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  • Fushigi Yuugi is a good show, but it is severely hampered by pressing the same button too much.

    Fushigi Yuugi is a good show, but it is severely hampered by pressing the same button too much.
    First of all, I have to say that only recently I watched this anime and I'm not judging it by its animation or sound quality.
    Fushigi Yuugi has a good and original story. That is the strongest point of this anime.
    The character quality is not so good, because some are very good, but some are very weak.
    But the biggest flaw is spend one third of every episode at the same scene, the love of Miaka and Tamahome. It gets boring after a time. I would have wished instead that the creators had invested the time spent there developing better all characters.
  • The first anime show I ever watched...

    Fushigi Yuugi is practically the first anime show I ever watched in my entire life, so obviously this review will be biased like hell. This show and Basilisk are at the top of my list as far as anime is concerned, and like Basilisk, this show has everything: romance, drama, the traditional super-fast, adrenaline-pumping action scenes that characterizes manga. Here's the plot of this famous manga, taken straight from Wikipedia : "Junior high school student Miaka Yūki is under a lot of pressure to pass the entrance exam for the competitive Jonan Academy. Her best friend, Yui Hongo, agrees to apply for the same school so that they can go together. While at the library one day, Miaka and Yui come into contact with a strange book there, known as The Universe of the Four Gods. As a result of reading this book, they are then transported into the novel's universe. Inside the novel she finds Tamahome whom she seems to fall in love with and he as well. A twist happens with Miaka and Tamahome trying to stay together no matter what and discovering her best freind Yui turns evil.

    The series describes the various trials that the two teenagers face, both quest-driven and personal. Miaka would discover that her greatest enemy would lie in her own best friend, Yui, due to a series of events set in motion. Feeling betrayed, the two oppose one another as priestesses, bringing together their own respective warriors and vying for the chance to be granted three wishes by the gods whom they hope to summon."
  • Miaka, a high school student in Japan is suddenly transported to an ancient world...which is inside a book! She becomes a priestess, but her friend Yui gets in it too. Miaka discovers she's her new enemy. Watch the love, the magic and the intrigue.

    One of the best animé I've watched. It's not completely shoujo, but it's not shonen either. It's a mix of what girls love and what boys like in a series. Love is a powerful element, but there are also strange magical powers, great battle sequences and strong friendships. Also, it is nice when the goal is so difficult to achieve, and not everything goes as the "good guys" planned it. Specially, it is extremely exciting when you're watching everything they've worked for disappear or work against them...just to create a dramatic effect. Even if there's suffering and grieving, there's also the will to survive and to fight for the ones you love. It's really a great animé. I laughed a lot, every serious moment turns into a joke, but it is serious anyway!! You have to watch it.
  • This is also one of my favorite...

    This is also one of my Favorite. It is about a two young girls trapped inside an old book from china. But Miyaka was left behind the book and continued her journey towards her destiny, While lady yuki came back to earth and read the mysterious book. Miyaka was chosen to be the leader of the suzaku warriors while lady yuki was chosen to be their enemy. But in the end it was really a happy ending. The story was really cool and sometimes funny. I hope you all like my review about this show called Fushigi yuugi bye '
  • Travelling to Ancient China through a mysterious novel they find in a library, two girls are sent on a perilous adventure that turns them against one another!

    Two girls Miaka and Yui have been friends since they can remember. After being transported to Ancient China, Yui feels she's been abandoned by Miaka and begins to hate her and seek her revenge, using Seriyu and hoping that becoming one with the God will be the end of her.

    Meanwhile, Miaka is far away learning about her eight 'knights' of sorts and the God Suzaku. Staying in the palace of the prince of the kingdom and learning all that she can as quick as she can, she continues to think of Yui and vows that one of the things she will do - once she is able to make her wishes - is redeem herself and rescue Yui.

    The knights themselves all have very distinct and interesting personalities. While all of the knights love Miaka, Miaka treats Tomahome as her favourite and falls in love with him, eventually getting along with Nuriko once he gets over his jealousy over who will win the prince. Soon, it doesn't bother him anymore and he treats Miaka like a real galfriend.

    It's Yui vs. Miaka in the race to somehow get their wishes.

    Overall, an excellent show. One I'd consider watching again. Not for younger viewers.

    - Tinker
  • Two teenage girls, Miaka Yuki and Yui Hongo, are sucked into a strange book called "The Universe of the Four Gods" and begin an amazing adventure in another land as priestesses. Miaka becomes the priestess of Suzaku and Yui the priestess of Seiryu.

    I love this show. The storyline is exciting and the characters are fun and interesting. I have all the episodes on tape and I watch them all the time. It's a great show. My favorite characters are definitely Tasuki and Nuriko. Tasuki, because he's just really cool and it's so cute when he and tamahome fight. It cracks me up. Nuriko, because i really didn't like him at first but he totally grew on me once he stopped picking on people. The whole cross-dressing thing is hilarious. I still think of him as girl sometimes even though he's guy. But anyway, this is an awesome show. It's definitely one of my favorite animes. I would totally recommend it to everyone, mostly girls though.
  • Two young girls become involved in the happenings of the Universe of the Four Gods by picking up the book and being transported to the other world. A good way to enter the "anime-genre."

    This was probably one of the first "real" anime series that I got into and watched from beginning to end. While I was unsure what exactly to expect from an anime, I wasn't disappointed. It was actually engaging and interesting.

    From then I was hooked. I started to branch out and look for other series along these same lines and found 'FullMetal Alchemist.'

    As for 'Fushigi Yuugi,' the only thing that really bothered me about it was that I felt certain things were not explained or didn't seem to make sense but I think that happens with lots of TV series whether they be anime or actual series. You have to willing to forgive a few minor details and look at the bigger picture. All in all, though, I really enjoyed it and acknowledge this as the reason I got into anime.
  • Two young high school girls read an ancient book and find themselves in an unknown land. Miaka discovers that she is the Priestess of Suzaku and starts on an incredible journey that will change her life and heart forever.

    This is one of the greatest anime shows I have ever seen. It has all the different genres needed in a good anime. Action, Drama, Romance, the list goes on and on. It's an edge of your seat show at times, and a tear jerker at others. Tamahome and Miaka's relationship is on of the best I've seen. With them having to go through so much to get to where they end up. This show is well put together with the right kind of music where it's needed. If you like anime you NEED to watch this show! You will regret it if you don't.
  • My all-time favorite anime show since I was a little girl.

    Fushigi Yugi is the best anime I have seen so far, and will continue to watch it over and over again. Miaka is my favorite character, Miaka and Tamahome are so much in love and I really hope Fushigi Yugi never stops especially with the fans. The greatest story ever played and the manga is worth reading.
  • Watch the whole thing, and I mean the whole thing, and this will actually make you feel like being a better person by the end.

    This is the first quality animated series I have ever seen, and one of the best TV series (in my opinion) to air. It is perfect, because it takes light comedy and heavy romance into one of the deepest stories ever. When you watch this series, you will forget that there is any difference between American TV and anime, because this makes you forget that it actually is anime. It is so good, that once you’ve watched the first season, you’ll watch it over and over. The actual storyline is very simple, but the many intricate stories inside the main story are what make it complicated. Basically, the story revolves around an average 15 year-old schoolgirl named Miaka Yuki, who is trying to solve problems for everyday life like exams, jobs, and other small problems. Miaka is not a completely boring average schoolgirl though, because she has flaws (unlike most protagonists, who are perfect). Miaka’s flaw is that she eats like a cow, and she cannot resist a home-cooked meal. But anyways, on with the story. When Miaka goes to the national library with her best friend Yui Hongo, she sees a vending machine, and pulls a coin out of her pocket, but drops it. After the coin rolls around on the floor, a giant red bird appears and then disappears. (This is a really cool moment, and I know it sounds weird but it gets good). So anyways Miaka tells her best friend Yui about this bird, and Yui looks at her like she’s crazy. Miaka then notices a public warning on a closed door up the stairs beside the vending machine, and decides to follow her instincts and go in. She finds a book on the ground, called the universe of the four gods. The book is like a spell, and whoever reads through the book gets many powers bestowed upon her. Anyways, Miaka notices that same bird she saw near the vending machine is on the first page of the book. After that, the book emits a red glow, and the girls are sucked into it! They are now in weird surroundings, of what appears to be ancient china. Unfortunately, the first people they meet are slave traders. The slave traders attack them, but a man with an ogre symbol on his forehead named Tamahome saves them. Eventually Miakas best friend Yui is sucked back to the real world, and Miaka (not knowing where she went) looks for Yui and the boy with an ogre symbol on his forehead (Tamahome). She finds Tamahome, and asks where her best friend Yui has gone. He doesn't know, but doesn’t help her either. All of a sudden Miaka sees the emperor’s carriage making its way through the city streets, and as greedy as she is, she asks the emperor for some of his jeweled ornaments. The guards are now angry with her, and attack her, but she lets off a red glow like Yui did when she left the book world of ancient china. The emperor is now very interested with her, and asks his guards to arrest her. She escapes from the palace jail, and unknowingly runs into the emperor sitting in the palace gardens. His name is Hotohori, and is a very friendly man. He takes her into his palace, and tells her about the prophecy of the priestess of suzaku and the seven warriors of suzaku. According to legend, a strange girl from another world would appear one day, wearing strange clothes, and she would become the priestess of suzaku, and bring together the seven-suzaku warriors to summon the god suzaku. Only by summoning suzaku would the priestess have all her wishes come true. The emperor then asked Miaka if she would fulfill the prophecy, and become the priestess of suzaku. Miaka thinks of all the wishes she could make, and agrees right away. All the soldiers in the palace immediately bow to her. Her main task throughout the beginning of the story is to gather the seven suzaku warriors: Tamahome, Hotohori, Mitzukake, Chiriko, Chichiri, Tasuki, and Nuriko. Luckily the emperor Hotohori and her new friend Tamahome are already warriors of suzaku. I could go on and on, but the review would go for hours and hours. Anyways, the story is amazing, and all the adventures they have are amazing as well. Why would anyone write such a long review you ask? Maybe this will show you how amazing this series truly is. Overall, I give this series a 10 out of 10, for the reasons that it changed my perspective of animation in general, and I still continue to watch it to this day. Really. It is THAT good.
  • Fushigi yuugi is really a great anime.

    fushigi yuugi series is really great from the start I saw its series it was totally amazing its about a girl named miyaka and his friend yuki was gone into a library when miyaka saw a strange light she followed it delivering her into a different dimension together with yuki but later on yuki was delivered again to their real world leaving miyaka into that world when yuki saw a book there she thought that miyaka was in a story and she is called the maiden of suzaku where she must look for All of the seven star warriors. thats all.
  • I love this show! It is another personal Fav!! A long with all the others!! hehee

    I think that this show is so kool!! I am not really into love stories but... I love anime and as far as I can see, a lot os animes revolve around some type of love story. Fushigi Yuugi is an awsome love story just like Inu Yasha it has a girl from a different time and a boy from the past and when the two collide, Watch out Momma!! lol I tried to get the ova's for this show, but none of them were good quality, so I am still trying, but I will succed, at some point! lol The other thing I found, when I friend of mine bought the dvd set off Ebay, there is a english voice over and it sounds so weired! Anime is only good if it is in Japanese, with english subs of course!! hehehe Anyway, I am still trying to get through the whole program. I tis hard to do when they don't download in sequence, but I will manage (hopefully without loosing my mind) From what I can tell, Inu Yasha, Rurouni Kenshin(Samurai X)& Fushigi Yuugi are some of the longest runnong animes i have watched so far and they are all great!!

  • fushigi yuugi is really awesome...

    fushigi yuugi is really awesome I really enjoy watching its series it is about a two girl named miyaka and yui when they go to a library and then miyaka saw a red light with a bird so she followed the strange thing then yui followed miyaka there they found an old book and when they opened the book they saw a flashing red light there they were transported to a different world there they saw for the first time tamahome then later on yui was been transported to theirr real world leaving miyaka to that strange world which was said that she must stay and she has a duty to find the seven warriors including tamahome....aloha
  • If you haven't heard of (or watched) this series, there are only two things you really need to know. 1) It's a shoujo drama, and 2) it's incredibly melodramatic. Well, now that I've scared away all the DBZ fans, onto the review.

    Yes, Fushigi Yuugi is a melodramatic shoujo drama (soap opera might be a better term), complete with quite a few cliches of the genre. Anyone with an aversion for romance, melodrama, and the like, may want to think twice before considering this series. But you know what? I simply loved it. Fushigi Yuugi's overall plot can probably best be described as The Neverending Story meets El-Hazard. The story itself occurs in a book entitled "The Universe of the Four Gods", and as one reads the book, the adventure becomes real. Miaka, a young school girl, along with her friend, Yui, discovers the book kept hidden away in a library. As the two begin to read, they are suddenly teleported into the strange world within the book. Being a shoujo anime, character development is paramount. Miaka is your typical junior high school student putting off studying for the high school entrance exams. Actually, "typical" isn't entirely true. She does have a few distinguishing quirks, most notably her fervent appetite, that makes her somewhat of an oddball. Of course, the fact that she and her best friend, Yui (who is level-headed and studious, unlike Miaka) travel to another world makes them stand out even more. It is in this world that Miaka becomes the priestess of Suzaku (one of four animal gods) and undergoes a quest to find the seven Suzaku Seishi and return home. Of the seven Seishi, she meets Tamahome first, falls in love, and hence, begins a long, arduous relationship with him which is the driving point of the whole series. The second Seishi, Hotohori, the emperor of Konan, also falls in love with Miaka, and so emerges a love triangle. One of my favorite Seishi, Noriko, shows up soon after. At first, I absolutely despised her, but later she became quite likable, especially once a certain secret gets revealed. My overall favorite Seishi was Tasuki, who was played for laughs most of the time, but was just so damned cool. Chichiri, another comedic Seishi was also quite funny and charming, especially the way he ended every sentence in "no da" (which has no English equivalent). Of the two remaining Seishi, Mitsukake and Chiriko, not a lot of time was spent developing them. This was unfortunate, because they ended up serving as minor characters, and during a few scenes which otherwise could have been quite dramatic, ended up somewhat shallow because there wasn't much emotion attached to them. There are plenty more characters, including Miaka's brother, and most of them are developed nicely. On the other side of the coin, there are also a handful of villains who make life rather unpleasant for Miaka and her cohorts. The number one baddie is none other than Nakago, who embodies everything that a true villain should. His malicious behavior, deadpan calmness, and wry half-smiles truly make him someone worth hating. He also has a handful of underlings, but of which only a couple are properly developed, namely Amiboshi and Suboshi, twin brothers. The rest, though, weren't focused on quite enough, and ended up not being all that interesting. The story line, though, is both one of the series' greatest strengths and greatest weakness. It takes a full 52 episodes to tell Miaka's quest, and for people that enjoy the series, this is quite a blessing. However, at the same, the length is also a detriment. Some parts of the series really begin to drag, and the same plot devices are used over and over to the point of tedium. Miaka and Tamahome's relationship is the best example of this. One minute they're a happy couple, and the next they're splitting up. Then they're back again, only to break up again. This of course, is accompanied by melodramatic cries of "Miaka!" "Tamahome!" "Miaka!" "Tamahome!" "Miaaaaaaakaaaa!" "Tamahoooomeeee!". I honestly couldn't count the number of times this went on. It was a bit excessive, to say the least. While this series has no shortage of shoujo-style romance, and quite a few dramatic moments as well, there is also a decent mix of fantasy, comedy, and action. Fantasy, because of the mystical nature of the series, comedy thanks to liberal use of super-deforming, and action because whenever the Seishi clash, there's always more than a few scuffles. Fushigi Yuugi's presentation is also a mixed bag. The artwork itself is pretty functional, and the characters had good visual designs. The animation, on the other hand, wasn't terribly spectacular. I even noticed some reused animation here and there (and I'm betting there was more that I wasn't aware off). The music, though, was pretty good. So good in fact, that I even bought the OST. I really liked some of the themes in the series, and the opening and closing songs were quite nice. The bottom line is, if you enjoy shoujo drama, fantasy, or comedy, then you'll probably love this series. But for anyone who prefers more shounen-oriented anime, or for that matter, may not have time to watch the whole thing, might be better off leaving Fushigi Yuugi alone. The Verdict: * * * * (good)
  • A girl (Miaka) and her friend get trapped in a book. Miaka is mistaken for the one who must save the realm from war. Its a total soap opera!

    I loved this show!! I bought the big pack that even has the OVAs of their marriage. I have wall scrolls, lunch boxes, and all kinds of stuff. This show has everything from action to romance to comedy! Miaka is so clumsy its hilarious. I loved all the storylines that went on for each character. The backround for all the characters is so interesting too. The betrayals that go on are so crazy. But I love the romance the most. The love not only intimately, but the friendly type is fabulous. I\'ve loved this show since the 8th grade - I\'m now a junior in college haha.
  • the best show ever!

    omg... fushigi yuugi has got to be one of the best animes ever! not only has it got a nice easy story to follow it also has characters that you can't help but fall in love with... (i especially love hotohori!) the twist are so clever you can never expect what would happen next... this show is so nice, and made me cry so much! you know i can go on and on about this show for my whole entire life and still woudn't do it any justice it just so great so if you haven't watched it yet well then your missing alot! --- ok some people get this wrong but fushigi yugi is actually based on chinese mythology! duh! i hate it when people say things without thinking about it gosh! anyway this show is my favorite anime like ever! i dont think its hard to understand, it just gets complicated when you miss some episodes... so never ever miss an episode!
  • A girl get traped in a book

    The series is good, but not for the young. it goes deeply into adult relationships and shows way too much violence. Aside from this it has few flaws. Aside for the length, which leads to confusing parts, it has few other problems. This show has a few clichéd anime roles, but has characters tailored to fit them. The plot is good and is loosely based on Japanese mythology. The story while complex is very good and gives deep insights to feudal Japan, not to mention its protagonists are rather good to look at. With some deeply moving and dark undertones, it is disturbingly good viewing.

  • Basicly its about two girls.Who finds an mysterous book in the library.When opened the book.They find themselves in another world.Both fall in love with an mysterous guy who saved them.Than their friendship breaks once they go their seperate ways

    Yeah its mainly about Miaka Yuki,who finds the book.She and her best friend Yui,finds themselves in another world.Than some mysterous guy saved them.Than Miaka finds herself back in the alternative world as she become Priestess of Suzuko.She falls in love with Tamahome.Than there is Yui but now she become priestess of Seriyuu and is in love with Tamahome as well.Lots of drama and betrayal through this anime.Yeah this anime is cool.I mean I love the music.I love the songs from FY.This is following an ancient chinese book.Whoever reads it seemed to be following the story of Miaka who is finding the senshi warriors.I tell you this anime is very interesting.I even loved the OVA! I wished they made another season of this.
  • This show has everything humor,sadness and everything

    This show has everything humor,sadness and everything a good anime needs i was glad that this show came on dvd and it was funny that everybody on the show liked miaka.I wish the were some new episodes for this generation the only thing i wish that was out of this show was when everyone likes miaka. This show has a serious plot in it about rape and different things that could happen in everyday life except going inside a book. My favorite thing about miaka is that she kinda acts likes sailor moonin her own funny little way thats why i like it.
  • This show is pretty good I started watching it last week and I am already done with the whole series including all of the OVA's because it sucked me in.

    *Caution, Contains Spoliers*

    Wow, amazing show, really. If you don't watch this show, you need to. It is funny and if you're young it makes you feel grown up to watch. I absolutely love it. If you don't own it you can watch it at youtube.com.

    Miaka-A very hungry girl who got sucked into the book and became the priestess of Suzaku, the one who has to collect all the Suzaku Seven or the 7 celestial warriors of Suzaku, but is faced with much more than that on her trip.

    Tamahome-One of the 7 warriors, he has the mark 'Ogre' on his head. He excells in martial arts and eventually he can shoot life force blasts. He falls in love with Miaka but he suffers alot for that very reason.

    Hotohori-Is one of the warriors too, the 'Sea Serpent'. He also loves Miaka but she doesn't return his feelings. He is the narcisistic Emperor of Konan.

    Chichiri-He is one of the warriors, the 'Monk With A Mask'. He wears a mask because of a huge scar on his face that scares people. He is very playful and kind, and he is a scorceror that has very developed powers. He is my personal 2nd favorite.

    Tasuki-Tasuki is my favorite, no doubt about it. He has a fun and funny personality, and loves to play and joke, but that makes him insensitive towards the other people. He has glowing orange hair and fangs, which I find very cute. He is also one of the warriors for Suzaku, his symbol is 'Mountain'. He develops a deep feeling for Miaka near the end.

    Chiriko-He is a 13 year old genuis, and also one of the warriors. His mark is for 'Wisdom'. He is brilliant and loving towards his friends, even though he technically only saved them twice, which is not much at all compared to the others.

    Nuriko-He is a cross-dresser who tried to take the place of his younger sister when she died. He is gay and is in love with Hotohori, but near the end he cuts his hair and he feels more like a man and realizes the man part of him has always loved Miaka. He is a warrior who's symbol is 'Fight', and he is Very Very Very strong. His personality is also funny because he acts like a girl and loves to joke and hurt other people with his strength. He is my 3rd favorite.

    Mitsukake-Is the last warrior and his sign is 'Heal'. He has the power to heal people and animals with his hand, and he saves alot of people with his knowledge of medicines. He has a cat named Tama, who is pretty smart for a cat.

    Those are the main good guys in the main portion of the story. I will tell you the bad guys next time, but I don't want to make this any longer.

    Long story short-watch the show!
  • Two young girls become involved in the happenings of the Universe of the Four Gods by picking up the book and being transported to the other world.

    This was one of my first "real" anime series that I got into. It started as just a random thing; at the (ex-)girlfriend's apt and her sister was rewatching the VHS tapes. We sat down and I slowly got interested. That summer I borrowed them all and watched the entire series. While I was unsure what exactly to expect from an anime, I wasn't disappointed. It was actually engaging and interesting.

    From then I was hooked. I started to branch out and look for other series along these same lines and found FMA (my all time fave).

    As for Fushigi Yuugi, the only thing that really bothered me about it was that I felt certain things were not explained or didn't seem to make sense but I think that happens with lots of series. You have to willing to forgive a few minor details and look at the bigger picture. All in all, though, I really enjoyed it and attribute this as the reason I got into anime.
  • Miaka and Yui are absorbed into a book and end up in the Fedual age of China. They both are, enemies as soon as they are different priestess. Their goal is to summon their gods Suzaku and Seriyuu for their wishes to come true.

    When, I first saw the first episode of Fushigi Yugi I couldn't stop watching it. It's was so heartwarming, and it relates to the manga a lot. It's a lot like Inuyasha, there's the romance action, adventure, and betrayal.The show is not even predictable. You would think this would happen but, something else happens. Also, after you finish the series there's the OVA and Eikouden so you don't need to feel sad. Just wait till' you watch it. Once you watch it you, just can't stop and it doesn't take that long for the excitement to star. So just sit back and enjoy the show.
  • OH MY GODDDD! SO GOOD! The last episode was everything I wanted and more! I cryed soooooo much durring the season but the last episode was the peak! If you like any anime you willl LOVE this I garontee it. Fo So! Just watch it and you will see. :)

    I am a huge Tama FAN! Well most of the men were so cute! Ah I would just die if I was Miaka! Who wouldnt all the attention from royalty and hot boys ect. ect. ect. WOO JUst wish something that wondaba was true. I mean the first episodes are a bit confusing but very good around ep 18-20 it picks up so much and it gets addictive to the point of not sleeping just to see the next episode. You dont have to take my word for it just go to youtube.com and see for your self you can watch them there for free. You WILL NOT regret it I garontee It.
  • My Fave Characters are: Miaka Tamahome Hotohori Tatsuki Amiboshi Chichiri Tsubishi

    Fushigi Yuugi is a great anime that has lots of romance in it I can't stop watching it! if Tamahome or Tatsuki's real I want to kiss them hey a girl can dream right and if Hotohori was real I would pass out and when I regain concious he's holding me and asking if I'm alright.
  • Loved Fushigi Yuugi. recommend you see it.

    FY is about Two girls Miaka and Yui ,they are pulled into a book They face many courages, loves, and thrilling adventures. they must sommon certain beast gods. Yui believes that Miaka doesnt care about her anymore and sets out to steal miakas love and sommon the beast god of
    seiryu before miaka sommons suzaku.
  • Fushigi Yuugi is the story of two best friends who are transported to feudal China via a mysterious book. Forced to become enemies, their ultimate goal is to aquire seven celestial warriors each and summon their respective beast god. Can they overcome b

    In my humble opinion, Fushigi Yuugi is one of the greatest anime series of all time-and I\'ve been into anime since the mid 1970\'s! One moment I\'m laughing at something funny that has happened and literally two seconds later, I\'m openly weeping at something tragic or horrifying. GREAT SHOW!!
  • A story where two girls, Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo, are mysteriously pulled into a mysterious book - the Universe of the Four Gods. Many courages, many loves, and thrilling adventures are what wait the two as they race to summon their beaast god

    I envy Miaka and how she's able to be Suzaku no Miko .Many characters depict how a lot of people in real life would feel. Especiallly Mayo (in the third OAV - Eikou Den). She shows the weaknesses in most people. The story teaches great lessons and I've learned a lot from it. The series and plot is awesome but I, personally, like the manga a little better than the Anime but it's still great nontheless. I give many thanks to Yuu Watase for creating this manga series so the anime could take place.

    Now, for my critisism on the dub. One word- EEK! Pioneer changed Chichiri's 'No Daa!'s' into 'Ya know?' Umm, sorry but that really made me hate the dub. Next - the voices.. No one made the characters sound like the Japanese version. When I actually watched it, I was seriously surprised at what Tamahome sounded like. Well, Just because my opinion on the dub is bad, doesn't mean everyone's is.
    I'd suggest this to anyone who loves romance stories, hilarious shows, and an awesome Anime!
  • A wonderful concept!

    I loved it! I'm an avid reader and let's face it, what girl hasn't thought of being in a different world with a handsome guy coming to her rescue! :) An awesome series, I love every minute of it!!! Miaka, the main character is lovely and quirky enough to lighten the mood.
  • A heartwrenching love story filled with so much emotion mixed in with awesome action and artwork. Not to mention the outstanding music...

    Fushigi Yuugi would have to be my favorite anime, hands down. Okay, so it's a little mainstream, but how could you not love it? As a full-on romantic, the story of Miaka and Tamahome is about as good and heartbreaking as it gets.

    Though I originally discovered FY through the manga series, it was the show that got my addicted. It's the story of a young girl, Miaka, who gets sucked into a book and made to the priestess of a god. She must go on a quest to find all the warriors assigned to that god, all the while maintaining her purity, then summon the god and protect the kingdom! However, when she learns her best friend, Yui, has been sucked into the book, too, the friends become rivals, and Miaka must race to summon her god before Yui does. Along the way, she falls in love with Tamahome, one of her warriors. This love is forbidden - for Miaka must maintain her purity and, once the god has been summoned, must return to her own world, leaving Tamahome behind.

    The love between Miaka and Tamahome is the best thing about this series. Everyone loves a good story about love that can never be, but in the end does! The two are truly in love, and nothing will stop them. Yui falls for Tamahome, and Nakago (one of Yui's warriors) claims he raped Miaka, but the couple's love for each other will not falter! Watase came up with a wonderful storyline here.

    The music has to be another one of the great things about FY. Miaka's romantic music, Tamahome's battle music - it's all so wonderful. If you liked what you heard, be sure to buy the Vocal CDs - the songs are truly amazing.

    Basically, Fushigi Yuugi is just one heck of an awesome show. It's just so wonderful, I don't know how anyone could not like it. Be sure to check out the OVAs, as well! :D
  • I watched a few episodes of this show when I was in Hong Kong and what captivated me was the interesting setting, the occasional humor, the different personalities of each character and the harship Miaka went through together with her new companions.

    I've only seen a few episodes in Hong Kong a long time ago. I have however read the manga up to volume 14, and I know the story pretty well. I'm sure the manga would be different from the show, so I didn't dare give too high a rating. From what I remember about the show, I remember enjoyment. When I had to return back to Canada, I had wanted to find the name of the show.

    The show doesn't air here, so I was disappointed, but I was able to get books to read. The artwork was very good. Each character was amazing. I even pity and sympathize for Nakago even though I really hate him and the way he treated the Suzaku Senshis. The story had humor and sadness, which was a good combination. I enjoyed this better than Inuyasha which I've also watched 2 episodes of as well.
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