Season 4 Episode 3

Anthology of Interest 2

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2002 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The What-If machine is back, and once again Bender, Fry and Leela ask it questions, which it answers as a video simulation.

I, Meatbag: Bender asks what would happen if he became a human. Professor Farnsworth shows the crew his new invention, a reverse fossilization machine that can turn robots into humans. He's entering it for the Nobel Prize. Bender becomes its unwilling test subject. The now human Bender takes delight in activities such as spitting and burping, and going to every food shop in NNY and eating everything. At the Nobel prize judging, Farnsworth shows them Bender, who has become very, very fat. Wernstrum says that Farnsworth has become senile, but Bender encourages the scientists to party for 8 hours. Afterwards Farnsworth and Bender get the Nobel Prize, but Bender has died hours ago because he was so fat.

Raiders Of The Lost Arcade: Fry asks what would happen if life were more like a video game. When aliens from planet Nintendu 64 invade Earth in Space-Invader type ships, the Earth military call in Fry to help, since he's so good at playing video games. Fry has to shoot down the invading ships, led by Lrrr, with help from General Colin Pac-Man. Everything looks like Fry will win, but he gets stuck on the last ship. It turns out that Fry's brother Yancy would always do the last ship for him because Fry could never do it. The last ship lands and Lrrr steps out - but it turns out all he wants are quarters so he can do his laundry.

Wizzin': Leela asks what would happen if she found her true home, but before the What-If machine starts up, Leela is accidentally knocked out and starts dreaming. In her dream, Leela and Nibbler crash land on Planet Ozz, and she, the Scarecrow (Fry), the Tinman (Bender) and Dr Zoidberg (himself) walk down the Yellow Brick Road to find the Professor, who can help Leela get home. However the Wicked Witch (Mom) tries to sabotage the trip. She kidnaps Leela and Leela realizes her true home is to be a witch. The Tinman pours beer over the witch and she melts, so when Leela meets the Professor, she asks to be a Witch - but Zoidberg goes to the toilet and accidentally leaks water downstairs, causing Leela to melt.

Leela wakes up and Hermes tells the Professor to put the "Leela's organs" box away, for "there's always next year, Professor, there's always next year..."
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