Season 2 Episode 13

A Bicyclops Built for Two

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2000 on Comedy Central
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Leela meets the apparently last cyclops in the universe. When she visits his home planet and he treats her like a slave, Fry suspects something is not right.

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  • Another cyclops.

    A funny episode, with Leela dating a jerk to repopulate her species. The guy is a giant jerk too, and the episode ends with a very unexpected plot twist. It was really funny, and I enhoyed it a lot. I like episodes about Leela, and I also like episodes about her origin, even if they are false like this one is.

    While on the extraordinary internet, Leela thinks she spots another cyclops. It is confirmed later, and she, Fry, and Bender go to his planet to meet him. The cyclops and Leela date, and Leela discovers that he is very unpleasant to be around. In the end of the episode, we learn something shocking about the supposed cyclops.moreless
  • funny episode

    While playing a game on the internet Leela meets another cyclops. Before she can talk to the stranger Fry jumps in shooting him apparently wrecking any chance Leela had of meeting him so that he could win the game. Luckily for Leela the stranger was able to track her down and make contact introducing himself as Alkazar.

    This episode is a parody of one of Katey Sagal's old television series Married with Children, unfortunately Ed O'Neill did not voice the role of Alkazar. That would have been really cool. Leela is led to believe by Alkazar that she is needed to help save her race.moreless
  • Leela finds a cyclops like her.

    The Professor offers everyone a chance to surf the internet to play a video game. Fry is excited at the chance to show out. Fry starts shooting everyone in the game until it is just he and Leela. Then another cyclops shows up and bumps into Leela. They start to talk, but Fry blasts him and he disappears. Leela is really mad at Fry. Once Fry has won the game, the crew has to make a delivery of popcorn. On the way to make the delivery, Leela gets an e-mail from the other cyclops man that she saw on the internet....moreless
  • Bycyclops built for two.

    Leela episodes are nearly always great, and this is one of the best. The internet scene is very funny, especially the ads and the filthy, filthy chat room bit. The Alkasar section with Married With Children parody is perfect, complete with obnoxious hooting whenever anyone makes a joke. Alkasar's stupid story is good too. ("Things got very hot. You look a little hot. You can take of that sweater. Our people don't like to be hot.") I love Zoidberg at the wedding ("That pig is wearing the same sandals as me!"). Another nice ending as well, and beautiful animation as well. A+moreless
  • Leela learns the hard way that some guys are skunk bags!!!! But not if your like me... LOL

    The Professor opens the episode by bringing the crew great news: several years ago he had tried to log onto AOL, and it finally connected. He sends the crew into the internet for fun. While playing Death Factory III, the legend of Death Factory II, Leela meets the only other cyclops in the known universe, but Fry dispatches him before she can find out who he is and where he comes from. The crew is sent on a delivery mission to bring popcorn to Cineplex 14, so Leela can't take the time to find him, but he recorded her screen name and sends her a video mail. Leela abandons the delivery, and heads off to the coordinates provided. Unfortunately, when she jettisoned the cargo, it missed by a margin and hit the sun, creating a popcorn nebula.

    The cyclops reveals himself to be Alkazar, sole survivor of the destruction of the planet Cyclopia. He claims that Leela was sent away as a baby when the blind moles of Subterra 3 launched missiles in every direction, hitting forty planets including Cyclopia. Luckily, before the crash, Cyclopia's smartest scientist managed to save a baby that was possibly Leela. Alkazar was employed as a pool cleaner and was spared from the chaos while fishing out a dead opossum. Leela decides that it is her duty to help rebuild the Cyclopian civilization, which primarily includes marrying Alkazar. While Bender loots everything of value, Fry tries to find out "what makes the Forbidden Valley so forbidden", and stumbles right into the dungeon. While he is in the dungeon, Fry tries to convince Leela to dump Alkazar; he was being abusive to her by ordering her around and making a fool out of her in front of his rat and pig friends. Leela had planned to dump Alkazar but she accepted his offer of marriage in order to save her race.

    As the wedding begins, Fry and Bender break into the Forbidden Valley to find out Alkazar's secret, and discover to their amazement four other castles, identical except that the decorations show different types of aliens. They arrive back at Leela's wedding just before she is about to say "I do," and bring a surprise-four other women, each the last of her species like Leela. Alkazar, flustered, tries to reason with the women, shapeshifting each time to match their form; the women quickly beat him into submission, and he takes his real form, a green cockroach-like alien. He explains that he played with their emotions because he wanted to "make it with five weirdos" and get them to become his personal maids, and that he had to stage all the weddings on one day because tuxedos that change shape are expensive to rent. All five of the women reject him, and Leela goes home with the rest of the Planet Express crew. The episode ends with Leela sadly contemplating her desire to find her true species, wondering "How many planets could there be?" as she looks out at a vast, starry space.moreless
David Herman

David Herman

Alkazar / Cyclops #2

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Turanga Leela

Billy West

Billy West

Philip J. Fry / Professor Hubert Farnsworth / Dr. Zoidberg / Filthy Chatroom Users / Ratman

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Amy Wong

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Fake 18-Year-Olds / Ratman's Girlfriend / Five-Eyed Woman / Sandy

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Nibbler / Internet Ads / Lizards

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • The sword that Bender steals when he exited the room wasn't hanging on the wall when he entered the room.

    • Typically, when the crew lands on a new planet, the name of that world appears at the bottom of the screen (usually accompanied by a joke). The fact that we see them land on the "Cyclopia" and no name appears should have been our first clue that something was wrong.

    • When Fry first goes into the forbidden valley he falls into a trap door, however later when Bender and him go through it by lizard back the trap door doesn't even go down. (Not that it would be able to engulf the lizards anyway)

    • If you notice, while Bender is saying he put pictures of Amy's face on someone else's body, Leela looks around before looking inside the webpage. Could this mean something?


    • Bender had three goldfish bowls and a toaster inside him.

    • Here are all the ads (or at least the ones that CAN be seen) from the internet! Human Brain Memory Upgrade - brainslugplanet.web, MAD? - ammo.web, Click Here to Be Annoyed, Steamy Presidential MP3s!, Stalk Anybody - search.web, e-Vomit, [[[Tired of your cow???? Trade it for a pig at ... WEB]]], Information Superhighway - Howard Stern Rest Area, Be An Organ Donor - Visit organs.org

      It's strange that it mentions "Trading a Cow" because in A Fishful of Dollars, Amy mentions cows are extinct.

    • LOOK HARD: Here are all the "Porno" sites that were made for the episode. Virtual Massage, Farenheit 469, Submissive vs. Submissive, Smutter Butter, Filth-O-Rama, Double Nudity, Genitals Genitals Genitals, Your Grandparents DOING IT!, Sardine-On-Mackerel Action, 4 Dimensional Sluts, Barely Legal Aliens, Galaxy of Love, Red Heads Blue Heads No Heads, Deep Blue Movies, Blurry Photos of Sasquatch Makin' Out, Dutch Interchangable Body Parts, 100% Wireless Cybersex, Four Prostitutes Playing Bridge, Asexual Reproduction, GalaXXXy of LOVE, Claw Fetish, US Govt Dept of Hot Sex, Naked Chess Grand Masters, Blond Surfers With Low IQs, What's Your Fantasy? Brain-Scan Will Tell You!, Talk Dirty With Eliza, GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! (Girls Wanted), Between-Tentacle Cam, Amy Wong Naked.

    • Leela poked Alkazar in the eye and it hurt him, but in The Cyber House Rules, Leela feels the white around her eye without it hurting. Granted, Alkazar isn't a real cyclops, but wouldn't Leela figure that out when she pokes him in the eye and finds out that he feels pain when his eye is touched?

      Response: Possible, but Leela is the only one of her kind that she knows of. So she may think her not feeling the pain is only her, also Leela may have a higher endurance or not touched her eye as hard in The Cyber House Rules. Plus, clearly Leela is one tough chick, definitely tougher than Alkazar.

    • In the scene where Fry jumps over the gate, right where the sign says "Forbiden Zone". He lands in the grass. There is no path. It's just all grass on the other side of the fence. Then later when he goes with Bender and breaks down the fence right where the sign is, there is a path.

    • Fry's a master of video games in this episode, but in the first episode he couldn't even survive the second screen of "Monkey Fracas Jr." where the monkey threw barrels at him.

    • There is a brief scene where Fry looks like he has 4 hands, right after Leela asks Al why he didn't change "in the one place that counts".

    • The first night when Leela and Al talk about what happened to their civilization, the visible size of the moon keeps changing between shots.

  • QUOTES (53)

    • Alkazar: How about some coffee?
      Leela: Uh, sure. How do you take that?
      Alkazar: With sausage and pancakes. Kitchen's downstairs.

    • Leela: I guess I was so desperate to find out who I really was, I forgot who I really was.
      Farnsworth: No harm done. In the many decades you'll work to repay me for that shipment of popcorn you destroyed, you'll have plenty of time to search for your true home.

    • Leela: Alright, Alkazar, I just have one last question for you.
      Alkazar: What's that?
      Leela: If you can change form, why didn't you change it in the one place that counts?

    • Leela: But why did you have all five weddings on the same day?
      Alkazar: Hey, lady, you got any idea what it costs to rent a tux that changes shape?

    • Alkazar: Well, this is the real me. But I can explain: We all have needs. Mine was to make it with five weirdos and have them scrub my five castles. I gave you all what you wanted and of course I made a few bucks letting Pig watch through the two-way mirror. Can any of you say you wouldn't have done the exact same thing in my position?
      Bender: He's a saint!

    • Alkazar: Leela, this must all be very confusing.
      Leela: A little. That's why I've decided to hurt you until you explain it.

    • Preacherbot: Do you, Leela, copy and paste his response till death do you part?

    • Preacherbot: Does anyone have a reason why this couple shall not be joined in the irrevocable shackles of holy bliss?
      Farnsworth: Saving a race of one-eyed monsters? Who could object to that?

    • Fry: That's weird. It's another Cyclops, only this one has five eyes.
      Bender: And here's another one with no eyes.
      [He takes the jewels from her eyes.]

    • Bender: (singing) I love stealing, I love taking things!

    • Fry: Bender, come on. We've gotta get some dirt on Alkazar. Let's go and find out what makes the Forbidden Valley so forbidden.
      Bender: Uh, no, thanks. I'm good.
      Fry: But there's probably some cool forbidden stuff you can steal.
      Bender: I don't know, Fry. For the first time in my life I feel like I've stolen enough.
      Fry: Bender, snap out of it!
      Bender: Sorry, I don't know what came over me. Let's go.

    • Leela: Look, Fry, I'd like to help you but it's my wedding and I'm kind of busy. Here. Try to be happy for me. That way at least one of us will be.

    • Fry: Psst, Leela. You've gotta get me out of here. It's horrible! Eating scraps, letting my waste drop wherever it falls like an animal in the zoo.
      Leela: Animals go in the corner.
      Fry: The corner! Why didn't I think of that?

    • Leela: If I leave Alkazar, that's the end of the Cyclops race. And I won't let that happen. Even if it means a lifetime of unhappiness.
      Toilet flushes
      Alkazar: Leela! Mop up in aisle number two!
      Leela: I'll break up with him at dinner.

    • Fry: I think Alkazar's hiding something from you. Listen, Leela, you may not like it, you may not believe it, you may not wanna hear it but Alkazar's a jerk. He's bad for you. He-
      Leela: I know.
      Fry: You do?
      Leela: Fry, if it's obvious to you with your learning disability then of course it's obvious to me. He's crude and gross and he treats me like a slave.
      Fry: Then dump his one-eyed ass!

    • Alkazar: By the way, your pal Fry fell into the dungeon. Take him a taco so he doesn't die and stink up the place.
      Leela: Come on, Al, can't you let the little guy out?
      Alkazar: Jeez, Leela, twice in one day? I'm not Superman!

    • Leela: Too bad they weren't giving away the three things you actually need: Mouthwash, a back wax and stain-proof underwear.

    • Bender: Ah, Leela's experiencing the greatest joy a woman can feel: Worshipping some low-life jerk.

    • Leela: Look, Alkazar-
      Alkazar: Call me Al.
      Leela: Look, Al. I know you've been living alone a long time and I can sympathise, but I'm not your maid.
      Alkazar: You're right, I'm sorry. I guess the relationship isn't going to work. So much for the Cyclops race. I thought it was a pretty good race but...

    • Alkazar: Listen, hon', we don't want to look like slobs in front of the other species, do we?
      Leela: No.
      Alkazar: So get to work on these dishes. And then organise my collection of naked celebrity photos by name and what you can see.

    • Alkazar: Fortunately, I was employed as a pool cleaner at the time and, when I emerged from retrieving a dead possum, I found I was the only one left.

    • Alkazar: Our smartest scientists managed to save one baby.
      Leela: Alkazar, I used to be a baby, it might have been me!

    • Alkazar: Things got hot. You look a little hot, actually. You can take off that jacket... Our people don't like to be hot.

    • Alkazar: It wasn't long ago. Our people were happy and prosperous... but the eyeless mole people of Subterra 3 grew jealous of our visual prowess. They fired missile in all directions hoping to hit Cyclopia. Unfortunately, one of the 40 planets hit, was ours.

    • Alkazar: This is my home. I hope you don't think less of me because I live in a giant castle.
      Leela: Oh, no, not at all. If anything, I'm more impressed.

    • Fry: What's over that hill?
      Alkazar: The Forbidden Valley. A holy sanctuary where no one may tread.
      Fry: Is that anything like a cemetery 'cause I gotta take a leak.
      Leela: Fry, that's offensive to our people. Isn't it?

    • Alkazar: And there's the infamous pirate, Purple Beard, scourge of the six seas.

    • Alkazar: Her perfect eye reminds me of yours, Leela. Had our race survived, you would have been a temple priestess or a supermodel.

    • Alkazar: This sacred mosaic depicts our goddess of beauty.
      [The mosaic looks like Botticelli's The Birth of Venus.]
      Fry: Hmm, you got any sacred artwork of her from the back?

    • Alkazar: We are the last remaining Cyclopses. Our planet is Cyclopia. This is the capital, Cyclops City. Stop me if I'm going too fast for you.

    • Leela: After all this time, somebody else with one eye who isn't a clumsy carpenter or, uh, a kid with a BB gun.

    • Leela: Alkazar? Are you real? Or am I seeing single?

    • Leela: Look at that statue. It's only got one eye.
      Fry: Lazy sculptor!

    • Operator: Leela, you've got mail! It's not spam.

    • Cyclops: To Leela. Subject: Hello. I am Alkazar. Fortunately I wrote down your screenname before I was dispatched by that oafish moron.
      Fry: Kicked your ass!

    • Fry: Are you still mad at me for wrecking your once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn the meaning of your existence?
      Leela: No, I'm just happy you were able to win a video game. Now let's concentrate on getting this desperately-needed popcorn to the people of Cineplex 14, OK?

    • Leela: Fry, you idiot. Ever since I was abandoned on Earth I've been searching for who my people are and where they come from. Then I finally meet another Cyclops and you blast him. You wrecked my one chance to learn who I am!
      Fry: Oh, Leela, I feel terrible. If there's anything I can ever do- [He jumps out and shoots Leela.] Gotcha!

    • Zoidberg: The doctor is in! [Fry does a somersault and shoots at Zoidberg. He fizzles.] The doctor is out!

    • Hermes: Get ready for fun, Fry. Nowadays, we have a type of game played entirely on video.
      Leela: We call it a "video game".
      Fry: Uh, "video game" you say? Well, golly gee, you mighty spacemen of the future will have to show me how it works.

    • Fry: Is there a place on the web that panders to my lust for violence?
      Bender: Is the Space Pope reptilian?

    • Nerd #1: Hello? Are there any girls in this room at all?
      Nerd #2: Yeah, bring on the hot chicks 'cause I'm a hot stud.
      Nerd #3: Yeah! So are we!
      Leela: I'm a woman, if that's what you mean. I don't like to play games, so I'll just say I'm a cyclops, I'm a spaceship captain, I'm the only one of my species and I'm interested in meeting a man.
      Nerd #4: A woman! I'm scared.

    • Bender: Hi, I'm a naughty nurse and I really need someone to talk to. 9.95 a minute.
      Man: Ooh, you're a dollar naughtier than most.
      Bender: So how 'bout them Knicks?

    • Bender: I'm telling you, Fry, they've got a chatroom for everybody. And here it is.
      He and Fry walk into a Filthy Filthy Chat Room
      Amy: Ew, that is so gross!
      Leela: Yeah. I'll stick with this one, thank you.
      Amy: Yeah.
      They walk into a Filthy Chat Room

    • Doorman: Are you over 18?
      Young Boy: Yes.
      Younger Boy: Yes.
      (A baby spits his dummy out, gurgles and walks in)

    • Amy: Hey, that's me!
      Bender: No, it isn't. I just took some pictures of your face and stuck them on someone else's body.
      Leela: Hey!

    • Bender: Behold: The Internet!
      Fry: My God! It's full of ads!

    • Farnsworth: Good news, everyone! Several years ago I tried to log on to AOL, and it just went through.

    • Fry: He may be a low-life jerk, but I don't trust him.

    • Fry: Well, thanks to the Internet, I'm now bored with sex.

    • Fry: Wow. Four identical castles.

      Bender: Each one more identical than the last.

    • Leela: They smell like burning Rhesus monkey.

      Farnsworth: Really? I guess when you're around it all day you stop noticing.

    • Leela: Where did you get that furniture and that tv?

      Alkazar: Some guy was giving it out on the street corner last night - just like you, Leela!

      Ratman: whoo hoo!

    • Cyclops: The real tragedy is that our race ends with us.

      Leela: It doesn't have to.

      Cyclops: What do you mean?

      Leela: You're a male, and I'm a female.

      Cyclops: I'm still not following you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Alien code: The other language is the first appearance of Alien Language #2. While going down a hallway of dirty chat rooms, one of the doors is written in the new code. It reads "Codebreakers Chat Room."

    • This episode won an Emmy award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. Color stylist Bari Kumar was the recipient. This episode was nominated for a Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Directing in an Animated Television Production.

    • Alien code: While most of the signs written in the Internet are readable, there are two written in Alien Code. When Leela is destroying signs, she flips upside-down to kick one. While she's flipping, you get a glimpse of one written in Alien Code #1. It reads "Plump . Juicy . Humans . Web".


    • The Internet game the Futurama gang played contained elements of Metroid (the scene where Fry rolls across the ground) and Donkey Kong.

    • Married with Children

      Leela fixes her hair just like Peg and Leela's boyfriend says to call him Al, just like on Married with children. Then they are making fun of each other just like on Married with Children. Katey Sagal is the voice of Leela and she is the star on Married with Children.

    • Title pun: A bicycle built for two

    • "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" by Douglas Adams
      There a possible reference to the TV series (and book), when Leela states she may have found her true home and Bender replys "Too bad it's a dump." A similar observation was made by Arthur Dent when he arrives on Magrathea.

    • The Shadow Out of Time: by H. P. Lovecraft
      One of Al's brides-to-be is a Yithian, a creation of the American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. The Yithians, or members of the Great Race, are cone-shaped beings with four tentacle-like limbs, two of which end in claws while another ends in an oddly shaped head. They are time-travelling aliens interested primarily in knowledge. The Yithians are described in Lovecraft's "The Shadow Out of Time."

      The Yithians also made the cover to Astounding Stories June 1936, where "The Shadow Out Of Time" first saw publication.

      Funny enough, 22 years after the publication of "The Shadow Out Of Time," the magazine printed a story called "A Bicycle Built For Brew."

    • The Birth of Venus: by Botticelli
      The painting of the long haired woman riding a clam is a parody of Botticelli's famous painting.

    • Superman
      The theme of sending a baby off in a rocket off a dying planet is the same as from the classic superhero Superman.

    • Modern Times
      Bender going through the works of the gears is a reference to the 1936 Chaplin film Modern Times.

    • Fry: "My god... it's full of ads"

      This is a reference to Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, where when the monolith opens Dave Bowman says "My God, it's full of stars".