Season 1 Episode 6

A Fishful of Dollars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • An episode that had a stupid plot from my point of view.

    After having their dreams taken over by an advertisement, the Planet Express crew takes a trip to the local shopping mall. Trying to buy the product in his dreams, Fry realizes he is broke. At the same time, Bender is caught shoplifting and sent to jail. Unable to pay the bail, Fry remembers he had a bank account back in the twentieth century. Surprisingly his old bank account is still active, and has been accruing interest for the past thousand years, bringing the balance from 93 cents to $4.3 billion. Fry goes on a massive spending spree, buying numerous 20th century artifacts, such as Ted Danson's skeleton, an antique robot toy, and the last known tin of now-extinct anchovies, which were fished to extinction shortly after the Decapodian people arrived on Earth.

    Mom, famous industrialist and owner of Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil, wants to secure the anchovies for her own purposes. Anchovy oil could be used to permanently lubricate robots, and therefore represent an enormous threat to Mom's business interests if the remaining anchovies were cloned.

    Mom's sons Walt, Larry, and Ignar conspire with the head of Pamela Anderson to steal Fry's ATM card and PIN, by tranquilizing him and making him wake up in an environment similar to the 20th century. They get Pamela Anderson to order a cheese pizza and a large soda, which the price ($10.77) is Fry's PIN, which they use to bankrupt Fry. All of Fry's 20th century artifacts are repossessed, except the anchovies, which Fry had hidden in his sock.

    After Mom discovers Fry intends to eat the anchovies, she stops interfering. Fry covers a pizza with the anchovies, and shares them with the rest of the Planet Express employees. Everyone except Fry spits their pizza out in disgust. Fry claims that they are an acquired taste. When Dr. Zoidberg enters the room, he smells a 'heavenly stench' and immediately devours all the remaining anchovy-covered pizza, and goes on a rampage screaming "MORE! MORE! MORE!!"