Season 2 Episode 20

Anthology of Interest I

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Another superb episode.

    PLOT: The Planet Express crew discover Farnsworth's "What-If" Machine where you ask the machine a question, and it shows you a video simulation of what would happen. Bender asks it what would happen if he were 500 feet tall, Leela asks it what would happen if she were a little more impulsive, and Fry asks it what would have happened if he never came to the future.

    This was yet another superb episode. It had a lot of superb funny moments, like 500 foot tall Bender saying, "I'm a big robot, and I want a big cereal." during Bender's "What-If" simulation, Zoidberg saying that his next clue came at 4:15 when the clock stopped, and then another came two hours later at 4:15 when he discovered Amy's dead body during Leela's "What-If" simulation, and Stephen Hawking's comments about how he didn't like the pizza at "Panucci's Pizza" during Fry's "What-If" simulation.
    So, most of the comedy in this episode is in the dialogue, IMO. The plot was good and the "What-If" Machine's simulation plots were great, as well. I liked how, at the end, this entire episode was just a "What-If" simulation of what would happen if Farnsworth had invented a "Finglonger" that Farnsworth was watching on the "What-If" Machine. Overall, another superb episode.