Season 4 Episode 10

A Leela of Her Own

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2002 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Hank Aaron, Sr. speaks to Fry and calls himself the "Home Run King". However, this became an anachronism when San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds hit his 756th career home run on August 7, 2007.

    • After Leela vows to become the best blernsball player of all time, Hermes says that it's impossible, because she hasn't recorded an out in 77 innings. Innings are measured by outs, where pitching an inning is equivalent to three hours. If Leela hadn't recorded an out, she actually wouldn't have pitched any innings.

      Explanation: The above is how baseball is scored, but the rules/stats of blernsball have been shown to be undecipherable.

    • Opening theme promotion: SCRATCH HERE TO REVEAL PRIZE.

    • All the players have fractions as player numbers, now that all the whole numbers have been retired.

    • When Hank Aaron XXIV drinks out of Wade Boggs' jar, you see Boggs wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. When he retired in 1999, he was a member of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, plus a member of the Yankees for several years. He should be retired with a Tampa Bay hat.

      Response: This isn't a rule by any means - in fact Wade Boggs is in the Hall of Fame as a Red Sox player.

    • Despite the fact that Star Trek is banned in the future, I guess there must be a real planet of black/white aliens.

    • After Leela buttons up her shirt, the buttons disappear and it turns into a V-Neck shirt.

    • When Leela is taping the bean commercial in Spanish, she refers to herself using masculine forms of adjectives ("bueno", "malo").

    • After the game between the Mets and Boston, when Leela talks to Jackie the black line under her eye disappear and appears again several times.

    • Blernsball was played very differently in this episode than it was in Fear Of A Bot Planet.

    • Leela says that all the whole numbers on player's shirts "have been retired", yet there are a few players with whole numbers - for instance the manager's number is 4.

  • Quotes

    • (After hitting a Sinoid in the head with the ball)
      Leela: Sorry, I have a problem with Depth-Peception.
      Signoid: Yep, me too now.

    • Aaron Sr.: Well, at least you're still the worst football player of all time.
      Aaron Jr.: Yeah. Yeah.

    • Leela: Jackie. I guess you were right. I'm a lousy role model. I'm sorry.
      Jackie: No, don't be. It turns out you were an inspiration after all.
      Leela: I was?
      Jackie: Uh-huh. You were so awful that women everywhere set out to prove they don't stink as bad as you. You know, like a pig or something.
      Leela: Oh, that's so kind of you. I guess I made a difference after all.
      Jackie: You absolutely did, Leela. Now please, please retire. Immediately.

    • Uecker: Remember, fans, this exciting moment is brought to you by Month Old Franks, the hotdogs with experience! Mmm-mmm!

    • Leela: Keep cool. She's just like any other player. She puts on her sports bra one arm at a time.

    • Announcer: Your attention: Now pinch-hitting for the Poindexters: Jackie Anderson.
      Uecker: Would you look at that! College blernsball's finest female hitter making her big league debut against pro-ball's worst female anything.

    • Fry: Strike him out, Leela! Do it for the hundreds of women everywhere!

    • Leela: I've been training with Hank Aaron.
      Skipper: You've been training with the Hank Aaron?
      Leela: I've been training with a Hank Aaron.
      Skipper: Alright then. Get in there and pitch like you've never pitched like you before!

    • Leela: Come on, skipper. It's my last chance to prove I'm not the worst player ever. Please put me in.
      Skipper: No. We're actually winning this game. You only go in as a joke when we're eight runs behind. Or when our other pitchers sneak out early to beat the traffic.

    • Uecker: Well, fans, Boston's turning the last game into a real "squeeeker"! And that's with three "e's"!

    • Gilman: I wanna buy this franchise. How does $100,000 sound?
      Cygnoid Man: Forget it! We come to Earth to make pizza, not money.
      Cygnoid Woman: No, Blek! Other way around!
      Cygnoid Man: Oh, right. Offer accepted!

    • Gilman: Beans, huh? Mmm. This is great! How to you make the crust so fizzy?
      Cygnoid Man: Ah-ah-ah! Ancient Cygnoid secret!
      Cygnoid Woman: My husband, some hotshot! Here's his ancient Cygnoid secret! Live hornets! We smush them right into dough!
      Gilman: I don't care if there's horse manure in it!
      Cygnoid Man: That's a-good!

    • Fry: Hey! You opened a franchise!
      Cygnoid Woman: Yes. Our biggest seller is Leela's Bean Pizza. Six kinds of beans, plus several things that look like beans.

    • Leela: I didn't hit the batter! For once I was pitching and not just belly-itching!
      Aaron Jr.: Oh, you got that too? I think there's a rash goin' around.

    • Aaron Jr.: OK, let's see what you can do.
      Bender: One thing she can do is lodge a ball in the depth centre of your brain. You better get a batting helmet.

    • Leela: Look, I don't wanna be in this exhibit. That's why I need your help. So I can be one tiny iota less pathetic than you.
      Aaron Jr.: Oh, I can't help you play better than Tiny Iota. That guy was great.

    • Aaron Sr.: You stink, lady! Hey, Junior, she belongs in the exhibit instead of you.
      Aaron Jr.: Forget it. This job's too cushy to give up.

    • Fry: Hank Aaron XXIV? How could you play so blowfully? The original Hank Aaron was great!
      Aaron Sr.: No, I was better than great. I was the home run king!
      Bender: Neat!

    • Leela: Ah, here we are. The worst player in history. If I can be just a little better than him I can slink away with my head held high.
      Bender: It says he once struck out when his tongue got stuck to an unusually cold bat.
      Fry: And here he is trying to make a catch with an oven mitt.
      Leela: It's even a crummy hologram.
      Aaron Jr.: I'm not a hologram, though I am crummy.

    • Amy: Don't be upset, Leela. You, um... you look really cute in your uniform.
      Leela: That's what makes it so sad. I thought I was doing something heroic.
      Bender: You are. What about that little girl you visited in the hospital? You know the one I mean? The one who died?

    • Leela: What? Who are you?
      Jackie: Jackie Anderson. I'm on the blernsball team at NNYU and I was hoping to get to play in the majors soon.
      Leela: Oh, following in my footsteps?
      Jackie: Pft. God forbid! Your little freakshow is making it impossible for real female ball players to be taken seriously. I hope you're proud of yourself.
      Bender: Alright, show's over. No refunds. You heard the robot. Get out!

    • Bender: Five bucks an autograph, 200 fans. Add a one and two zeros in front of that and we got ourselves a wad!
      Leela: I'm not doing this for the wad. I'm doing it for all the struggling female athletes who need a role model.
      Woman: Yeah! A role model for how to stink!

    • Cygnoid Man: Leela really bringing in the customers.
      Cygnoid Woman: This keep up, we need to buy second sauce toilet.

    • Bender: Hang on. Call comin' in. What's that? Hey! You put a one and two zeroes in front of that or we pass! Deal!
      Leela: So what did you get me?
      Bender: A thousand and one pesos!

    • Leela: As a pitcher, I serve up plenty of bean balls. So I know good beans when I see them. Bean-Bay Beans: They're the beaniest!

    • Leela: Bender, how did you get in here?
      Bender: As your agent, I have access to you at all times.
      Leela: Since when are you my agent?

    • Doubledeal: Kid, that was great! You got us more publicity than a cowboy in a shark tank. Poor Tex, he was quite a shark.

    • Uecker: This is history in the making, folks. Bjornson steps up to the plate and Leela delivers.
      Leela beans Bjornson, knocking him over
      Bender: Bullseye!
      Uecker: Ooh! An inauspicious start for the career of the first woman blernsballer. (Another batter steps up and Leela beans him) An inauspicious continuation for the career of the first woman blernsballer.

    • Announcer: Your attention, please. Now pitching for the Mets: Turanga Leela. A one-eyed woman.
      Woman: Come on! Throw like a girl!
      Fry: Go, Leela!
      Bender: Come on, girl!
      Amy: Too much eyeliner!

    • Uecker: Well, folks, it's only the fifth inning but the Swedes have already turned this one into a "laffer". And that's with two F's. The crowd is pouring out of the stadium L.A.-style.

    • Fry: Wow! I must say, I'm impressed. You look just like a ball player. Can I pat you on the butt?
      Leela: Fry, I'm a professional athlete! So go ahead.
      Fry: Oh! Now I'm too nervous.

    • Leela: Ta-da! The first woman ever to play Major League Blernsball. How do I look?
      Hermes: Like a sexy Yogi Berra!

    • Cygnoid: Please, lady, I want to live. Can I use bat to protect head?
      Leela beans him
      Bender: Apparently not.

    • Bender: No batter! No batter! (Leela pitches and knocks the Cygnoid over) No batter anymore.

    • Fry: Most important of all is the big screen TV. Human families need a TV when they're eating so they don't have to talk to each other.

    • Fry: For starters, only use quality ingredients. Case in point: No more live bees. Oregano works equally well. And when you put pizzas in the oven, don't get in with them.

    • Cygnoid Woman: Oh, thank you, magic biped!
      Cygnoid Man: You save us, a-sir. If we cannot make Earth pizza our dream will die. Just like rats we crushed to make the wine.

    • Cygnoid Woman: We come to Earth to start new life. Raise fat spoiled Earth kids, hang many underwear from Earth clothesline, live Earthican dream.

    • Leela: I don't mean to offend, but this tastes like vomit.
      Cygnoid Woman: Thank you.
      Leela: No, actually, I did mean to offend a little. This is awful.

    • Cygnoid Man: OK, now, what kind of pizza goes in you? Silt? Asbestos? We got guano - very fresh!
      Fry: Uh... hmm... do you have any food?
      Cygnoid Man: Here, try a deep dish pizza. Contains four kind of things.

    • Leela: I think the owner is from Cygnus 5.
      Farnsworth: Cygnoids? On our block? Flying foo!

    • Skipper: Aw, darn, darn darn! Now the bases are loaded! Isn't there a man on this team who can get one more out?
      Leela: I can.
      Skipper: I repeat: Isn't there a man on this...

    • Aaron Jr.: OK, try it again. But this time keep your eye off the ball.
      Leela: You mean keep your eye on the ball?
      Aaron Jr.: Hey, lady, which one of us is in the hall of fame?

    • Leela: You're right. I can't let people down anymore. As God as my witness, I vow to earn the respect of girls and women everywhere. I will become the best blernsball player of all time.
      (Hermes clears his throat)
      Hermes: That's statistically impossible. In 77 innings you haven't gotten a single out. At this rate, you're sure to go down as the worst blernsball player of all time.
      Leela: Oh. Then I have a new vow. I solemnly swear that I will become not the worst blernsball player of all time.

    • Farnsworth: Why is your number seven-eighth's?
      Leela: All the whole numbers have been retired.

    • Bender: Wait! I know you. You're the sleazebag who owns the Ultimate Robot Fighting League.
      Owner of the Mets: Not anymore. Now I'm the sleazebag who owns the New New York Mets.

    • Farnsworth(shouting): Go, team! Beat those no good Cygnoids! Show them they stink at a game they've never played before!

    • Fry: Aw. Don't cry, foreign people. I used to work in a pizzeria and as soon as I stop hallucinating and blasting puke, I'm gonna teach you to sell pizza, Earth style!

    • Fry: Kinda makes me pine for my days as a pizza delivery boy. Here's you pizza I'd say. I didn't order any they'd say. And then I'd be off to my next adventure.

    • Leela: So Hank - the bad Hank, just how blowful were you?
      Hank Aaron XXIV: Well, I have a low batting average.
      Hank Aaron: Low? It was zero you fungo! You went your whole career without getting a hit.
      Fry: Leela could beat that. She's pitched her whole career without getting an out.

    • The Commissioner: Skipper, we're losing the crowd. Put in our new novelty act - Leela.
      Manager: Darn it! I already put in the circus clown.
      The Commissioner: Yeah but he bunted. Clowns are only funny when they swing away.

    • Leela: You mean I'd be the first woman ever to play major league blernsball?
      The Commissioner: Well yeah but basically you'd just be a publicity stunt. I figured a one-eyed lady skull buster might bring out the freakshow crowd.

    • Leela: The Mets? Those bums are worse than me.
      The Commissioner: Close to it. But they don't draw a crowd, like you. Which is why I wanna sign you to the team.

    • Bob Uecker: Mulligan drives the ball, it's going, going and caught by the shortstop. Man I haven't seen play this bad since the days of Bob Uecker! This is Bob Uecker saying thanks for watching!

    • Girl Blernsball Fan: When I grow up, I wanna injure men by throwing stuff at them! Just like you Leela. Will you sign my magazine?
      Leela: Aww, sure thing sweetie. Who should I make it out to?
      Girl Blernsball Fan: Well, err, to eBay?
      Leela: That's a popular name today!

    • Bender: Hey! You put a one and two zeros in front of that or we pass! Deal!
      Leela: Bender! That's great! How much did you get me?
      Bender: One hundred dollars.

    • Leela: Professor! Please! Society is never gonna make any progress until we all learn to pretend to like each other. Now let's go over there and make these hideous strangers feel welcome.

    • Leela: Oh put down the binoculars Fry. The wall of that strip club isn't going to collapse twice in one day.
      Fry: I know, and I've grown to accept that.

    • Bender: When will man learn that all races are equally inferior to robots!

    • Leela: I'm a fool. Those fans haven't been cheering for me; they've been cheering at me.

    • Bob Uecker: I've never seen anything this bizarre, and I've seen Mr. Belvedere naked.

  • Notes

    • Leela takes advice on Blurnsball from a descendant of Hank Aaron. He wears an Atlanta uniform, but instead of it having a tomahawk on it, like there would be for a Braves jersey, it has a trident. This is a reference to the episode The Deep South, where it is revealed that the city of Atlanta was moved to the middle of the ocean where it sank to the bottom of the sea.

    • Abner Doubledeal, Owner of the Ultimate Robot Fighting League from the Season 2 episode Raging Bender, makes a return. He is now the owner of the NNY Mets (the character's name is mentioned in the DVD commentary).

    • Dawnn Lewis returns to the show, however, not voicing LaBarbara Conrad this time but Jackie Anderson, the world's best female blernsball player. LaBarbara and Hermes Conrad's son Dwight are seen in this episode however during the original Blernsball game in the park, playing for the Planet Express team.

  • Allusions

    • Bob Uecker: I haven't seen play this bad since the days of Bob Uecker.

      During his broadcasts of Milwaukee Brewers baseball games Uecker often makes reference to his own mediocre abilities as a player.

    • Fenway Park: Home of the Green Monster

      When we look into the stadium a large green monster is playing an organ. This is a reference to the left field wall in Fenway Park, known as the Green Monster due to its significant height.

    • Abner Doubleday
      The name of the owner of the NNY Mets, Abner Doubledeal, is a play on the name Abner Doubleday, the supposed inventor of the game of baseball.

    • Leela exclaims that she's finally a pitcher not a belly-itcher. This is based on a popular fan insult, "We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher."

    • Behind the batter before Leela's first pitch with the Mets, you can see a Gork 3:16 sign held by a guy with a rainbow wig. This is a reference to the rainbow man who wore a rainbow Afro and looked for video cameras to show his John 3:16 signs in a way to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

    • In the museum, when they were looking at the skin-colored blurnsball players, the third man is wearing Pokemon character Ash Ketchum's hat!

    • Mark McGwire's Bicep

      If you look at the background when the group enters the museum you can see a giant muscle which says Mark McGwire's Bicep. Mark McGwire was a baseball player in the late 90's who set many homerun records. Many people thought his enormous arm strength was due to steroids.

    • Seinfeld: The Cafe
      Fry spying on the new business downstairs and then getting involved with it, is a reference to the Seinfeld episode The Cafe where Jerry gets involved and helps Babu go out of business.

    • Calgon: Commercial Reference
      When the ant creatures reveal what the secret ingredient is in their food, it's a throwback to the old Calgon detergent commercials. Ancient Chinese Secret huh...

    • The Natural
      The final pitch, the ball going for a home run, is likely a reference to the Robert Redford film "The Natural"(1984). They share the slow motion effect, the ball being hit a long way, similar music, and the fireworks-like effect when the blimp hits the lights (in the movie, the ball hits the lights).

    • Leela: Hey kid, catch.
      A Coca-Cola commercial featured "Mean" Joe Green, a tough football player throwing his jersey to a young kid who gives "Mean" Joe a Coke as he walks into the tunnel. Leela throws Jackie Anderson a towel, similar to the commercial.

    • Fry: The Various Players who broke the Color Barrier
      In the museum, there is a case displaying the various blernsball players who "broke the color barriers." One of them is black on one side of his body and white on the other. This is probably a tribute to a famous episode of the original Star Trek series called Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, which was about racial inequality among a race of aliens who looked liked the one in the case.

    • Jackie Anderson

      The name of female ballplayer Jackie Anderson was probably taken from Jackie Robinson, the first African-American person to be in Major League Baseball.

    • Title: A Leela of Her Own
      The title of the episode is a reference to the movie A League of Their Own directed by Penny Marshall, and starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna & Rosie O'Donnell. The film was based on the true story of the Women's Baseball League that was started during World War 2.

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