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  • Writers from Eastenders and League of Gentlemen team up for a dark british comedy drama,that goes where League of Gentlemen would have if it had lost its comedy edge. Brillant,cutting edge,shot beautifully,sinister characters, based in grimy Blackpool.

    I found Funland to be one of those rare drama-comedys (more drama than comedy) that you come across once in a blue moon. I personally really enjoyed League of Gentlemen, for its dirty grimy feel, the way it was shot, and for its filthy characters. Funland takes you that one place deeper, all the characters are well developed, and while some are likeable than others, each has their darkside also. The story follows the main character Carter Krantz, a lost lad searching for answers and running from his mothers murder, over one long weekend. When he gets to Blackpool he crosses paths with the young Sutton couple staying at the Shangri-La guesthouse, (there for a dirty weekend to rekindle their failing marriage), and also encounters the Woolf family who run the local strip joint. It pays to watch again, as the episodes unravel themselves backwards.