Season 4 Episode 3

Anthology of Interest 2

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2002 on Comedy Central



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    • Raiders of the Lost Arcade chapter

      This chapter probably contains more cultural references than just about any other whole episode, well maybe not Where No Fan Has Gone Before but they were all culturally referring to the same thing. Anyway, here is a list of the games spoofed in this show:

      in the beginning, the ship that are destroying the rocks is a spoof of the Classic Game: Asteroids.

      Ambassador Kong is, fairly obviously a reference to Donkey Kong and the way he jumps on the UN building causing it to collapse is based on the opening scene from the game. The Italian ambassador is Mario, the hero from this game and probably the most prolific games character of all time.

      The aliens come from planet Nintendu 64 which is almost exactly "Nintendo 64" a games console released in 1996.

      The tank that crosses the street out front of the Military HQ is from Battle Zone. The HQ called "MILATARI HQ" is an homage to Atari. The protagonists pass three doors on their way to meet the base commander. In order; Missile Command, Secretary of Defender and Moon Patrol. Missile Command, Defender and Moon Patrol were all popular video games during the Golden Age of Videogames.

      Upon reaching the final door, they needed a Blue Key get into the War Room. The blue key is from the very popular first-person shooter PC game, Doom.

      "General" Pacman is taken from the classic arcade game of the same name as is the maze they run through and the way Fry's eyes are left when he is eaten. The Widow Pacman is from the sequel Ms. Pacman. They come out of the maze through a sewer-pipe which is another reference to Super Mario Bros.

      When they are talking to Pacman in the military base, Centipede can be seen playing on screens in the background.

      The alien fleet consists of Space Invaders.

      At the end, the monsters who come out of the ship include a robot from Berzerk!, one of the Brains from Robotron 2084, an Egg from Burger Time and Q-Bert from erm... Q-Bert (Surely he's a good guy). When the Nintendians are exiting the Space Invader ship, one says "All your base are belong to us!". This is from the game Zero Wing, famed for its hilariously bad translation.