Season 4 Episode 2

A Tale of Two Santas

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 23, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Introduction of Kwanzabot

    The letters to Santa were a hilarious way to start this christmas, er, Xmas episode with the little girl asking for a coffin for her grandfather whom santa killed last Xmas. Just like in my other Xmas review, here are my favourite Santa quotes:
    "Bender, won't you join my slaying tonight?"
    "Oh, it might appear empty but the message is clear...play Santa again and I'll kill you next year!"
    "Let's see who's been naughty...and who's been naughty. Mobsters beating up a shopkeeper for protection money! Very naughty. Shopkeepers not paying their protection money - exactly as naughty!"

    Bender as Santa was great, even Farnsworth torturing the robot that was trying to do good. The elves song was hilarious but not as good as "Santa Claus is gunning you down" from the first Xmas episode. Overall, this episode is perfect, especially the others pretending to be Santa (Zoidberg: And I'm their friend Jesus)