Season 2 Episode 20

Anthology of Interest I

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Introduction of the What If machine

    This episode is similar to the "Treehouse" series of the simpsons where there are three segments that wouldn't usually be done on the show. I loved Fry wanting to see what would happen if Bender was a giant:
    Leela: You idiot! We already saw that.
    Fry: I know. I liked it. I wanna see it again.
    All the segments were fantastic especially Bender being tall and Leela being impulsive ("New boots"). Fry's segment was confusing but still hilarious and doesn't lower the perfect score at all. Giant Zoidberg Vs Giant Bender was funny but my favourite scene would have to be the accusing parlour and at the end of Leela's segment, I'm sure Fry wished she was a little more impulsive.