.moreless
  • The Best Adult Cartoon Series ever made!

    OMG! Funky Cops, a really hilarious, Brilliant, Outstanding Show. It revolves around 2 cops called Jack and Ace. Living in 1970's San Francisco as they fight crime and boogie down and hard on the Dance floor.

    The Acting in it is above anything ever, Its very well performed. I just laugh along too it.

    Funky Cops is so awsome! Go Watch it