Futakoi - Twin Girls

(ended 2004)


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Futakoi - Twin Girls

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Story of Futakoi: With his mother passed away and his father working in Hawaii, Futami Nozomu goes back to his old hometown to study for school. There, he learns of the town's local legend of twin girls loving the same man. And it just so happens that the town has many twin girls, including Nozomu's childhood friends Kaoruko and Sumireko Ichijou, the rich Sakurazuki family's Kira and Yura Sakurazuki, and others. Story of Futakoi Alternative: "Alternative" isn't exactly the right word to describe this spin-off. Rentarou Futaba is a detective who dropped out of school. He solves cases with his partners, the twin sisters Soujyu and Sara Shirogane. The "How to Tell the Difference Between the Twins" Guide: Kaoruko = ponytail. Sumireko = no ponytail. Kira = orange ribbons in hair. Yura = purple ribbons in hair. Lulu = wears orange clothing. Lala = wears pink clothing. Ui = glasses are square-shaped; hair goes over right shoulder. Koi = glasses are round; hair goes over left shoulder. Ai = no glasses. Mai = wears glasses. Soujyu = pigtails. Sara = no pigtails; deeper voice than Soujyu.moreless