Season 4 Episode 3

Anthology of Interest 2

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2002 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • In I, Meatbag, the Nobel Prize committee have a party the night of the judging, but after the party ends, it's still night time. Despite partying for 12 hours.

    • When Bender is being turned into a human, there are wires attached to him before he becomes human, but after he becomes human, the wires attached to his feet and head and other parts are gone.

    • Opening subtitle: Hey TiVo, Suggest This!

    • In the Wizzin' story, the fences are made of crayons.

    • The three segments are titled:

      1. I, Meatbag
      2. Raiders of the Lost Arcade
      3. Wizzin'

    • Fry's says he played video games for a whole year, but in the first episode he couldn't even survive the second screen of "Monkey Fracas Jr." where the monkey threw barrels at him.

    • In Fry's What If question, during the scene where they were running in the tunnels a la Pac-Man, there are 5 ghosts. There is 4 in the game

    • In Bender's simulation, his shirt gets stained with cheese while he's eating nachos. In the next shot, it's clean.

  • Quotes

    • Wernstrom: (Referring to Human Bender) Truly you have lived more in one week than we have our entire lives.

    • Leela: Uh, alright. Here I go. There's no place like- I wanna be a witch!

    • Bender: This is a stick-up. Gimme the bag, old man!
      Farnsworth: Here you go, my friend. 5000 Professor Land fun bucks.
      Bender: Oh, crap.

    • Farnsworth: Oh, blithery poop, my cowardly lobster! You don't need courage. After all, who needs courage when you have a gun?

    • Farnsworth: I am the Professor, great and... uh... forgetful!

    • Leela: We're here to see the Professor.
      Hermes: No one sees the mighty Professor.
      Farnsworth: Who's there, Hermes? Is it visitors? I want to see them.
      Hermes: It's nobody. Now sign that will I gave you!

    • Mom: I'll tell you why I brought you here, you twice-baked barf bags: Because I've always wanted a daughter to love. You want to get adopted, you little skank?
      Leela: And live here? And be a witch like you? Yeah, alright. As long as I get to hurt people and not just dance around at the equinox.
      Mom: Absolutely.
      Leela: Oh, Mommy! I found my true home!

    • Mom: Fly, my stupids! Fly out and get them!
      Igner: But, Mom, you promised you'd bake monkey cake today.
      Mom: By "monkey cake" I meant your ass!

    • Bender: Now did you say you were off to see the Professor? 'Cause I could use a heart - a human heart. I need to pump a lot of blood out of my basement.

    • Fry: OK, crow, prepare to be scared.(reading) And then, "honk, honk," the car honked its own horn!

    • Leela: So, anyway, who are you people? Haven't I seen you in some copyrighted movie?

    • Leela: As an alien who was abandoned on Earth, I've never really belonged anywhere.
      Bender: Boo-hoo.

    • Amy: Go away! We're not giving you our quarters no matter what.
      Lrrr: Well... then what if we throw our laundry in with yours? Would that be acceptable?
      Fry: I guess so.
      Lrrr: OK, then. That settles that. But if this cape shrinks, consider your species extinct!

    • Zoidberg: One ship is left only.
      Leela: Come on, Fry! Get it!
      Fry: It's moving too fast! Oh, I could never get the last one. My brother always got it for me.

    • Nd-Nd: We're losing ships, sir. What are your orders?
      Lrrr: Increase speed, drop down and reverse direction!

    • Nixon: Good evening, ignorant pigs. Put down your crack pipes and your beer bongs and pay attention as I sign an historic peace accord with Ambassador Kong of planet Nintendu 64.

    • Farnsworth: Goodnight, sweet prince. You were the greatest man any of us will ever know. Well, let's get him out of here. He's starting to smell up the joint.

    • Fry: He's dead.
      Wernstrom: When did he die?
      Farnsworth: About 12 hours ago when the party started.
      Wernstrom: But he just said, "Woo."
      Farnsworth: No, that was air escaping from the folds of his fat.

    • Bender: Wait! As men of science are not your minds open to new ideas? I say, do not judge me until you have tried my way of life for yourselves.
      Wernstrom: Young man, you have opened our minds and swayed our hearts. Let us therefore-
      Bender: Party!

    • Amy: Bender, part of being human is having self control.
      Bender: Oh, my God! I bet I can eat nachos and go to the bathroom at the same time!

    • Farnsworth: It worked! Eat it, everyone whose never won a Nobel Prize! And that includes you, Amy!

    • Farnsworth: Good news, everyone! I've invented a way to turn Bender into a human using a process I call "reverse fossilisation".
      Leela: How does it work?
      Farnsworth: Well, in regular fossilisation, flesh and bone turn to minerals. Realising that, it was a simple matter to reverse the process. I've already tested it by turning the toaster into a racoon.

    • Farnsworth: As for you, young lady, you want to go home, right?
      Leela: No, not anymore. I wanna stay here and become the new Wicked Witch.
      Farnsworth: Nonsense. Now click your big, honking boots together three times and wish to go home to Kansas, to live in poverty with your dirt-farming, teetotalling aunt and uncle.

    • Farnsworth: And you, lad, all you need is brain.
      Fry: Why does everyone keep saying that?

    • Zoidberg: Nothing! I'm leaving. But if you have extra courage I'd haul it away for you, maybe?

    • Zoidberg: What, do I smell or something?
      (He sniffs his armpit and groans sadly)

    • Zoidberg: And I'm the other guy, courage. Not enough of it. Need some from whats-his-name.

    • Leela: Wow! A talking scarecrow. Wanna come with us to see the Professor? He might be able to give you a brain.
      Fry: Hey! That's not a nice thing to say.

    • Amy: Ooh! Those are great shoes!
      Leela: Oh, thank you.
      Amy: Do they come in women's sizes?
      (Leela presses a button on her wrist machine and the steps come out of the ship and crush Amy)

    • Amy: Abraca-duh! Just ask the Professor. He lives in the Emerald Laboratory down Martin Luther King Boulevard.
      Leela: You mean that yellow brick road?
      Amy: The city council renamed it in 1975.

    • Cubert: Look, everyone! She killed the Man-Witch of the West!

    • (making fun of Wizard of Oz)
      Leela: Nibbler, I don't think we're in New New York anymore.

    • Farnsworth: Forget it, you pixilated pirates. We need those quarters to do our laundry.
      Amy: Yeah!
      Bender: Right on!
      Leela: Sure thing, Professor!
      Lrrr: But-But space invaders need to do laundry too. I mean look at Donkey Kong here. Have you smelled his loincloth lately?
      Zoidberg: Yes.

    • Fry: What do you monsters want?
      Donkey Kong: One thing and one thing only: Quarters! A million allowances worth of quarters! No slugs or tokens.

    • Lrrr: You are defeated. Instead of shooting where I was, you should have shot at where I was going to be.

    • Fry: I've still got a trick or two up my sleeve. Watch, as I fire upwards through our own shields.
      (Everyone gasps)
      Bender: He's a madman! A madman!

    • Fry: Alright! It's Saturday night, I have no date, a two-litre bottle of Shasta and my all-Rush mix tape. Let's rock!

    • Lrrr: People of Earth, I am Lrrr of the planet Nintendu 64. Tremble in fear at our three different kinds of ships.

    • (Zoidberg eats the white pellets from the Pac-Man game)
      Zoidberg: Mmm, delicious! Just like stale marshmallows!

    • Pac-Man: Let's get down to business. What can you tell us about the Nintendians?
      Fry: Well, sir, I spent all of ninth grade studying them, except for that day when my eyeballs started to bleed.

    • Bender: Hey, you like grilled cheese?
      (He takes out some grilled cheese from under a roll of fat)

    • Zoidberg: Pulse, 300; liver, failing; cholesterol, 40?
      Leela: Well, that's not so bad.
      Zoidberg: No, I mean 40 pounds!

    • Bender: Mmm! Why didn't anyone tell me tasting things tasted so good?

    • Bender: Whoa! This is awesome!
      Leela: Bender, you drank and smoked when you were a robot.
      Bender: Yeah, but now it's bad for me!

    • Bender: Whoa! You look a lot better than you used to for some reason.
      Amy: You're not so bad yourself, big boy.
      (they kiss)
      Bender: Hey, that felt great! (He kisses Farnsworth) Nah, it's not working anymore.
      Farnsworth: Speak for yourself!

    • Bender: Well, let's see what kinda things this body can do. (He spits) Hey, that's pretty fun. (He vomits and laughs) Being human is great! (He vomits again)
      Zoidberg: Hooray! It's just like Mardis Gras!

    • Bender: So this is a human body, huh? Neat! (He feels the top of his head) Hey, my antenna's gone! (He looks at his crotch) No, it just moved. I'm not getting good reception on it though. Maybe if I wiggle it around a little.
      Fry: Bender, no! You'll make God cry.

    • Fry: Too bad Professor. She came to.
      Farnsworth (holding a box that says Leela's organs on it): Oh! So close!
      Hermes: There's always next year professor, there's always next year.

    • Leela: Then that explains why these boots just appeared on my feet.
      Slug: No! You stole them. We saw you.

    • Zoidberg: Is Bender still missing for a week? Where is he already?

    • Farnsworth: Ahh, then without further stalling for time...

    • Leela: (After Zoidberg ate Fry) Oh my god, he ate Fry! Fry is dead!
      Fry: (Comes up from behind) It's ok! I had another guy!
      Bender, Leela, and Zoidberg: Hurray!

    • Leela: (seeing the Space Invaders) Invaders, Possibly from Space!

    • Mario: Mama Mia! The cruel meatball of war has rolled onto our laps and ruined our white pants of peace!

    • Fry: Man, we've been skipping for hours! I need to pull over and take The Wiz!

    • Fry: I'm good at video games, and bad at everything else. That's why I wish life were more like a video game.
      Farnsworth: Can you put that in the form of a question?
      Fry: What if that thing I said.

    • Leela: Why did you bring us here?
      Zoidberg: And why did I have to take a cab?

    • Fry: Wait a second! I know that monkey! His name is Donkey!
      Farnsworth: Monkeys aren't donkeys! Quit messing with my head!

    • Mom: I'm melting! Oh, who ever thought a small amount of liquid would ever fall on me!

    • Farnsworth: There! I finished fine tuning my what-if machine. It can answer any what-if question accurate to within one tenth of a plausibility unit.
      Leela: That's so plausible I can't believe it!

    • Leela: I was having the most wonderful dream, except you were there, and you were there, and YOU were there.

    • Bender: Bein' a robot's great, but we don't have emotions, and sometimes that makes me feel sad.

  • Notes

    • Some of the stories in this Anthology of Interest have similarities to the first.

      E.G: In I, Meatbag, When Bender is dead, they say "Good Night, Sweet Prince" They did the same in the first Anthology of Interest.

      Also, in Leela's Dream, she kills Amy, She also kills Amy in the first AoI.

    • When the Q-Bert looking character jumps out of the ship, he says something backwards, voiced by Billy West. When translated forward, he says "Where can a guy get some pants around here?"

    • Alien code: After the video game aliens land on earth and the shot starts to pull away, Alien Code #1 appears in bold green text. No surprise, when translated it reads: "Tale Of Interest."

    • Alien code: When Bender is holding up the money with the Professor's face on it, you can see Alien Code #1 in the corner of the bill. It reads: "Toxic Ink."

    • The song in the background for "I, Meatbag" is 'Conga' by "Miami Sound Machine" which features Gloria Estefan.

  • Allusions

    • Nikola Tesla

      In the first segment "I, Meatbag" at the end of the Nobel Prize party, three scientists are seen being hit by the discharge of a Tesla Coil.

      Nikola Tesla was deprived several times of a much deserved Nobel Prize, most notably for his invention of the Radio. Tesla's patent for the radio was reversed and awarded to Guglielmo Marconi in 1904 and Marconi would receive the Nobel Prize for that invention in 1909.

      Tesla died in 1943, at the age of 86. Later that year the US Supreme Court recognized him as the inventor of radio uphelding Tesla's patent number U.S. Patent 645,576.

    • Raiders of the Lost Arcade

      The title of the second story, being Fry's what-if, is taken from the Steven Spielberg/George Lucas motion picture Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of the movies from the Indiana Jones series.

    • Leela: As long as I get to hurt people and not just dance around at the equinox.
      This is a reference to Wicca in which wiccans celebrate the coming of new seasons, or solstices or equinox's.

    • Homer Simpson
      The clothes that Bender wears when he is a human are almost the same as Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons".

    • Among the objects that Zoidberg coughs up is a key. The key is an object you could swallow in Pacman if you made it to the end.

    • NBC Peacock The peacock which appears in Leela's story is the NBC Peacock, which NBC (National Broadcasting Company - an American television broadcasting company) has used as its logo since it introduced "living color" in 1956.

    • Visual: Bender transformed into human
      The process by which Bender is transformed into human is similar to countless Frankenstein movies.

    • Professor: Goodnight, sweet prince.
      This is a reference and a quote from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"; these words are spoken by Horatio as Hamlet dies; In addition, they were also spoken by Fry in the Anthology of Interest I episode - seems like Bender can't make it alive through his own what-if story.

    • Novel I, Robot
      The first story's title "I, Meatbag" is a reference to novel "I, Robot." by Isaac Asimov.

    • Rush: Tom Sawyer
      The song that's being played while Fry is inside the tank is Rush's Tom Sawyer. In 1999, it was voted the #1 song to play arcade games to by Nintendo Power Magazine.

    • Raiders of the Lost Arcade chapter

      This chapter probably contains more cultural references than just about any other whole episode, well maybe not Where No Fan Has Gone Before but they were all culturally referring to the same thing. Anyway, here is a list of the games spoofed in this show:

      in the beginning, the ship that are destroying the rocks is a spoof of the Classic Game: Asteroids.

      Ambassador Kong is, fairly obviously a reference to Donkey Kong and the way he jumps on the UN building causing it to collapse is based on the opening scene from the game. The Italian ambassador is Mario, the hero from this game and probably the most prolific games character of all time.

      The aliens come from planet Nintendu 64 which is almost exactly "Nintendo 64" a games console released in 1996.

      The tank that crosses the street out front of the Military HQ is from Battle Zone. The HQ called "MILATARI HQ" is an homage to Atari. The protagonists pass three doors on their way to meet the base commander. In order; Missile Command, Secretary of Defender and Moon Patrol. Missile Command, Defender and Moon Patrol were all popular video games during the Golden Age of Videogames.

      Upon reaching the final door, they needed a Blue Key get into the War Room. The blue key is from the very popular first-person shooter PC game, Doom.

      "General" Pacman is taken from the classic arcade game of the same name as is the maze they run through and the way Fry's eyes are left when he is eaten. The Widow Pacman is from the sequel Ms. Pacman. They come out of the maze through a sewer-pipe which is another reference to Super Mario Bros.

      When they are talking to Pacman in the military base, Centipede can be seen playing on screens in the background.

      The alien fleet consists of Space Invaders.

      At the end, the monsters who come out of the ship include a robot from Berzerk!, one of the Brains from Robotron 2084, an Egg from Burger Time and Q-Bert from erm... Q-Bert (Surely he's a good guy). When the Nintendians are exiting the Space Invader ship, one says "All your base are belong to us!". This is from the game Zero Wing, famed for its hilariously bad translation.

    • The Wizard of Oz
      Leela's sequence is a parody of the film "The Wizard of Oz".

    • Video Game Character: All Your Base Are Belong To Us
      This is a quote from an old video game by Sega Megadrive called Zero Wing. It was extremely badly translated from its native Japanese. It has become a pop culture favourite expression in the realm of lame internet nerds... such as myself.