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Futakoi - Twin Girls

(ended 2004)


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Futakoi - Twin Girls

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Story of Futakoi: With his mother passed away and his father working in Hawaii, Futami Nozomu goes back to his old hometown to study for school. There, he learns of the town's local legend of twin girls loving the same man. And it just so happens that the town has many twin girls, including Nozomu's childhood friends Kaoruko and Sumireko Ichijou, the rich Sakurazuki family's Kira and Yura Sakurazuki, and others. Story of Futakoi Alternative: "Alternative" isn't exactly the right word to describe this spin-off. Rentarou Futaba is a detective who dropped out of school. He solves cases with his partners, the twin sisters Soujyu and Sara Shirogane. The "How to Tell the Difference Between the Twins" Guide: Kaoruko = ponytail. Sumireko = no ponytail. Kira = orange ribbons in hair. Yura = purple ribbons in hair. Lulu = wears orange clothing. Lala = wears pink clothing. Ui = glasses are square-shaped; hair goes over right shoulder. Koi = glasses are round; hair goes over left shoulder. Ai = no glasses. Mai = wears glasses. Soujyu = pigtails. Sara = no pigtails; deeper voice than Soujyu.moreless
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  • Holy F**king Lord, this show has more twins then the circest levill......or something of that kind

    I would like to say this is a cute show, very well done with story plots, tons of twin girls, and that one guy who has to put up with all of it. If there was a really place with that many girl twins, I'd pack my bags and head to the first plane I could get to.(Just say random **** is that Metrick?) I think it's pretty weird how somw ackward moments come out in the show, but hay life is just shock full of them. I do feel bad about the guy and the goat(That Mother Fu-). and above all it made me think that maybe there are more anime shows like this, gotta go see, Lata!moreless
  • Same as before...a middle age kid...5 twin sisters that are in love with him? Where have i said this before?

    Futakoi, Just Futakoi is just like those other romance anime you see out there... 1 guy or kid gets so much girls to fall in love with him and he doesn't know who to choose... This kinda reminds me of ichigo 100%, the manga, not the anime.. its actually nothing special really about this anime.. its the same like the others. Its basically about a boy by the name of Nozomu-Kun, who played with these twins when he was little, then out of no where, the twins told to him to be their groom :P. Of course, he accepts the offer but then he was little, he doesn't know what he is saying, Right? So then like 10 years later, he came back to the same excalt town, because his dad got to go to hawaii just to do something... he could have chose to go to hawaii with him but no! He went back to his home town and hopes that the twins would actually marry him. So he returns and what he gets? (Spoiler) He gets his butt kicked by a butler.. he gets laughed at by a child who is with his mother. So once he settle in, things started to happen, they introduce a whole bunch of twins but then they all don't share the spot light. Only 2 twins gets to hog the spot light for like... 6-9 episodes... i was kinda disappointed... Time to warp this up, Overall Score 7. Reason? Lack of Explaination? The whole Anime is so predictable to some people. It was Entertaining at first, then it got boring to me :P However this anime is short, so i would recommend this anime to those who likes twins :P Maybe you will get dissappointed, maybe you won't depends what type of person you are lolzmoreless
  • An excellent light-hearted anime series.

    Pros: nice animation; cute characters; a romantic comedy that's suitable for everyone

    Cons: too short; some twins aren't easy to tell apart

    This is the story of a young boy named Nozomu Futami, who has returned to his home town to do his studies for school. There, he meets old friends, including the twin Ichijou sisters, Kaoruko and Sumireko, who made a promise to Nozomu to become his brides. Isn't that cute?

    Throughout the series, Nozomu will meet a lot of twin sisters because of an old urban legend. The legend tells the tale of a man who was loved by two twin sisters. The love was so great and so painful that the two girls turned into birds and flew away. And Nozomu will eventually go through the same thing himself! This makes the show much more dramatic and much more involving.

    On the downside, Futakoi is only 13 episodes long, and the ending is really more of a cliffhanger, leaving the audience begging for more. As a minor note, it's hard to tell the difference between some of the twins (especially the Sakurazuki sisters).

    Still, with its cute, light-hearted nature and involving story, Futakoi is an ideal anime for the teenage romantic-comedy genre.moreless
  • Nozomu just moved back to his hometown after being away for several years. He is looking forward to reuniting with his twin neighbors who he hasn't seen since they were all in kindergarten together. 2 Set of twins fall in love with him and now he has to dmoreless

    Overall i really enjoyed this anime for its cuteness. its a romance/comedy/drama that just really makes you feel good.

    I liked all the music thoughout the series and the op/ed were very good as well.

    The story is where this anime shines, it takes the typical guy around a ton of girls and basicly adds the twins aspect to all of it creating just a lot more trouble for the main protag. But its a nice loving story that I think anyone really can enjoy, its got something that really got my attention as I was watching it, it starts out nice and ends nice as well.

    The characters are surpisingly well done, although I thought that some of the twins could have been developed better (Kira/Yuya and Ui/Koi) all of the twins besides those play an intresting part and I really liked how they developed the two main childhood friends of the protag making them not just a pair of twins but indivduals as well. Lulu and Lala are very cute as well.

    This is an easy anime to enjoy, its really an anime thats just good to watch if you want to be in a good mood. A word of warning, though. Nothing is resolved in the end, and you are definitely left wanting more.moreless