Fushigi Yuugi

Season 1 Episode 12

Only You

Aired Unknown Jun 22, 1995 on TV Tokyo
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Only You
After escaping from Nakago's clutches, Miaka and Tamahome find themselves at Taiitsukun's palace. There, Taiitsukun reveals to Miaka what happened to Yui three months ago. At this discovery, Miaka decides to stay away from Tamahome because Yui loves him too. Meanwhile, at Kutou, Yui agrees to become the priestess of Seiryuu and stop Miaka from summoning Suzaku. Tamahome's heart hangs in the balance...moreless

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      • Maika: Super girl!
        Taiitsukun: Got that out of your system?

      • Taiitsukun: (to Maika) I see you've been working on your dramatic close-ups!

      • Miaka: Get away you pervert!
        Tamahome: Well that proves I'm not having a dream, so what am I doing in bed with you naked?

      • Tamahome: Do you know what this character on my forehead means?
        Miaka: Ogre.
        Tamahome: No! I hated having it ever since I was a little kid. But now I understand. It's proof that I live to protect you! That I live only for you!

      • Hotohori: (inches the sword closer to Tamahome's neck and then drops it to his side) You show great courage in the face of your country's leader. Don't worry. You're on of the Suzaku Seven. I can't kill you. However, if you weren't on of the Suzaku Seven anymore...if you became an ordinary man then I, too, would become an ordinary man. Miaka! Only one man can ever love you. (he leaves)
        Tamahome: Man, was I scared! You don't KNOW how scared I was!

      • Tamahome: (Hotohori has his sword aimed at his neck) I have no excuse to give. However, please let me say one thing: I love Miaka! And that's why I won't let anyone else have her!
        Miaka: Tamahome...

      • Nuriko: Miaka!
        Miaka: Nuriko! You're just as gay as ever!
        Nuriko: And you're just as stupid as ever!

      • Miaka: Tamahome, Yui and I have bcome enemies now. The only way to make things the way they were is to gather all of the Suzaku Seven and summon Suzaku. Suzaku can make all my dreams come true. If I can do that, Yui and I can be friends again and I can save Konan. For that, I have to do my best to forget how I feel about you. Because Yui is also in love with you.

      • Miaka: Wow! What a huge mirror!
        Taiitsukun: This records everything that happens in the world for me to see.
        Miaka: Wow, just like a VCR...

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