Season 2 Episode 7

A Head in the Polls

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 1999 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • In "The Scary Door" a shoe, a telephone, a stopwatch, a chicken drumstick and a guy washing his hair all float through the air during the opening music.

    • The toy car Bender drives around in has wheels, despite the fact that the technology for the wheel had been lost for who knows how long in Mothers Day.

    • Opening theme promotion: FROM THE MAKERS OF FUTURAMA

    • When Fry, Leela, and Bender's head go bowling, the ball Leela uses looks exactly like an eye, a reference to her cycloptic nature.

    • Bender reads a Playbot magazine.

    • The two main parties in the future are the Tastycrats and the Fingerlicans.

    • Nixon says computers are only "twice as fast" as they were in 1973.

    • In Linda and Morbo's news report, we see images of Jack Johnson and John Jackson standing in front of the American flag. However, since they are running for president of Earth, they should be seen with the modified Earth flag, much like the one Leela is holding while the results are presented.

    • Although "nobody can be elected president more than twice," which seems to be a reference to the United States political system (which must have been replicated for being President of Earth), U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to the office four times before his death in 1945.

      Response: The 22nd Amendment which limited the Presidential tenure was proposed in 1947, and came into effect in 1951.

    • It was stated in When Aliens Attack that many of the world's monuments, including the White House, were moved to Monument Beach. AND the White House was destroyed in that very episode so how could it be back in Washington?

      Response: They could have rebuilt it.

    • In this episode, it's revealed that Bender has a self destruct button. If that's the case, why did he bother using the suicide booth in ep. 1?

    • At the beginning of the episode, after Leela wakes up Fry, his hand and Bender's elbow appear to go right through Leela.

  • Quotes

    • Morbo: Morbo congratulates our gargantuan cyborg president. May death come quickly to his enemies.

    • Farnsworth: I can't believe it. He won by a single vote.
      Bender: Well it ain't my fault. I'm a non-voting felon, thank you.
      Fry: Well it's not my fault either 'cause I forgot to vote.
      Leela: Oh, crud. I knew there was something I meant to do today.

    • Linda: The sheer drama of this election has driven voter turnout to its highest level in centuries. 6%!

    • Bender: Not so fast, Nixon! Are you familiar with audio tape?
      Nixon: Uh-oh. I don't like where this is heading.
      Nixon: [on tape] And I'll go into people's houses at night and wreck up the place!
      Nixon: My God? I really sound like that? I thought my voice had more of a Clark Gable quality.

    • Bender: Whoa, mama! Get a room, you two!
      Man: We're in a room!
      Bender: Well then lose some weight.

    • Bender: It's hopeless. We might as well turn in my head for the five cent deposit.
      Fry: No way! I'm not letting my best friend get recycled. Not for five cents, not for five hundred cents! Leela, I've got a plan!
      Leela: I've got a better plan.

    • Fry: Please, Mr. Nixon. We're appealing to your sense of decency.
      Everyone laughs
      Bender: That was a good one!

    • Campaign Manager: You scored big points tonight, sir.
      Nixon: What are you talking about? They ate me alive out there.
      Campaign Manager: Yes, but your body stayed on message. And that message is, "Look at my shiny new body". The robots ate it up. You've got real charisma from the neck down.
      Nixon: Nixon with charisma? My God, I can rule the universe!

    • Nixon: Hello, Morbo. How's the family?
      Morbo: Belligerent and numerous.
      Nixon: Good man. Nixon's pro-war and pro-family.

    • Morbo: Morbo will now introduce tonight's candidates: Puny Human #1, Puny Human #2, and Morbo's good friend, Richard Nixon.

    • Leela: Ordinarily I'd say no and lecture you on how this is your own fault for being such an idiot. But when a robotic Nixon is on the loose, we have a duty to take action. Idiot.

    • Bender: That dirty, double-crossing bastard! How dare he run off with Richard Nixon!

    • Bender: What am I gonna do?
      Fry: Ah, I can't stand to see a robot cry. Let's watch TV!

    • Bender: Oh! How could I let this happen? I can't go through the rest of my life like this.
      Farnsworth: Don't you have a self-destruct button?
      Bender: Yeah, but it's on my body.

    • Bender: You sold my body? To who?
      Pawnbroker: I can't reveal that information, but you look like a nice robot. Tell you what, I'll give you 50 bucks for the kid.
      Fry: Hey, my clothes are worth 50 bucks!
      Pawnbroker: Deal.

    • Fry: Bender, what is it?
      Bender: Whoa, what an awful dream. Ones and zeros everywhere. And I thought I saw a two.
      Fry: It was just a dream, Bender. There's no such thing as two.

    • Nixon: I remember my body; flabby, pastey-skinned, riddled with phlebitis. A good Republican body! God, I loved it.
      Fry: I hear that. I spent most of my teen years loving my body. Course, it was tough love...

    • Carter: Maybe Mr. Bender can get a spot in the closet of presidential losers.
      Dole: Bob Dole needs company. LaRouche won't stop with the "knock knock" jokes.
      Bender: Pass.

    • Bender: You know, I like it here. What's the rent on one of these jars?
      George H.W. Bush: Sorry, Bender, but we just can't allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to move in. No offence, Jefferson, Nixon and Truman.

    • Bender: So then the hookerbot says, "That's not my expansion slot" and my friend says, "That's not my gold-plated 25-pin connector!"
      Washington: Oh, Bender. Thou robots really cracketh me up.

    • Ford: Frankly, I've never felt voting to be all that essential to the process.
      Nixon: No kidding, Ford.

    • Fry: Well, you're looking great.
      Schiffer: Thanks. I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds though.
      Fry: Couldn't hurt.

    • Bender: I've had it up to here with this place. I'm off to the Head Museum to hang out with classy heads like me who appreciate the finer things: poetry, philosophy, hats. So long, coffin stuffers!... Uh, could one of you coffin stuffers please carry me?

    • Fry: Hey, Bender, can I take a ride in your car?
      Bender: Maybe if you clean up first. It looks like your neck stepped in something. Oh, I'm sorry, that's just your body!
      Fry: Hey! You look me in the shins and say that.

    • Fry: Well, at least now you can pay off your loan shark.
      Bender: Yeah, right. What's he gonna do, break my legs?

    • Bender: Hello, peasants.
      Leela: Bender? What happened to you?
      Fry: Yeah, you look different. Did you get a haircut?
      Bender: No, I sold my body.
      Farnsworth: Sold your body? Oh, Bender, I've been down that road. I know it's glamorous and the parties are great but you'll end up spending every dollar you make on jewellery and skintight pants.

    • Morbo: News of the mines closing sent titanium prices skyrocketing.
      Bender: Alright! I'm rich!
      Leela: What are you talking about?
      Bender: My body's 40% titanium! I'm finally richer than those snooty ATM machines.
      Fry: Too bad you can't spend it.
      Bender: Oh, can't I?
      Fry: No.

    • Linda: In other local news, disaster struck on Saturn's moon of Titan today, when a titanium mine collapsed, trapping 1,000 robot workers.
      Bender: What? Lord have mercy!
      Linda: Unless something is done quickly, the trapped robots will be dead within 300 years. Sir, what rescue operations are planned?
      Mine Spokesman: The plan is basically to pave over the area and get on with our lives.

    • Linda: And so, with two weeks left in the campaign, the question on everyone's mind is who will be the next President of Earth? Jack Johnson or bitter rival John Jackson? Two terrific candidates, huh, Morbo?
      Morbo: All humans are vermin in the eyes of Morbo.

    • At the booth for the Voter Apathy Party
      Fry: Now here's a party I can get excited about. Sign me up!
      V.A.P. Man: Sorry, not with that attitude.
      Fry: OK then, screw it.
      V.A.P. Man: Welcome aboard, brother!
      Fry: Alright!
      V.A.P. Man: You're out.

    • Zoidberg: Sure, humans are cute, but how else are we supposed to test cosmetics?

    • Farnsworth: So what are you doing to protect my constitutional right to bear doomsday devices?
      N.R.A. Man: Well, first off, we're gonna get rid of that three-day waiting period for mad scientists.
      Farnsworth: Damn straight! Today, the mad scientist can't get a doomsday device, tomorrow it's the mad grad student. Where will it end?
      N.R.A. Man: Amen, brother. I don't go anywhere without my mutated anthrax... for duck hunting.

    • Amy: So, is it true you can make all kinds of shirts and ropes out of hemp?
      Stoned Guy: Dave's not here, man.
      Amy: I also heard hemp makes great shampoo.
      Stoned Guy: It does? No way! I gotta check out this brochure!

    • Woman: We favour unreasonably huge subsidies to the Brain Slug Planet.
      Fry: OK, but what are the Brain Slugs who control you gonna do for the working man?
      Woman: Attach Brain Slugs to them.
      Fry: Sure, you say that now!

    • Fry: What party do you belong to, Bender?
      Bender: I'm not allowed to vote.
      Fry: 'Cause you're a robot?
      Bender: No, convicted felon.

    • Zoidberg: You know, Fry, you could join a third party, maybe.
      Amy: Only weirdos and mutants join third parties.
      Zoidberg: Really? I'd better keep an eye out at the next meeting.

    • Farnsworth: The problem with both parties is that they always want to give your tax dollars to the less fortunate.
      Fry: The less fortunate get all the breaks!

    • Leela: The point is, one vote can make a difference and even though it won't, I'm still taking you to get registered.
      Farnsworth: Yes, that's a capital idea. Let's all go register!
      Fry: Professor, when did you become so obsessed with voting?
      Farnsworth: The very instant I became old.

    • Leela: You're not registered?
      Fry: Nope. Not vaccinated either! Besides, it's not like one vote ever made a difference.
      Leela: That's not true; the first robot president won by exactly one vote.
      Bender: Ah, yes, John Quincy Adding Machine. He struck a cord with the voters when he pledged not to go on a killing spree.
      Farnsworth: But, like most politicians, he promised more than he could deliver.

    • Fry: If I were registered to vote, I'd send these clowns a message by staying home on election day and dressing up like a clown.

    • Johnson: It's time someone had the courage to stand up and say: "I'm against those things that everybody hates".
      Jackson: Now I respect my opponent. I think he's a good man but, quite frankly, I agree with everything he just said!
      Fry: These are the candidates? They sound like clones. Wait a minute. They are clones!
      Leela: Don't let their identical DNA fool you. They differ on some key issues.
      Johnson: I say your three cent titanium tax goes too far.
      Jackson: And I say your three cent titanium tax doesn't go too far enough!

    • Leela: There's a political debate on! Quick, change the channel!
      Bender: Hey, that's what Fry said when we turned on the debate!

    • Morbo: Morbo demands an answer to the following question. If you saw delicious candy in the hands of a small child, would you seize and consume it?
      Jack Johnson: Unthinkable.
      John Jackson: I wouldn't think of it.
      Morbo: What about you, Mr. Nixon? I remind you, you are under a truthoscope.
      Nixon: Uh, well ah, the question is, uh, is vague. You don't say what kind of candy, whether anyone is watching, or uh... (AHEM) At any rate, I wouldn't certainly wouldn't harm the child.
      (truthoscope goes off noisily)

    • Bender: So, Nixon, even if you miss your body, being a head's great too, right?
      Nixon: No, son. It's a sad and lonely life.
      Bender: Aw great. Now you tell me.
      Nixon: That's my style. I like to kick 'em when they're down.

    • George Washington: So telleth, Bender. Whateth happen to your body?
      Bender: I hocked it.
      George Washington: Hocked it? Why wouldst thou do that?
      Bender: Same reason you hocked your teeth.
      George Washington: Ahh. Booze money.

    • Nixon: Now look here, you drugged out communist. I paid for this body, and I'd no sooner return it than I would my little cockerspaniel dog Checkers.
      Checkers: Bark.
      Nixon: Shut up, damn it!

    • Fry (pointing to Bill Clinton): Hey, I remember you...I was gonna vote for you one time, but voting isn't cool. So I stayed home alone and got trashed on listerine.

    • Bender: Game's over losers! I have all the money. Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves!

    • Bender: Bodies are for hookers and fat people!

    • Fry: Why would Nixon stay at the Watergate?

      Leela: They give you a discount if you've been here before.

    • Leela: Look, I know there are no car chases, but this is important. One of these two men will become president of the world.

      Fry: What do we care? We live in the United States.

      Leela: The United States is part of the world.

      Fry: Wow, I have been gone a long time.

    • Nixon: Computers may be twice as fast as they were in 1973 but your average voter is as drunk and stupid as ever. The only one who's changed is me. I've become bitter, and let's face it, crazy over the years. And once I'm swept into office, I'll sell our children's organs to zoos for meat. And I'll go into people's houses at night and wreck up the place! Muhuhahahaha!

  • Notes

    • When Bender is sleeping, he dreams in Binary. After frame by frame study, there is an actual message inside the dream. In the final frame when the screen fills with numbers, just before the bigger numbers appear, the binary can be translated into the sentence "Get A Life." Bender wakes up when you see a 2 in the code.

    • Bender's mentions that his body is 40% titanium in this episode. It is also 40% zinc, as mentioned in the episode Fry and the Slurm Factory. And in Jurassic Bark Bender says his body is 40% dolomite. In The 30% Iron Chef, he mentions he's 30% iron. All together that is 150%.

  • Allusions

    • Cheech and Chong

      At the voter registration place, one of the political parties with a booth is "Dudes For The Legalation Of Of Hemp". Besides legalization being spelled wrong and "of" being repeated, the guy working the booth responds to Amy's question about the uses of hemp by saying "Dave's not here, man." That phrase was made famous on Cheech and Chong's self-titled debut album.

    • Playboy Magazine

      Bender can be seen reading a 'Playbot Magazine.' This is a direct reference to Hugh Hefner's popular mens magazine, Playboy.

    • Betty Friedan:
      Nixon's head dreams of Betty Friedan, a feminist activist most famous for her book The Feminist Mystique, published in 1963.

    • Katey Sagal:
      In the Head Museum, the heads assorted into different categories. One of those categories is 'TV Stars' and one of the heads is Katey Sagal, from Married... with Children, who provides the voice of Leela in Futurama.

    • 2984 (during "The Scary Door") This is a reference to George Orwell's famous book "1984"

    • Nixon: Who's kicking who around now?
      When Nixon ran and lost the race for Governor of California in 1962, he holds a press conference and gives the famous line: "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore. Because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference."

    • Pulp Fiction / Vietnam War:
      Nixon: Now, beat it, before I get Cambodian on your asses!
      A reference to the line said in Pulp Fiction, "I'ma get medieval on your ass." It also refers to Nixon's decision to bomb Cambodia during the Vietnam war.

    • Rocky and Bullwinkle
      Bullwinkle is in the "Bull Space Moose" booth. The Bull Moose Party was a short lived minor party in the US. Space Moose is a cartoon, but more intended for adults.

    • Lexx
      Canadian sci-fi series starring a decapitated robot head named 790 who is even more sarcastic than Bender. The show got an American revival in 1997.

    • Title: A Head In The Polls
      An episode of Herman's Head had the same title. The show was a short-lived series with a cast that included Yeardley Smith (the voice of Lisa Simpson) and Hank Azaria (who does many voices on The Simpsons).

    • Super Mario World

      The cage in the pawn shop is a reference to Super Mario World for the SNES. The cage thing that the shop owner stands behind is built like the chain-link structure Mario can climb on that has rotating panels that flips him to the other side. Note the gray chain-link and the red border around the square.

    • Leela: They (Watergate) give you a discount if you've been here before.
      Nixon ordered The Watergate break-in (1972) to get Democratic papers to win his second presidential run. He resigned amid the ensuing scandal and was given a presidential pardon by Gerald Ford.

    • Richard M. Nixon: Remember what the doormouse said.... feed your head.
      The lyrics Nixon sings when presenting his new Bender-body are an excerpt from Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"; in turn an Alice in Wonderland-reference. This is of course two-fold irony considering Jefferson Airplane were a psychedelic rock band at the heart of the hippie movement, and Nixon, well, wasn't really.

    • The Twilight Zone
      Early in the episode, Fry and Bender were watching "The Scary Door", which is similar in style to The Twilight Zone. The opening is similar. Also, the episode itself was a reference to an old TWZ episode, Time Enough at Last, about the last man on earth using all the time in the world to read...at least until he breaks his glasses. The only difference is that, in this parody, after the man breaks his glasses, he keeps going for the books...until all of his body parts fall off.