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  • Loved Fury!

    One of the best family shows I loved watching as a kid. I wasn't born until 1961, so I watched it in reruns. I would love to see the show to return to television, so I could watch it with my horse crazy granddaughter. I just know she would fall in love with Fury, just as I did.
  • worth watching for

    "The Fury" was one of my favorite TV series back when I was a child, I was a great fan of this show and was pleased to find during the 70's era while watching it from a local channel which ran the reruns on every weekends. I want to re-experience the moment while watching this show back then. I purchased a copy of DVD of this series at dvdbooth. com . The quality of the DVDs I received is really good and excellent. I'm so grateful that I can replay this show as much as I want! From the stubborn kid, little "Diamond" became a role model whom became a good influence on other kids. This show is really great as every kid will definitely learn lots of great values. If you can buy a DVD copy of this and watch it, it's definitely worth your time.
  • "Fury" could and should be remembered as one of the best and brightest American Television shows ever produced for children (and adults).

    I saw "Fury" reruns in the late 1960's and the early 1970's on KTVI-TV, Channel 2, in St. Louis, Missouri at 7:15 a.m. weekdays where it ran for many years after "The Lone Ranger" at 6:45 a.m.

    This series originally ran five seasons on NBC (1955-60) and was so hugely popular it ran another six years in reruns on NBC followed by years of syndicated reruns before it disappeared along with most other black-and-white rerun series during American television's strange 1970's obsession with all-color programming.
    Bobby Diamond grounded the show with his infectious love for "Fury" and was an apparently gracious actor who worked well with potential show rival kid characters "Pee Wee" and later "Packy" who no doubt came in as the series progressed to give very young viewers someone to relate to as "Joey" aged into adolescence.
    The cast was uniformly excellent and the writing fun and always enjoyable.
    The episode "The Tornado" (not on this set) is downright exciting and the same is true of many of the series highlights.
    Unlike many TV shows for kids, "Fury" always seemed to avoid the traps of oddball camp, excessive sentiment, cartoon violence and, most important, avoided boring stories throughout the run.
    "Fury" extolled masculine pursuits and male role models.
    "Fury" himself was certainly symbolic of Joey's inner healthy pride and strength as both "Fury" and Joey made a journey from lost orphans to positions of strength and happiness.
    With the coming of DVD series collections, we can hope that "Fury" will one day be available on an extensive collection on DVD (it will no doubt be a great hit).
    The series grew up and developed through the run and if anyone could see all of the episodes in succession, "Fury" would be assured legions of new fans.
    "Fury" could and should be remembered as one of the best and brightest American Television shows ever produced for children (and adults).
  • a persoanl favorite

    I love watching this show as a child.. Joey and his horse and the adventures were a welcome and enjoyable pasttime in my home. It would be great to se ethis show relased on DVD or even in reruns on TVland or something.. Definitely a must see and a great family oriented show from the golden years of TV
  • The show was about a wild stallion that could only be ridden by a boy he loved. It was about the things they did together

    I think thaat Fury was a terriffic show. I used to watch it every Saturday morning when I was young. Fury got me interested in horses. He was the best. He was smart and loyal. He could do a lot of things, and he would save Joey\'s life many times. Joey was a good kid. Peter Graves character, Jim, was very understanding and firm when he needed to be. They always had a moral and the end of the story. It was a good, clean show. I think they should bring it back to television. Maybe put it on the nick station. After all these years, I still remember that show, and that says a lot about a series. Other people I talk to remember it also. Pete was also a good character. He would be the buffer between Joey and Jim when needed.