Season 4 Episode 7

A Pharaoh to Remember

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2002 on Comedy Central
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Fry, Leela, and Bender have to deliver a giant sandstone to Osiris 4, a planet resembling ancient Egypt. Once there they are enslaved to work on pharaoh Hamenthotep's pyramid. After the pharaoh dies, Bender tricks everyone into thinking that he's the next prophesied pharaoh.

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  • Worst Episode Ever!

    I hate to write a bad review for a grand show like Futurama, but this was just awful. Bender is in full-on jackass mode, the plot is very patchy, the self-referential jokes get tiring...Add some good jokes, make the plot better, and dump Bender's characterization, fix up the plot holes, and don't make everything Leela says in the whole episode an in-joke, then maybe you'd have a start. The only thing that's saving me from giving it a negative grade is the joke right at the end and Fry and Leela pretending Bender doesn't exist near the end. Thankfully there were only two other duds in this season ("A Leela of Her Own and "30% Iron Chef"), and "Roswell" and "Godfellas" more than make up for this shoddy episode.moreless
  • hillarious episode

    Bender's funeral was hilarious especially when Farnsworth catches the bouquet and Amy says "I know whose funeral we'll be attending next professor and Fry's speech, knowing what Bender's favourite mode of death was and Hermes describing the type of robot Bender is, Bender clearly being outraged by Zoidberg's speech. After that, the episode keeps getting better with Bender tricking the planet into thinking he was the new Pharaoh, letting a whole new wave of cruelty wash over the planet. This was a very good Bender episode as we see just how cruel Bender can be but also showing that he does have an emotional side. REMEMBER ME!moreless
  • A great parody of ancient Egypt

    Bender grows concerned that he will be doomed to obscurity, and sets off to rectify the situation. One of these schemes includes spraying graffiti on the side of a building, saying "Bender Lives Large and Kicks Butt." The building is demolished, and his phrase is reduced to "Bender Licks Butt". Bender returns to the office to find out that the crew had staged a "funeral" for him, to show that he will be remembered, but it ends badly. The Professor assigns the crew a new mission: deliver a giant sandstone block to the planet Osiris IV.

    Upon their arrival, they find a desert world whose society is modeled after ancient Egypt and who they claim introduced interstellar travel to them. The crew is enslaved to work on the building of the funeral pyramid of Pharaoh Hamenthotep. Their job is to work alongside the other slaves, moving heavy stone blocks manually. Bender, impressed by the Osirin Pharaohs' method of ensuring their place in history, becomes a workaholic, working so fast the slavedrivers can't even keep up with him.

    Pharaoh Hamenthotep arrives to inspect his newly completed pyramid, and as he was about to set everyone free, he is killed when the nose falls off a giant statue of himself. The priests entomb Hamenthotep, and the next day they consult their wall of prophecy to select the new pharaoh. While the slaves partied over their few hours of freedom, Bender sneaks out and makes a few surreptitious modifications to the wall, therefore, declaring him the new pharaoh.

    Newly crowned Pharaoh Bender demands a statue of himself, one billion cubits tall, so that he will be remembered forever. Construction proceeds, with Bender quickly establishing himself as an excessively dictatorial and ruthless pharaoh, and the massive statue is soon completed. Nonetheless, when it is unveiled, Pharaoh Bender announces that he is displeased with it, and wants it to be torn down and rebuilt. The high priests, disgusted and tired with Bender, wrap him for burial, and toss him into the tomb, along with Fry and Leela at Bender's request.

    Fry and Leela want to blast their way out using the explosive Schnapps from the tomb's distillery; but Bender objects, worried that he won't be remembered if the statue is destroyed. Fry and Leela make a show of not remembering Bender, and he relents. After blasting a crack in the statue's foot, Fry, Leela, and Bender escape and run back to the ship. As the ship departs from Osiris IV, the statue explodes in a gigantic fireball. Bender is distraught, but Leela consoles him with the knowledge that his reign of terror will be remembered longer than any statue. Satisfied, Bender tells the crew to set course for Earth. As the ship approaches an Earth-like planet, Bender begins to laugh evilly. Leela points out that the planet isn't Earth and Bender stops laughing. The ship flies away from the planet, ostensibly towards Earth.moreless
  • Bender become the tyranical leader of an entire civilisation

    After delevring a huge stone block to an Egyptian like world Fry, Leela and Bender are captured and forced into slavery to build the Pharaoh's tomb. While giving the speech at the completion of building of his tomb the Pharaoh is killed when the nose falls off crushing him.

    As is the society norm, the next Pharoah is chosen by reading from the wall of prophecy, Bender having made none too subtle changes to the wall is elected ruler.

    Bender sets the slaves to begin the construction of his own tomb, the size of which makes all others tiny in comparison. Bender soon enrages the populous to entomb Bender before his death.moreless
  • This is a sweet episode.

    This episode is really funny. Bender is a pharaoh.

    Bender is worried that he won't be remembered when he died. Everyone throws Bender a surprise funeral, but he hates it. Then Leela, Bender and Fry deliver a giant sand stone that is about 15 feet high to Osiris 4. When they get there, they get kidnapped and become slaves. They have to build a huge statue. When it's done, the nose falls off and kills the pharaoh. Bender makes a print of his face into the sacred wall. The next morning, Bender becomes pharaoh. He says that he wants a statue of him that's one billion blocks high. All of the slaves build it. When it's finished, Bender thinks it's to big so he damands to tear it down and rebuild it. The slaves wrap Bender up like a mummy and say he's dead. They throw him in his grave. It's huge. Leela and Fry get thrown in to because that what Bender insisted before they faked his death. There is a bunch of stuff in his grave like schnapps. After convincing Bender, Leela blows up the schnapps. They get out of the grave and fly away in there space ship. Leela says that Bender will be remembered as a pharaoh. Bender's happy with that.

    I give this episode is a 9.4 out of 10.moreless
David Herman

David Herman

Scruffy / High Priest / Elton John Osiran / Bongo Player

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Turanga Leela

Billy West

Billy West

Philip J. Fry / Professor Hubert Farnsworth / Dr. Zoidberg / Old Slave

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Amy Wong

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Linda / Boy / Woman

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Hermes Conrad / Reverend Preacherbot / Slave

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    • Leela: Bender, I understand your desire to be remembered. But you don't need a statue for that.
      Bender: I don't?
      Leela: No. You have your legacy as a brutal, tyrannical dictator, and that will outlive any monument.
      Bender: You really think they'll remember me?
      Fry: Absolutely.
      Bender: Well in that case. One planet down! Helmsman... set course for Earth!
      Leela: That's not Earth.
      Bender: Oh.

    • Leela: You jerk. Why'd you have to drag us along?
      Bender: I wanted to watch you remember me.

    • Fry: Bender, I really hope that's you. 'Cause if it isn't... we're in trouble!

    • Osiran: Does it please you, my lord?
      Bender: Hmm... it's a good start. Uh, yeah, it's definitely big alright. I just wonder if it's too big, y'know? I mean, are people gonna be remembering me or the statue?
      High Priest: But, sire, we made it to your exact specifications.
      Bender: Too exact if you ask me. Tear it down and try again. But this time don't embarrass yourselves.

    • Bender: Lowly slave, why are you not working?
      Slave: I am.
      Bender: I meant yourself to death.

    • Bender: Hear the word of Pharaoh. Build unto me a statue of ridiculous proportion. One billion cubits in height that I might be remember-ed for all eternity. And be quick about it!

    • High Priest: People of Osiris 4, please welcome a man who started as a slave but worked his way up to Lord of All Creation! Our new Pharaoh, Bender!
      Bender: Citizens of Me! The cruelty of the old Pharaoh is a thing of the past. Let a whole new wave of cruelty wash over this lazy land.

    • High Priest: It is he. Just as the Wall of Prophecy prophesied.Long live Pharaoh Bender!
      Slaves: Long live Pharaoh Bender!
      Leela: This society is a bunch of idiots.

    • High Priest: The prophecy is strange and crudely drawn at best. It indicates that, we are "here" and our next Pharaoh is over there, near some... tents.
      Bender(shouting from reeds): Those are waves, jackass. It's supposed to be a river!
      Fry: Hey. I think I know who the next Pharaoh is!
      Leela: Oh, Lord!

    • High Priest: Great Wall of Prophecy, reveal to us God's will that we may blindly obey.
      Priests(chanting): Free us from thought and responsibility.
      High Priest: We shall read things off you.
      Priests(chanting): Then do them.
      High Priest: Your words guide us.
      Priests(chanting): We're dumb.

    • Bender: We interrupt this ancient prophecy to bring you late-breaking bulletin.

    • Fry: Can you believe it? Pharaoh's dead!
      Slave: Yes! Tonight we are slaves to no one, except the rhythm!

    • Osiran: That concludes the funeral. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

    • High Priest: To equip Pharaoh for his journey, we bury him with his favourite possessions. Such as his heart and liver. And the many goods he left in his royal garage. Also, this bag of cats our culture considers holy.

    • High Priest: We commend the body of Hermenthotip to the abode of the damned. The damned good looking! Pharaoh commanded me to tell that joke at his funeral.

    • Osiran: Pharaoh Hermenthotip is dead.
      Bender: He's whippin' angels now.

    • Bender: You call that motivating me? Don't just whip with your arms. The power comes from your hips. Like this.
      Leela: Bender, quit giving the slave drivers pointers!
      Fry: Yeah. Remember who your real friends are.
      Bender: I'll tell you who I remember. Enupsis... Pleeltut... Whatshisname. He was the greatest of all.

    • Bender: Look at these swanky tombs! These people really know how to die.
      Leela: Are you crazy? They worked thousands of people to death to make these stupid monuments.
      Bender: Hey, you spend your whole life building a guy's toe and you're gonna remember him. I think I'm gonna like it here!

    • Osiran: Attention. You are now possessions of the great Pharaoh Hermenthotip, heir to the Tenth Dynasty, bringer of the good aspects of the annual floods.
      Fry: Incredible. This place is just like the Ancient Egypt of my day.
      Osiran: That is no coincidence. For our people visited your Egypt thousands of years ago.
      Fry: I knew it! Insane theories, one; regular theories, a billion.
      Osiran: We learned many things from the mighty Egyptians, such as pyramid-building, space travel and how to prepare our dead so as to scare Abbott and Costello.
      Fry: Also Wolfman!

    • Fry: Hi. We have a giant stone to deliver. Sign here.
      Osiran: Ah, very nice. Much like the 10 million identical stones used in the future tomb of our great Pharaoh Hermenthotip.

    • Bender: Come on! Surely there must be someone here who knows how great I was.
      Fry: Yes there is, Bender. Bender was a lot of things to a lot of people. But, looking back, the number one thing I can say about him is this, and simply this: Bender was my friend.
      Bender: What? That's it? Who are you? You're nobody! This is the worst funeral ever!

    • Hermes: If you ever needed a small package brought into the country without a lot of X-raying and such, Bender always had a free body cavity.
      Bender: Eh, the Professor's was better.
      Leela: Bender, shush. You're supposed to be dead.
      Bender: Say more about how great I am. And where's the crying? You people look like you're waiting for the bus.

    • Fry: We just wanted to show you that you really will be remembered.
      Zoidberg: Now if the deceased would kindly take his place of honour.
      Bender climbs in the coffin
      Bender: Ooh! Cushion-y! And a minibar!

    • Bender: I'm the first one to work. A new low.

    • Bender: There. Now no one will forget how I lived or my attitude regarding butt.

    • Bender: How does a nobody like me get famous? I know!... Hey, look! I'm stuck! But I haven't given up hope! Call a soft-news journalist!
      Woman: You're not stuck.
      Bender: Shut up.

    • Bender: It's so unfair. A debonair robot with a zesty in-your-face outlook doomed to obscurity like the rest of you, especially Leela.

    • Bender: All I ever wanted was for people to remember my name... It's Bender.
      Farnsworth: Oh, fuff! Why bother remembering anything? You're just going to forget it five seconds later.

    • Morbo: One puny human got a look at the robber...
      Bender: Here we go. Here we go!
      Morbo: Describing him as a short, nasty, muscular...
      Bender: Yeah, make me famous, big head!
      Morbo: ...Caucasian human male.

    • Hermes: Holy spitz! He's sportin' skintight Speedos!
      Amy: They don't leave much to the imagination.
      Hermes: Actually, on a robot, they sorta do.

    • Hermenthotip: And now, I have a grand announcement. In honour of your achievement, you're all hereby...
      (The nose falls off the tomb and crushes the pharaoh. The slaves gasp)
      Bender (screaming): No!
      (He runs forward and to the pharaoh)
      Hermenthotip: Tell the slaves they can all go...
      Bender: Go faster? I told them but they're so damn lazy.
      Hermenthotip: No. I mean they are all free...
      Bender: Free-loading off you? I agree.
      Hermenthotip: No, I...
      (He dies)

    • Bender: Pick it up, people. We're enslaved here to do a job. Master? Do we have to count to three every time? Couldn't we just count to one. Or better yet one-half?
      Osiran: Good idea.

    • Leela: Impressive. Who's building it?
      Osiran: You.
      Leela: Say again?
      Osiran: You are now slaves of the great Pharaoh Hermenthotip. Guards!
      (The guards grab the crew)
      Fry: Call it a hunch but I've got a bad feeling about this.

    • Farnsworth: Good news, everyone! Today you're going to Osiris 4 to deliver this enormous sandstone block.
      (He points to a massive block that is bigger than the ship and is right next to Fry)
      Fry: I thought something looked different in here.

    • Farnsworth: Your standard bending unit is made of an iron-osmium alloy. But Bender was different. Bender had a point-04% nickel impurity.
      Bender (crying): It's what made me me.

    • Fry: Dearly beloved, we are here today to remember Bender, taken from us in the prime of life when he was crushed by a runaway semi driven by the Incredible Hulk.
      Bender: Aw! You knew my favourite cause of death.

    • Scruffy: Boy, I've never seen him so down. Or ever before.

    • Bender: This is an outrage. What's the point of pulling the biggest pool caper ever if nobody knows you did it?
      Fry: Well, there's the material rewards.
      Bender: You mean this junk?
      (He opens up his chest cabinet and pool water, a boogie board, and a kid fall out)

    • (He takes Fry's beer bottle and throws it at the TV)
      Fry: Hey! Now what am I supposed to watch and drink all day?

    • Linda (person on the TV): Earlier today, a foul-mouthed bandit robbed the municipal pool, making off with the contents of over three lockers.
      Bender: More like three lockers and a sink!
      Leela: Bender? Did you have something to do with this?
      Bender: Of course not.

    • Leela: Do you remember that guy Bender?
      Fry: Bend-er? Doesn't ring a bell.
      (Bender gasps)
      Leela: Did you hear something?
      Fry: No, but it was probably someone who wasn't good at stealing.
      (Bender gasps again)

    • Fry: Hey, you know who I remember that was good at bending stuff?
      Bender: Please let it be me! Please let it be me!
      Fry: Hermes.

    • Fry: I'm gonna spin until I fall down.
      (Fry spins once and falls)

    • Amy: I know who's funeral we're gonna be attending next, Professor.
      Farnsworth (blushing): Oh stop.

    • (At Bender's funeral)
      Zoidburg: Beeeep (sings) Oh Danny Boy, the pipes the pipes are calling.
      Bender: Hooey boy?
      Zoidburg: From glen to glen, and down...
      Bender: Danny Boy? You're at my funeral singing about some dead stiff named Danny Boy? You really are a massive bonehead!
      Zoidburg: I'm expressing my sorrow.
      Bender: Get lost. I'd say don't quit your day job but you're bad at that too!
      Leela: We're trying our best.
      Bender: Your best is an idiot! Lets pick it up people! So far it's been crap after chap! I've chocked so show me some love!
      Amy: Bender was a truly special...
      Bender: Loud-Er and sad-Er!
      Amy: (shouts) Bender was a truly special...
      Bender: Next!
      Robo Priest: Dear Lord...
      Bender: Oh God next!!
      Zoidburg: (sings) Oh Danny Boy!

    • Curator: We learned many thing from the mighty Egypts, such as pyramid building... space travel.

    • Bender: You've succeeded in convincing me life is worth living... by showing how bad my funeral will suck!

    • Fry: You know what else sucks about being a slave? The hours.

    • Crew:Surprise!
      Fry: Happy funeral, Bender!
      Bender: A surprise funeral? For me?

    • Fry: You know the worst part about being a slave; you gotta work all day, they won't pay you or let you go.
      Leela: That's the only thing about being a slave!

    • Bender: Afterlife? If I thought I had to go through a whole 'nother life, I'd kill myself right now.

    • Slave: It hurts when I breathe!
      Bender: Then, what do you think you should stop doing?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Alien code: When the priests go to look at the ancient markings, you can see Alien Code #1 written within the symbols. When translated they read: "Rock On! Eddie Rosas 22." Eddie Rosas appears in the final credits as a "Character Layout Artist". The "22" appears because Bender is a "Bender Unit 22."


    • The Australian man is an allusion to the movie character "Crocodile" Dundee

    • An Affair to Remember The title of this episode is a play on An Affair to Remember, a 1957 film starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.

    • The concept of the Ancient Egyptians knowing about space travel is based on actual theories about alien connections to Ancient Egypt. The theories stem from unusual rocket-like hieroglyphs, a Mars crater resembling Nefertiti, the cosmic alignment of the pyramids of Giza to Orion's belt, etc.

    • Age of Empires (computer game)
      Some sounds (people, whip, boat) and the music that sounds when Pharaoh appears is similar to the music in that history-based strategy game (where one of the civilizations is Egyptian)

    • Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi: While being carried shackled to a pole, Fry says to Leela "Call it a hunch but I've got a bad feeling about this." In Episode VI, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) says almost the exact same thing while he and his friends are in a similar situation.

    • The Bangles: Walk Like An Egyptian
      The guitar riff that plays when Pharoah Bender makes his big entrance is from the Bangles' famous song.

    • Chariots of the Gods: by Erich Von Daniken
      A book detailing the theory that ancient Egypt was visited by space aliens. In this episode, of course, we learn that it's the aliens who learned from the Egyptians, not the other way around.

    • MAD Magazine: MAD Fold-In
      When Bender's picture and phrase "Bender Lives Large And Kicks Butt" gets blown up, it changes. It soon turns into the picture of a butt, with the phrase "Bender Licks Butt." This is a quick homage to the MAD Magazine fold-in picture you see in the back of the magazine.

    • Egyptian Mythology
      There are several references to Egyptian Mythology throughout this episode:

      Osiris 4 is named after Osiris, the Egyptian God of the underworld and judge of the dead;
      The Priests look like Thoth the Ibis God, the God of wisdom;
      The slave drivers look like Anubis the Jackal God, conductor of the dead to judgment and son of Osiris;
      The pyramids;
      The Sphinx's nose gag.