Season 3 Episode 5

Amazon Women in the Mood

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2001 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The crew is sitting around the conference table discussing the problem of Nibbler coughing up hairballs. Everyone decides that Zoidberg should be made to do it and when the vote is taken everybody agrees, except for Zoidberg who sits motionless. The crew realizes that something is wrong when Zoidberg neither opposes nor abstains the vote. Leela taps him on the shoulder which causes him to fall over stiffly onto Fry who suspects he is dead. The crew begins to mourn his loss, when a very jellylike Zoidberg enters the room. Seeing his misplaced shell, he comes over to collect it.
Amy has been receiving a lot of crank calls but is still excited to answer the phone when it rings. Unknown to her, the caller is Kif, who wants to ask her out on a date but is too nervous to talk to her. Zapp walks into Kif's cabin just after he has hung up to find him crying. Zapp is rather uninterested in Kif's tale of woe until he discovers that Amy is friends with Leela. He calls Leela to negotiate a round of double dates between himself and Leela and Kif and Amy. He begins at ten dates but is negotiated down to a half date. Leela only accepts this after Amy begs, telling her that she likes Kif and would like to go out on the date.
The location for their date is a space station orbiting a nearby planet. Kif confesses to Zapp as they enter that he has not been on many dates before and asks him for any help he may have. Zapp gives to Kif his book of pick up lines and tells him to say them as quick and fast as he can. After sitting quietly through much of the date, Amy tells Kif that she would like to talk to him. Kif takes out Zapp book of pick up lines and begins to read through them. Amy and Leela are disgusted by his actions and get up to storm out.
Kif gets up onto the Karaoke stage and starts to sing a song for Amy. The song touches Amy and she decides to give him another chance. Before Kif can finish his song, Zapp pushes Kif off the stage and begins his own song. The song is so exceedingly bad it causes everybody in the restaurant to flee, escaping through the escape pods, leaving them alone aboard the space station. Zapp takes control of the vessel and soon crashes it onto the surface of the planet. Fry, meanwhile, interested in how the date is going, calls the restaurant to discover it has crashed; he leaves with Bender to help with the rescue.
The foursome, having survived the crash to the surface, discovers that the planet is inhabited by a race of very large women. They take everybody captive and bring them back to their village. Fry and Bender are also captured as they approach the stranger's camp. Leela and Amy are released and the men are brought to their leader, a fem-puter. Amy and Leela discover that the men of the world died out many years ago. The fem-puter quickly decides on the fate of the men: they are to be put to death by snu-snu.
While Fry, Zapp and Kif are taken away to the snu-snu chambers, Kif uses the opportunity to confess his love to Amy and reveal that it was he who had been calling and hanging up for the last year. Leela sends Bender to interface with the fem-puter's controls to try and get her to reverse her decision. Bender discovers that the fem-puter is just a fem-bot in disguise.
Leela tries to fight her way in, but is not able to get past the large Amazonian women of the world. Amy sneaks into the snu-snu chamber wearing a disguise to rescue Kif. She makes her way inside, finding Kif and carrying him she flees the snu-snu chamber with the Amazonians in hot pursuit. Amy finds her way back to the fem-puter, where Bender has started his own romance with the fem-bot and she allows Bender to issue the order to have them released and asks them to bring gold. Lots of gold.
Back at Planet Express everybody agrees that it was the best mission ever. Amy and Kif had found love. Fry and Zapp appear with body casts, which suggests that they both received medical care for their crushed pelvises. Bender has a chest full of gold ingots.
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