Season 4 Episode 3

Anthology of Interest 2

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • My favorite episode from the whole series!!!

    Professor Farnsworth hauls out his What-If Machine again, claiming that he's finished "fine-tuning" it, and the crew takes a look at three alternate realities.

    [edit] I, Meatbag
    Bender asks what would happen if he were human. The simulation opens with Professor Farnsworth announcing that he has invented a process of reverse fossilization, which can turn robots into organic life-forms. He uses his reverse fossilization machine on Bender, who is transformed into a human.

    After a short period of adaptation, Bender's self-control is overwhelmed by his new senses of taste, touch and emotional responses, and goes on a sensory input binge. A week later, at the Nobel Prize judging, the Professor presents Bender who has become a thousand-pound blob. The committee initially condemns Farnsworth, but Bender begs them to consider his new lifestyle. The open-minded scientists spend the night in a state of wild hedonism. Just before dawn, the committee awards Bender with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry but discover that Bender died shortly after the party started with a cholesterol level of 40 pounds.

    [edit] Raiders of the Lost Arcade
    Fry ask to see a world that is more like a video game. As the simulation starts, President of Earth Richard Nixon is preparing to sign a treaty with Ambassador Kong of planet Nintendu 64. Ambassador Kong attacks Nixon, and a state of war erupts.

    Due to his extensive knowledge of video games, Fry is brought to the Milatari headquarters and introduced to General Colin Pac-Man. Before Fry can impart his wisdom to the military, the Nintendians launch an attack on Washington, DC, and they are forced into the escape tunnels. They emerge outside the Planet Express building, where the Nintendian invaders, led by Lrrr, are blasting New New York. Fry situates himself at the controls of a rolling Anti-aircraft artillery platform, and begins destroying the alien ships in a manner similar to Space Invaders. Fry is unable to destroy the final ship, which lands nearby and the invaders emerge. They demand millions of dollars in quarters with which to do their laundry, but the Earthlings refuse. A compromise is reached, with the Nintendians throwing their laundry in with Earth's.

    [edit] Wizzin'
    The last person to ask a what if question is Leela, who wants to see her true home. When the Professor pulls the lever on the What-if Machine, he hits her on the head, and she falls to the floor unconscious.

    She wakes up at the helm of the Planet Express Ship, which is caught in a tornado. It crash-lands in a technicolor wonderland. The Cute Witch of the North (Amy) tells her that she should seek out the Professor, who lives in the Emerald Laboratory down Martin Luther King Boulevard, which is constructed from yellow brick.

    While traveling, she meets a scarecrow (Fry), a mechanical man (Bender) and "the other guy" (Zoidberg). The Wicked Witch (Mom) sends her winged monkeys (Walt, Larry, and Ignar) to kidnap Leela and her friends. The Wicked Witch always wanted a daughter, and offers to take Leela in. Leela accepts, and as part of a celebration, Bender uncorks a bottle of champagne. Under tremendous pressure, the champagne shoots out of the bottle and lands on the Wicked Witch, causing her to melt.

    Leela and company make their way to the Emerald Laboratory and meet the Professor. He tells Leela that she can go home by clicking her ruby boots together and wishing to go home. She says: "There's no place like... I wanna be a witch!" She then dons witch clothes and turns the Professor, the scarecrow, and the robot into frogs. Her reign of terror is cut short by Zoidberg, who has encountered a problem with the Emerald Laboratory's upstairs toilet, and accidentally splashes water on her.

    As she melts in the dream world, she wakes up back in the Planet Express building just before the professor has an opportunity to dissect her.
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