Season 2 Episode 1

A Flight to Remember

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Titanic parody, awesome.

    Whenever Futurama decides to parody a series, it almost never ever fails to perform. The Titanic, just about the most loved love story out there aside from Romeo and Juliet and perhaps even Twilight, is the victim today. Bender's abnormal love for another robot who is high class and much richer than him created a pretty good star crossed lovers theme, and had an absolutely hilarious ending combining it with the black hole. Some other hilarious moments, when the black hole sucked up the nebula that Fry was reminiscing on, and when they were going down into their deck and see all the conditions the other decks are above theirs.
  • Futurama on the Titanic.

    Professor Farnsworth books a vacation for the whole staff to go on. It's a space cruise called The Titanic. Dun, Dun, Dun!!!!!!! I haven't seen the movie Titanic, but I bet this episode was fairly similar to it.

    To keep Zapp Brannigan away from her, Leela tells him that she's in a realtionship with Fry. But when Amy's parents see her without a boyfriend, she says the same thing.

    Meanwhile, Bender falls in love with a young robot lady, but when the ship goes into a black hole, she lets go of Bender, who's holding on to the escape pd, to save evryone's life.

    This wasn't that funny, but I liked it for some reason.

    Overall Grade: B+/85%
  • Quite possibly the best episode from Season 1

    "A Flight To Remember"

    Grade: A*

    So this episode of Futurama was quite an important one. Despite obviously being a futuristic parody of Titanic, the episode was well written, funny, and touching. It's interesting to note this is the first episode where the love interest of Fry and Leela, as well as Amy and Kif begins, although it doesn't quite get there yet.

    The episode begins with Farnsworth offering the crew a vacation on a luxury space ship cruise line named the Titanic. They abroad the ship, but when Leela discovers that Zapp is the captain, she quickly pretends to be Fry's boyfriend so that he doesn't try to seduce her while on board. Meanwhile, Bender finds a robot named the Countess and falls in love with her. He pretends to be rich, but even when the Countess discovers he was lying, she still thinks he is the most romantic robot she's ever met. Also, Zapp chooses a more dangerous path for the ship to take, much to Kif's annoyance.
    Meanwhile, Amy's parents want Amy to have a handsome boyfriend. When they choose one for her she doesn't like, she quickly chooses Fry. Trouble arises when Zapp gets suspicious and invites both of them to dinner with Fry. When Fry almost gets caught out, after trying to remember the situation to handle having multiple dates from Three's Company, Zapp gets distracted after finding out that the ship is heading for a black hole, and gives Kif the control of captain as he escapes.
    The crew try to escape, and with the help of Hermes' Limbo powers, they can. The only one who doesn't follow them is Bender, who is trying to find the Countess. The ship starts to flood, but the Countess remembers she's a swimming robot and can escape. Just as the others give up on Bender and leave via the escape pods, Bender jumps out and hangs onto the ship with the Countess. Realising that the weight is holding them back and pushing them into the black hole, the Countess tells Bender that she has to let go, and he will share love again, as after all "it's shareware". Bender is heartbroken, but even after he still has her jewellery, Hermes examines it and tells him its fake, upsetting him even more.
  • Titantic gets Futurama'd

    In this futuristic Titantic parody, the Planet Express crew goes on a futuristic ship cruise for a nice relaxing day. Zapp Brannagain tries to hit on Leela(again) so she convices Fry to be her fake fiancce, and Amy's parents want her to have a boyfriend, so Fry is enlisted for that too(lucky kid) Zapp is also commanding the ship, but directs it straight into a black hole. Bender also finds love in a she-bot. This episode was a good parody overall, and I liked how alot of the characters were devolped upon further in this episode. Overall, one of the best of season 1. 10/10 A+
  • Not as good as the episodes that came before it, but still a pretty decent episode.

    Professor Farnsworth announces that tomorrow the crew will make a delivery to Ebola 9, the virus planet. They cannot go today because he wants them all to be alive for the Academy of Inventors annual symposium, where he will present the Deathclock, a device which calculates how long a person has left to live. At the symposium, he meets a former student of his from Mars University, Professor Ogden Wernstrom, who vowed revenge on the Professor after receiving an A-minus on a pop quiz, even if it took him a hundred years. Just over ninety-nine years have passed, and no revenge is in sight; so Farnsworth considers himself to be in the clear.

    Wernstrom presents his invention, an apparatus that allows fish to breathe water, but travel on land. He taunts Farnsworth over his invention from the previous year-the Deathclock. Mortified that he had already presented the invention and forgotten about it, Farnsworth hastily begins drawing on a napkin, and comes up with the smelloscope, a device that allows people to smell distant cosmic objects. The smelloscope is received with scorn and laughter, and Wernstrom gives it "the worst grade imaginable-an A minus minus".

    Back at Planet Express, he invites everybody to see the smelloscope which he already built last year and also forgot about. Fry begins pointing the smelloscope around, and discovers the smelliest object in the universe. After calculating its path, Professor Farnsworth announces that the object will collide with New New York City in 72 hours. After some research, a video is found, revealing the object to be a giant ball of New York City's garbage launched via mob-obtained rocket into space around 2052 in an attempt to alleviate a crippling rubbish problem.

    After warning the mayor of New New York, Mayor Poopenmayer, a plan is hatched to destroy the garbage ball. The Planet Express crew is sent on a mission to plant a bomb on a fault line on the ball. The bomb has been set to allow twenty-five minutes to escape. When the crew lands on the ball, Fry is amazed of all of the 20th–century items on the ball; but Leela reminds Fry that these things were garbage, which is why they are in the garbage ball in the first place. Unfortunately, the Professor put the bomb's countdown display in upside down, and it actually only allows fifty-two seconds. The crew panics, and Bender throws the bomb into space to save themselves, but runs into a small meteor and falls back to the surface; and Bender throws it again. The opportunity to destroy the garbage ball is lost, so the crew returns to Earth in shame.

    Attempting to find another way to save the city, the Mayor sends in Wernstrom to find a way to stop the garbage ball. Wernstrom demands tenure, a grant, and five scientists, but has no plan, declares that he's set for life, and leaves. In a last-ditch effort to redeem himself, Farnsworth comes up with a second plan to save the city: to launch a second ball of garbage to bounce against the first one to send it flying into the sun. The Mayor exclaims that there hasn't been garbage in New New York for 500 years, so Fry demonstrates how to make garbage. An announcement is made to tell the city to not throw away its garbage. The city of New New York quickly generates a second ball of garbage, which is fired at the first garbage ball. The rocket flies into the air and hits the other garbage ball head-on. The second ball of garbage flies out of the solar system and the other flies into the sun. Leela's concerns that the new garbage ball will return and destroy a future generation are dismissed by other characters. Fry says that it won't be for hundreds of years.
  • titanic

    i may be one of the only people, but i have never seen titanic, therefore a lot of the parodies of the film or some similar stuff, was lost on me. and unlike say, simpsons, when if i don't get what is being referenced or parodied yet i still laugh, i do not remember a lot of humor in this episode and found myself somewhat bored. my grade for this episode would be a C+ or so, which to me means average. i might need to rewatch it again sometime though, as i have not seen it for a while
  • What else can I say, a huge titanic parody.

    Seems nice. *several camera angles* Basically Bender finds a new female bot he likes on a vacation on the Titanic. They get rooms on the fiesta deck, and Bender finally introduces himself to the 'countess'. Meanwhile, Fry gets two women- he has Leela (to stop Zapp) and Amy (to impress her parents). Hermes is also reminded of the limbo... they all reach a dinner and Fry confesses to Leela about Amy, but they find out the ship is being sucked into a black hole. They all get to the escape pods and find that Bender and the Countess are still in the ship. Unfortunately, the Countess is sucked into the black hole. And also unfortunately, the bracelet is worth nothing due to it being fake... just adds to how upset Bender is. A touching episode but not as funny as earlier ones.
  • A very good parody.

    A Flight to Remember is a very good parody of one of my favorite movies, Titanic. It's funny, and it manages to be sweet and romantic, while still maintaining the standard of outrageousness that Futurama always has. Very funny and easy to remember. If you watch this episode, you will be very entertained from the start to the finish.

    Professor Farnsworth treats everyone to a vacation on the largest and most luxurious space cruise ship ever made, the Titanic. Love is in the air: Bender falls for a very attractive robot (with red hair, like Rose). Fry pretends to date Leela so she can avoid Zapp Brannigan, and he also pretends to date Amy. Zapp Brannigan decides to pilot the Titanic through a swarm of comets (the "icebergs of the sky") and Bender's new girlfriend ends up dying in the end.
  • fry is "dating" two girs at one... thers 2 words you dont see together

    Episode 110 a great start to the second season. This episode was both sad and funny. A lot of love in this episode Bender & Conutess Amy & Fry Leela & Fry then AMY & KIF. Then in the end COUNTESS falls in to the black hole with the TITANIC. The funny part about the ship is that is was named TITANIC. This epsode is related to the movie TITANIC BENDER falling in love with a fembot from first class. What I don't get is why is AMY in third class then in frist class. But A Flight to Remember is a great episode
  • A parody of the movie "Titanic"

    Professor Farnsworth has some news for his returning disgruntled crew. It seems he has booked passage on a new luxury space liner called the Titanic. Everyone is excited (evidently they don't remember what happened to the previous Titanic) and ready to go. As it would happen, Zap Brannigan is the captain of the ship. Bad omen for things to come. Leela wants to avoid Zap at all costs after their last "encounter". She says that Fry is her fiance. Fry is confused but goes along with it. Also it seems that Amy's parents are on board the ship and they want to set her up...
  • The Titanic eat your heart out, there's some new competiton.

    This is a pretty funny episode and it is in my top ten all time favourites and is the best episode in season 1.

    I first off like the Leone Decaprio joke, the Titanic plot mixed with the Love boat mixed with three's company, that was just great! I also enjoy like how every character has their own story.

    The Fry, Leela and Amy story was pprobaply my favourite, I can't beleive how well they pulled that story off, everyone knew that was coming someday... and when it did it blew me away!

    I also enjoy the Bender plot, having him in love was touching and funny, espically him stealing the jewelery jokes, they all made me laugh and him trying to act rich and snoody was great.

    This is a really great episode and I can see why they aired it as their second season premiere.
  • This is a episode we that shows there can be love in the air. Or in this case Space.

    In this episode the Titanic is rebulit. Things were going well so far for Fry and Leela. Until Leela learns that Zapp Brannigan is the captain of the ship and he still wants to make Leela his woman. So to get Zapp of her back she has Fry pretend that he is her fiancee. In a way it works, but Zapp Brannigan is still waiting for the moment where he can make Leela his woman. He even said to Fry "If I catch you cheating on Leela I will take her from you." Some warning that was. Leela was trying so hard to make it believable that Fry and her were in love that she even kissed him. Of couse Fry was enjoying that kiss but from the way that kiss looked, it appeared that even Leela was enjoying it. Which explains why she had no trouble kissing Fry before and after. Because there maybe a place for Fry in her heart. This should be no surprise because in away Fry is the one who helped Leela change her life. This happened in the pilot episode "Space Pilot 3000". This helps show that maybe someday Fry and Leela will become a couple for real.
  • #1 favorite episode

    Episode 110 a great start to the second season. This episode was both sad and funny. A lot of love in this episode Bender & Conutess Amy & Fry Leela & Fry then AMY & KIF. Then in the end COUNTESS falls in to the black hole with the TITANIC. The funny part about the ship is that is was named TITANIC. This epsode is related to the movie TITANIC BENDER falling in love with a fembot from first class. What I don't get is why is AMY in third class then in frist class. But A Flight to Remember is a great episode.
  • A cruise on the starship Titanic goes horribly wrong.

    Professor Farnsworth books himself and the Planet Express crew on the starship Titanic as part of the annual holiday. The ship is to be piloted by none other than Zapp Brannigan. Leela in attempt to distance herself from Zapp and his advances presents Fry as her boyfriend. Later Amy does the same telling her parents that Fry is her boyfriend. Interestingly Leela ends up being jealous of Fry and Amy's fake relationship. It appears Fry and Leela are about to kiss until the ship is hit by a comet, due to Zapp's suicidal flight path changes taking them through a swarm of comets and directly into a blackhole.
  • Titanic Parody Alert! And it's stll good! Seriously!

    Titanic Parody Alert! And it's stll good! Seriously!

    In a whole "Titanic" parody, Fry and the entire gang take a space cruise vacation. Leela tells Captain Zapp Brannigan that Fry is her boyfriend and Amy tells the same thing to her parents. Bender falls in love with a rich female robot. Problems start when the spaceship approaches a black hole.

    Well, in this Titanic parody, one of the best episodes, may i say, with great pleasure know that Bender gets a girl. A very emotional moment at the end. I won't spoil it for those people who haven't seen this episode.
  • Fry is caught in a love triangle with Amy and Leela while on a space cruise.

    The crew all go on a cruise through space. Leela needs Fry to pretend that he is her fiance so that Zapp Brannigan won't hit on her. In the mean time, Amy tells her parents that Fry is her boyfriend. Whenever Amy kisses Fry, Leela gets a bit jealous. Bender falls for another robot while on the cruise and acts like Leonardo Dicaprio on the Titanic. Everyone on the cruise has a date and Fry almost gets to kiss Leela which is broken up by Zapp who flies the cruise through a meteor storm. The ship gets hit and heads for a black hole. Everyone escapes except for Bender's girl who sacrifices herself to free everyone else.
  • Introduction of LaBarbra Conrad and Leo and Inez Wong (Amy's parents)

    Although I have never seen the titanic, I know the basics and appreciated the parody. There are great jokes such as nobody knowing that the Titanic was once a ship that was destroyed by an iceberg (even Fry, who was from the time, Leonardo Di Caprio's head in a jar, who was in the movie and Zapp who points out that the course he reset the vessel for are towards the "icebergs of the sky". The plot was terrific, Fry obviously feeling lucky to get to make out with both Leela and Amy constantly throughout the episode. Bender's soft side is not one that I like to see but it wouldn't be a true parody if it didn't have a death and typical Bender humour is used in the episode (stealing the Countess' necklace, cheating unit malfunctioning). A very good episode and one worth watching.
  • Take That Titanic!!

    I have managed to avoid Titanic since it has been released and I have absolutely no intention of seeing it, but I know the story and thankyou Futurama for ripping it off!!!

    Bender meets a rich robot and falls in love, while Fry has to pretend to be Leela's fiance and Amy's boyfriend.

    This is a funny episode, but it also has that element of romance. The ending was quite sad and Bender showed his sensitive side when he lost the Countess.

    There was romance everywhere with Fry and Lela almost having a romantic (not fake) kiss. Also Amy and Kiff had their first meeting.

    Funniest moment for me was when they used Di Caprio's head to christen the Titanic! LOL
  • A great parody of Titanic!

    Plot: The Planet Express crew takes a vacation on a spaceship called the Titanic. During the vacation, Fry becomes Leela and Amy's fake boyfriend, while Bender falls for a rich Countess robot. Zapp Brannigan redirects the ship's path, causing the Titanic to approach a black hole.

    I liked this episode. It was a mixture of comedy and romance. I felt sorry for Bender after the Countess got sucked into the black hole.
    The comedy parts of the episode were:
    1. Bender telling the Countess that when they kissed, he felt like they were standing in a pool of slow,cold, rising water. Then it showed that actually happening.
    2. While the Countess and Bender grabbed the escape pod that the Planet Express crew were in, Leela said that they were 2 metric tons overweight, then Amy said, "Well, it's not me!"
    3. Fry getting kissed by Leela, then Amy.

    That just names a few. For some reason, this episode wasn't as funny as the rest. I liked it, though. The romance between the Countess and Bender was good, as well as the possible romance between Leela and Fry. The plot was good, the jokes were great, although a few were off, and great job on the romance.
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