Funky Phantom

ABC (ended 1972)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Ghost Grabbers
      Episode 17
      Mudsy and Boo finally inform the whole gang why they ran away from the Redcoats. They tell them about a few incidents including hiding in a clock that later trapped them and then being kidnapped by men disguised as Redcoats, and forced to dig up the treasure that the British had buried. But now, it's under water.moreless
    • 12/25/71

      Mudsy and the whole gang visit Muddlemore Manor, Mudsy's former home, and find it is haunted by another ghost of '76. To make matters worse, Muddlemore Manor is in danger of being torn down by Mayor Iverson, the descendant of Mudsy's mortal enemy.

    • 12/18/71
      In this episode of Funky Phantom the whole gang is at a dog show and meets a bulldog formally known as Cromwell. Cromwell's owner is a rich lady that has been targeted for a dognapping by the Houndman. In confusion Houndman's goons take Elmo by mistake.
    • 12/11/71

      The whole gang gets stranded in a forest for the night and the next morning, they discover tracks of the legendary Bigfoot. While following them, they end up stumbling upon an illegal logging activity.

    • April Foolish Day
      April Foolish Day
      Episode 13
      The kids are preparing to meet professional racer Winfield Wheelie. April is so taken with this Andretti wanna-be that she volunteers to be his navigator. But behind the scenes, a crook named Road Hog intends to throw a monkey wrench into the racer's plans.
    • 11/27/71

      Funky Phantom and the gang follow a trail of rhyming clues and wax dummies to find the Parafiend. He has stolen the Betsy Ross flag and the Liberty Bell and kidnapped April.

    • 11/20/71
      The kids return to their high school for the big ball game. Two robbers steal Mrs. Brockton Van Cleef's million-dollar necklace and hide in the football. Their ball gets mixed up with the game ball, which requires the thieves to disguise themselves as players to try and get the necklace back.moreless
    • 11/13/71
      Mudsy and the gang all head down to check out the Barnaby Brothers Circus that just came to town. They witness a strange looking gorilla-like creature taking bags of counterfeit money out of the circus every night and decide to set a trap for him.
    • Haunt in Inn
      Episode 9
      A ghost seems to be scaring guests out in the Widow Wilson's Inn. Strangely, all the frightened guests end up at the Sand and Surf Motel, the only other lodging place in the vicinity. Could someone be trying to put Widow Wilson out of business? The Kids and Mudsy decide to find out.moreless
    • 10/30/71
      Mudsy and they gang decide to take a vacation at a cozy lakeside resort. Their vacation turns into work when they find evidence of a sea creature living in the otherwise peaceful lake.
    • Ghost Town Ghost
      Ghost Town Ghost
      Episode 7
      The gang takes Mudsy to the town of Plainsville for it's 50th Frontier Day celebration. The kids are sent to the town's "Hoose Gow" (jail) for not wearing western clothes to the celebration. Elmo wins the chuck wagon race when one of the drivers falls out of his wagon so the mayor releases the kids. The finale is to be a fake bank robbery, but when the money turns up missing Augie, Skip and April are accused of stealing it. Can they solve the crime and clear their names?moreless
    • Spirit Spooked
      Episode 6
      During the Mexican road race, the kids encounter the ghosts of Montezuma and the Sun God. They also meet two men who both claim to be archaeologist Professor Lundgren.
    • The Headless Horseman
      Mudsy, April, Sip, Augie, Elmo and Boo visit the famous town of Sleepy Hollow. They are introduced to the great, great, great grandson of Ichabod Crane who is in hiding because the Headless Horseman has returned and after his head.
    • Who's Chicken
      Episode 4
      April learns that her Uncle Henry, owner of Chicken Delicious, may be put out of business by the Chicken Man. She and the boys get jobs there to find out who they're up against The Chicken Man turns out to be Mr. Angus, owner of a rival restaurant chain.
    • 9/25/71
      Mudsy and the gang leave the mansion to check out some ghostly happenings in nearby Fort LaFitte. The Looney Duney breaks down just outside the fort adding to their concerns. Will they be able to crack this case or is it a lost cause?
    • Heir Scare
      Episode 2
      The group stops at Conway Manor when the Looney Duney is stuck in a bog. They discover that Mike Conway is being threatened by a Marsh Monster.
    • 9/11/71
      When a gang learns that a farmer may lose his farm, they decide to enter the Looney Duney in the race, and donate the prize money to him. They convert the vehicle (after Mudsy had wrecked it) into the Monstermobile, but that night, a criminal called the Raven steals it to keep them out of the race. Can Mudsy and the gang get the Monstermobile back and stop the Raven?moreless