Season 6 Episode 9

A Clockwork Origin

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2010 on Comedy Central

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    So Cubert can't go to school as there is a discussion between evolutionism and creationism that doesn't let him go so Farnsworth decides to go investigate:

    Prof: To the science mobile!
    Leela: You mean the ship?
    Prof: Yes! The science mobile!
    Leela: It's just that you never called it like that before..

    There Farnworth tells the creationsim defender that there is a missing link, but an orangutan called Professor Banjo asks how does mokeys connect to that missing link, and Farnworth answers, but he asks for anohter missing link, and they go on for hours until Farnworth can't find a missing link, and he leaves to the desert to find it. At the excavation we got a nice reference to "Jurassic Bark" from Hermes:

    Hermes: (after finding a pertified dog) Oh no! Another one of Fry's dogs! (hides it).

    Bender is annoyed as the prof says robots don't evolve. So Farnworth finally finds it and shows it to Banjo, who says it proved Farnworth wrong and revelas a painting of the animal Farnsworth found riding a T-Rex. The Professor can't live on EArth anymore and leaves to a planetoid to leave. Fry sais his only water supply looks like diet Dr. Pepper, so the prof leaves some nanobots to clean it, but after some time, the robots evolve into "trylobots" and eat the prof's cabin. Farnworth: I can't believe this1
    Bender: I can, robots can do things much faster than humans like evolving and beliving things faster.

    So they hide in a cave for the night and the next morning the trylobots are gone, but there is a whole robt jungle. Fry goes to drink water but a Nessie--bot tried to eat him, so they save him and deice to make a ship out of the robodinocarcasses, but as it takes them 12 hours they go to sleep. At night, some robo-cavemen kidnap Leela and Amy and make them their wives. The guys make a slingshot to save them, but they build it in 12 hours so they go to sleep. So the next moring Leela and Amy are back and a robot wildlife resaercher finds them and at a confrence Farnworth says that he created them and they can't belive it, he explains and they go home. Banjo sees the pictures they took and him and Farnworth agree that evolutionism exists, but it was set in motion by an extern being (not an old beardy robot as Bender thought).

    And I forgot to mention the subplot between Zoidberg and Cubert, were the prof let Doctor Z to take care of him, but Cubert hates him. Z tries to gain his love painting a giant picture of FatherMan and SonBoy (him and Cubert) but Cubert says it sucks and Z is left depressed. After that Zoidberg teaches Cubert how to escape from bullies by looking very pityful. And in the end of the epiosde Zoidberg says:

    I'm glad you're back to care of this kid, he is horrible!

    9,5/10, awesome ep.