Season 2 Episode 20

Anthology of Interest I

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Anthology of Interest I

Professor Farnsworth shows the crew his new invention, the Finglonger. It's a piece of equipment that can be used to operate machines from great distances. As an example, Farnsworth turns on his What-If machine with the Finglonger. The crew decides to ask the What-If machine questions, which it answers as a video simulation.

Bender's Story: Bender asks what would happen if he were 500 feet tall. A 500-foot tall Bender heads towards earth and crash-lands, where he befriends a lonely Fry. Fry and Bender start hanging out and having fun, but the military think Bender is a threat and attack him. At Planet Express, Farnsworth tricks Zoidberg into one of his machines and causes the doctor to be 500 feet tall as well, so he can take on Bender. The two fight and Bender eventually "dies", but before he does he says he came to Earth to live out his dream - "to kill all humans". :)

Leela's Story: Leela asks what would happen if she were a little more impulsive. Leela arrives at Planet Express with new boots - just like her old ones but with a crazy green stripe down them! Farnsworth tells Leela that because she's so dull and not impulsive, he's making her his sole heir to his fortune. Leela pushes him into his pit of man eating anteaters and kills him to get the money. Hermes finds out what happened through a video will, and Leela kills him too. Bender, Amy, Cubert, Scruffy and Nibbler are later killed one by one as Zoidberg tries to solve the case. When Fry is the only one left, and figures out what happened, Leela has to do something really impulsive to stop Fry blabbing... having sex with him.

Fry's Story: Fry asks what would happen if he'd never been frozen. On December 31st 1999, Fry goes to the cryogenics lab but doesn't get frozen. A rift in the space time continuum appears and Fry sees Farnsworth, Bender, Leela and Zoidberg in the rift. Terrified, Fry runs away. Next morning Steven Hawking arrives in Panucci's Pizza and Fry tells him what he saw. That evening, Fry is kidnapped by Al Gore and his team of Vice Presidential Action Rangers - Stephen Hawking, Nichelle Nicholls, and Gary Gynax - whose job is to protect the space/time continuum. They figure out that Fry was supposed to be frozen to save the universe, but Fry smashes the cryotube. He can't get frozen - so the whole universe is destroyed. Fry and the VPAR play "Dungeons and Dragons" for eternity.

The whole episode turns out to be a what-if of it's own - what if the Professor had invented the Finglonger?

The End
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