Season 2 Episode 1

A Flight to Remember

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Quite possibly the best episode from Season 1

    "A Flight To Remember"

    Grade: A*

    So this episode of Futurama was quite an important one. Despite obviously being a futuristic parody of Titanic, the episode was well written, funny, and touching. It's interesting to note this is the first episode where the love interest of Fry and Leela, as well as Amy and Kif begins, although it doesn't quite get there yet.

    The episode begins with Farnsworth offering the crew a vacation on a luxury space ship cruise line named the Titanic. They abroad the ship, but when Leela discovers that Zapp is the captain, she quickly pretends to be Fry's boyfriend so that he doesn't try to seduce her while on board. Meanwhile, Bender finds a robot named the Countess and falls in love with her. He pretends to be rich, but even when the Countess discovers he was lying, she still thinks he is the most romantic robot she's ever met. Also, Zapp chooses a more dangerous path for the ship to take, much to Kif's annoyance.
    Meanwhile, Amy's parents want Amy to have a handsome boyfriend. When they choose one for her she doesn't like, she quickly chooses Fry. Trouble arises when Zapp gets suspicious and invites both of them to dinner with Fry. When Fry almost gets caught out, after trying to remember the situation to handle having multiple dates from Three's Company, Zapp gets distracted after finding out that the ship is heading for a black hole, and gives Kif the control of captain as he escapes.
    The crew try to escape, and with the help of Hermes' Limbo powers, they can. The only one who doesn't follow them is Bender, who is trying to find the Countess. The ship starts to flood, but the Countess remembers she's a swimming robot and can escape. Just as the others give up on Bender and leave via the escape pods, Bender jumps out and hangs onto the ship with the Countess. Realising that the weight is holding them back and pushing them into the black hole, the Countess tells Bender that she has to let go, and he will share love again, as after all "it's shareware". Bender is heartbroken, but even after he still has her jewellery, Hermes examines it and tells him its fake, upsetting him even more.
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