Fushigi Yuugi

Season 1 Episode 11

Priestess of Seiryuu

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 1995 on TV Tokyo
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Priestess of Seiryuu
Miaka and Yui's happy reunion is cut short as a young foreigner named Nakago reveals Miaka to be the priestess of Suzaku. While Miaka and Yui are being chased, Chichiri and Tamahome are having their own problems as they fight their way into Kutou only to have Nakago block their path. When Tamahome finally reunites with Miaka, they are unknowingly under the ever watchful gaze of an old friend.moreless

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  • After Nakago taunts her,Yui starts doubting Miaka's loyalty.Unfortunately,she overheard the conversation between miaka and tamahome in which Miaka claims she came back to see tamahome.Feeling betrayed,Yui becomes the priestess of Seiryu.moreless

    This episode defines Yui and changes her into an antogonist.Yui's faith in Miaka changed into fiery rage and perceived betrayal,her fury is scary.In the start of the episode,yui still had faith that Miaka would come for her like the way she came for Miaka.But after she overhears Miaka confess to Tamahome that she came to the book world just to see him,Yui feels deceived and betrayed.Actually,Miaka had come back for both of them.Yui's rage on about what happened to her 3 months ago and jealousy over Tamahome becomes conducter for her becoming the Priestess of Seiryu. All the people who hate Yui,listen to this,the poor girl had faith in Miaka,but came in the wrong place at wrong time.Besides,it made a more interesting storyline anyway.moreless
  • Yui is the priestess of Seriyuu.

    Miaka decided that it was best to go and searched for her best friend.Who could be somewhere in the area.So they head to the emeny boulder.Thinking that is where she is.When she arrives to the palace where the Seriyuu is at.She finds Yui! An Happy reunited to be together.But later turns to bad.When Yui told Miaka that she love Tamahome and wants him back.Now they become emenies.But Tamahome told Miaka that he loves her.Yeah this episode was awsome and yet the unexpected when best friends turned into emenies.moreless

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    • Miaka: Yui-chan...what are you...? You tricked me...
      Yui: (grabs Miaka's hair) Who tricked who here?! You didn't come back for me! You only came back to be with Tamahome! Must be nice for you. You've always had someone to protect you! While I, on the other hand... Do you have any idea?! Of what I went through when I came here?! Of how I felt?!
      Miaka: Yui-chan.
      Yui: Everything that happened was YOUR fault! You know what Miaka? I love Tamahome. That's why I'm going to take him from you!

    • Tamahome: I don't care if you think I'm a bother! But I still love you!
      Miaka: I don't think that! Because, when I went back I just couldn't forget about you! I wanted to be with you! That's why I came back! Because I love you! I didn't want you risking yourself because of me!

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