Season 2 Episode 7

A Head in the Polls

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Leela argues the importance of voting to Fry and Bender. But Fry is uninterested believing that one vote will never make a difference. Leela insists that it can and takes him to register to vote.

Later a disaster is reported on the television: A titanium mine has collapsed, trapping the robot workers. This causes titanium prices to soar with the closure of the mine. Bender's body is 40% titanium and he takes it to a pawnbroker and hocks it for a big wad of cash.

After discussing life without a body with some of the former presidents at the head museum, Bender realizes the mistake he has made and returns to the pawnbroker to buy his body back only to discover that it has already been sold.

Bender soon finds out that it was Richard Nixon who bought his body as he appears on television to announce he is running for the presidency of Earth. Bender begs Fry and Leela to help get his body back. Nixon initially refuses but Bender swaps it for some incriminating evidence he has against Nixon. Bender is very happy to have his body back.

Leela eagerly watches the television to see who won the election only to find Richard Nixon won by a single vote gaining the support of the robot voters with a new huge robotic body. Neither Bender, Fry or Leela voted in the election.