Fushigi Yuugi

TV Tokyo (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Eikou Den - Befalling of Suzaku
      Mayo entered the Universe of the Four Gods hoping that she could win Taka's affections. However those dreams shatter when she realizes that a fake Suzaku has been using her to gather strength. Now Taka and the other Suzaku Warriors race to save Mayo, Miaka, the baby, and Konan. To make matters worse, an unknown evil entity has declared that the Universe of the Four Gods must be destroyed and its magic consumed, sending everything in the book into the void! When all seems lost an unlikely person will save them all...moreless
    • Eikou Den - Twist of Fate of the Seven Stars
      Taka, Tasuki and Chichiri find themselves overcome with dobut as each reborn Suzaku warrior they find lacks the memories and abilities of their previous lives. Meanwhile, from beside Miaka's hospital bed, Keisuke, Yui and Tetsuya try to coax Mayo to return to the real world.
    • Eikou Den - Quicksand Turns into White
      Taka has left the capital of Konan to search for the other two surviving Suzaku warriors. After reuniting with Chichiri and Tasuki, Taiitsukun appears to inform the trio that the other Suzaku warriors have been reborn. Chiriko and Mitsukake are the first two located, but their sealed memories and childish behavior could ruin Taka's quest.moreless
    • Eikou Den - Beginning of the Myth
      Three years after Miaka and Taka's adventures ended in the Universe of the Four Gods, the book has opened again. Now married with a baby on the way, Miaka and Taka are settling into their new lives. However Mayo Sakaki, a high school student infatuated with Taka, has found the Universe of the Four Gods. After opening it, Mayo is drawn into the book to become the new Priestess of Suzaku while Miaka collapses into a coma in the real world. At the hospital, the doctors find no trace of Miaka's unborn baby, as if she was never pregnant to begin with! Taka now must return to the world of the book to save his family, and all that reside within, from an unknown menace.moreless
    • The Future to See
      The battle with Tenkou comes to a climax as he moves to invade the real world. At the same time Taka decides that he will always protect Miaka, even if it means facing his greatest opponent - himself as Tamahome. The Suzaku warriors fight bravely, but Tenkou's powers are daunting. When all seems lost, true love holds the key to saving the world.moreless
    • Fleeting Reflections
      Tasuki's behavior towards Miaka was influence by one of Tenkou's underlings, who happens to be Hikou, the friend that Chichiri claims to have killed. Now Chichiri must face down his past demons to save not only Miaka's life, but Miaka's world as well. Taka tries to find a way to help, even without Tamahome's powers.moreless
    • The Flame of Friendship
      It is a well known fact that Tasuki does not like girls. However Miaka has become the exception to the rule as Tasuki finds himself increasingly drawn to her! Meanwhile, Taka deals with the fact that he may disappear because Tenko destroyed the jewels that had been found.
    • Beginning of a Changed Life
      With three jewels of memory found, Maka and Taka find the fourth in the possession of Nuriko's older brother, Rokou. However Rokou hasn't fully come to grips with the death of his brother and refuses to help the Suzaku Seven in their quest. Matters become complicated when Taka's body becomes possessed with a demon in his blood. To save Taka, Rokou must put Nuriko's death behind him, but is he ready to?moreless
    • Silent Child
      Silent Child
      Episode 5
      To be reborn in Miaka's world, Tamahome's memories were sealed into small jewels. Finding these jewels is important - without them Taka will cease to exist! However the Suzaku Seven are not the only ones searching for the jewels and the race is on. The warriors start their search at the palace in Konan, where Houki and her son Boushin are silent in their greif for Hotohori. Taka resolves to help them, no matter what.moreless
    • Bewitching Quickening
      Life in high school has become a normal routine for Miaka. Tamahome, now known as Taka, attends a local college and the couple is happy. However the new transfer student in Miaka's class is familiar with the Universe of the Four Gods, and plots for their demise. Having Miaka thrown from the roof of the school seemed the perfect plan, but Taka leaps to her rescue and the pair lands back in Konan! Now Miaka must teach Taka to survive in the world of the book as they search for an unknown enemy.moreless
    • Parting . . . And Then
      At last the evil that threatens the book and Takiko is revealed. Tenkou, the opposite force of Taiitsukun, reveals himself and his plans. However the Suzaku Seven along with other unlikely allies prove that it won't be an easy task. When all is said and done, Miaka and Tamahome must come to grips that Tamahome is a character from a book, and must stay in the book.moreless
    • Sorrowful Flash
      Sorrowful Flash
      Episode 2
      Back in the world of the Universe of the Four Gods, Tamahome is shocked to learn that he is no longer himself--he's now become his former enemy! In order to keep his sanity, Tamahome must adjust to his new lifestyle and overcome the illusions that surround him. Meanwhile, Miaka searches for a way to help the man she loves.moreless
    • Lost Ties
      Lost Ties
      Episode 1
      Miaka thought her adventures in the Universe of the Four Gods was complete when Suzaku granted her heart's wish to let Tamahome live in her world. However, on a visit to the grave of Takiko Okuda, Priestess of Genbu, Miaka discovers the story isn't over yet! Tamahome is pulled back into book to face an unknown evil that is threatening the essence of Takiko.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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