Funky Phantom

Season 1 Episode 1

Don't Fool With a Phantom

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 11, 1971 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Mudsy's hands disappear in one short scene. All you can see are the outlines.

    • When they are driving with the cow on the hood, Mudsy and Alice are on the passenger side while Skip and Augie are on the driver's side and in the next short scene, Mudsy and Alice are on the driver's side while Skip and Augie are on the passenger side.

  • Quotes

    • Mudsy: This is your ghost driver speaking. Fasten your seat belts. Johnathon Muddlemore drives again!

    • Mudsy: Let's get out of here! It's not that I'm scared, I'm cautious.

    • (they are tricked into taking the wrong way by the Raven and are going over really rough ground)
      April: A-Are you sure we're on the right road?
      Skip: I'm not even sure it's a road.

    • Mudsy: Exit, two nervous ghosts!
      (Mudsy and Boo disappear)

    • (everyone is lined up to start the race)
      Mr. Carter: Well, good luck, kids. But against my Formula One, you don't (chuckles) stand a ghost of a chance.
      (Mudsy appears in the back seat)
      Mudsy: What's he tryin' to do to us ghosts? Put us down?

    • April: I knew we could count on you!
      Mudsy: Well stop countin' and lets subtract ourselves from this problem!

    • (they are tied up in bags and on a conveyor belt headed for some grindstones)
      April: We're going to be ground up like chicken feed.
      Augie: (referring to Mudsy) Speaking of chickens, our only hope is ole Mr. Invisible.

    • (they are on a conveyor belt headed for the mill's grindstones)
      Skip: I've had my nose to the grindstone, but this is ridiculous!

    • Augie: Keep your eyes open, April.
      April: Okay, if you see anything, I'll scream. (she falls down a trap door and screams)
      Augie: I didn't see anything.

    • (they're in an old mill searching for the Monstermobile that was stolen)
      Skip: Okay, let's split up and look around.
      Mudsy: Good thinkin'! I'm for gettin' out of here, post-hasty puddin', even!

    • Mudsy: I wasn't scared when we dumped all that tea at Plymouth Rock.
      Skip: Plymouth Rock? Come on, Mudsy. The Tea Party was at Boston.
      Mudsy: Well I couldn't get around to all the tea parties, you know.

    • Mudsy: Let's not do anything hasty, or hasty pudding, even!
      Augie: Don't always be such a scaredy cat, Mudsy.

    • (Skip and Augie are using parts from the Looney Duney and a steam tractor to make a new car)
      April: Hey, how about giving this thing a name?
      Mudsy: Heavens to New Hampshire! You want a name for
      April: Mudsy, that's it!
      Mudsy: It is?
      April: We'll call it the Montermobile!

    • Farmer: You're welcome to take parts off my old steam tractor.
      Skip: Wow! That's a real collector's item!
      Augie: Yeah, a junk collector's that is.

    • Skip: (to the farmer) Hey, I have a brilliant idea! We'll raise the money and help you save the farm!
      April: Groovy, Skip!
      Mudsy: I'm for it! I'm for it!
      April: Good! Oh and then maybe we can capture the Raven!
      Mudsy: I'm against it! Definately against it!

    • Farmer: I thought the Raven sent you.
      Skip: Raven? We don't know any Raven.
      Augie: Yeah, we only know a chicken. (Augie points to Mudsy)

    • Skip: Enough is enough, Mudsy. Give me the wheel!
      Mudsy: I thought you'd never ask. (he takes the steering wheel off the steering column and hands it to Skip) Here, even.
      Skip: No-no!

    • (Skip is teaching Mudsy how to drive the Looney Duney)
      Skip: You're doing just fine, Mudsy.
      Mudsy: I am?
      Augie: Speed up, Muds. I think we're breaking the slow limit.
      April: Look out for that tree, Mudsy!
      Augie: Faster! Faster!
      Skip: There's a sharp curve!
      April: Slow down, Mudsy!
      Mudsy: Heavens to Delaware! Don't everyone tell me at once-eth!

    • (Skip stops the Looney Duney and wants to teach Mudsy how to drive it)
      Mudsy: Why does a ghost have to learn to drive?
      Skip: Come on, Mudsy. Everybody drives these days.
      Mudsy: Don't rush me! Don't rush me! I've gotten by for two hundred years without it.

  • Notes

    • This was the first episode of the series to air with a very high rating, even more the previous Hanna and Barbra Cartoons.

    • This title is taken from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (Episode #25). But this is a different story than you ever seen before.

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