Season 6 Episode 3

Attack of the Killer App!

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Mom realeases a new iphone that gets everybody hooked on the futeristic apps available on it.

    Ye I always hate the Mom episodes, so hopefully this is her appearance in this new series out of the way and done now.

    I liked the idea behind this (as I nearly always do with "Futurama") and there are some fun moments, but some of the jokes are just shameful, and it's not even Moms fault!

    There are gross-out jokes aplenty, but the worst gag has got to be the Susan Boyle reference. Surely she won't still be famous next year, let alone in the year 3000. I liked the ending alot though, but there's alot of garbage to get through first to get there.
  • Is there an app for biting my shiny metal ass? A lot of them!

    After somewhat dissapointing Inagaddadaleela, this episode was a breath of fresh air. The Planet Express crew takes all the e-waste to a foregien planet and after that, Leela gives a talk about keeping their elctronics but when an eyePhone commercial airs they all throw away their phones to get one. The funny thing about the eyePhone is that its inserted on your eye literally, and the speakers in your ear. Then Bender and Fry make a bet to see who gets more followers on Twitcher (LOL). Fry made serius videos like taking about taxes and Bender did cool videos like taping Leela crashing the spaceship of having Amy in a bikini talking about taxes. Also, Mom, the creator of all this eyePhones and such was planning on using Fry and Bender's ocntest to release the twitworm, a thing that posseses the brains of their followers. Things got a little worse after we discover Leela's boil in the ass. Not fun. In the end Bender and Fry tie, and Mom uses the amount of followers (between 1 and 2 million followers, LOL) to bu the new eyePhone 2.0 A weird way to make them buy it, but it was more amusing than the Zapp&Leela one.
  • Easily the worst episode in the entire series

    Aggghhhh, why!? An entire episode revolving around Twitter and other current (2010) trends? Susan Boyle the boil? Seriously? Isn't this supposed to be in the FUTURE? I cringed when they mentioned CSI Miami in last week's show but at least then it was only a 3 second joke. This week they made the entire episode about this crap.

    It was funny in the original 5 seasons when they would occasionally reference things from the 20th/21st century as if they were ancient history, but that's not at all what they're doing here. Topical humor has rarely or never been used on this show before and now they make a whole episode about it? Not only that, they picked the stupidest and most unfunny things from this year to use. Twitter, viral videos, iPhones etc...this stuff does NOT belong on Futurama. The plot, the jokes and the humor all felt like they belonged on a recent episode of The Simpsons and that is definitely not a compliment. Not only was this episode unfunny, it was truly painful to watch...can't believe this is the same show that episodes like Jurassic Bark, Luck of the Fryrish, Devil's Hands etc came from. I fear that Futurama really jumped the shark with this one.
  • Better than I thought It would be

    Fry and Bender have a bet to see who can be the first to reach one million followers on Twitcher. Bender has more than Fry because he has embarrassing videos of people. To make up for this, Fry risks his friendship with Leela and posts an embarrassing video of her. Now she is a laughingstock. Will Fry be able to fix everything?

    It was pretty good, I did not have high expectations but it was still good. Not perfect by any means but it was a nice adventure and I enjoyed most of it. My grade for this- a B+
  • Topical humor? And stabs at Apple and Twitter are overplayed. I expect more... "smarts" from them.

    As user tentwentyone said, it's very unlike Futurama to do topical material. After it was over I even thought to myself, 'Are they South Park now?' It works on South Park, but I don't think it's Futurama's style. When they reference a few things from the past it's okay, but this was overboard.

    Also I don't like how... unsubtle (word?) they've become. For instance, last week when Bender was putting the speaker jack in and out over and over, it's too obvious. Same thing with Amy's comment about the orgy. I also noticed it this week when Fry was sitting on the sidewalk, Leela comes up to him and says, "I was just coming to talk to you" and Fry states he was too, and Leela replies, "Um, you were sitting down, but whatever." If this were an older episode, they would've left the joke end with Fry's remark, because what Leela says is *why* it's funny. The jokes are too obvious now, as if they're dumbing the show down.

    The only time I laughed was the giant mosquito. THAT is Futurama.
  • The show is starting to get back to it's comfort zone

    In this episode, the new "eyephone" (and yes it's spelled that way) comes out courtesy of Mom inc. This episode shows that Futurama may be doing a different type of comedy than in it's golden years, but it's still hilarious. The stabs at Apple and Twitter (aka Twitcher) were well deserved, and funny. The plot of "mom" using Twitcher to control the users minds were great. I liked the bet between Bender and Fry to see who could get a million followers was funny, especially how it blended with Mother's plan. The only thing I really didn't like about this episode was the ending. While I enjoyed Mother's idea of mind control, I didn't like how she did it just for them to get the "Eyephone 1.2." And while I understand that it's stab against Apple, it just wasn't funny to me. Overall, much better than "In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela" and worth watching. 9/10 A-
  • Where can we buy an EyePhone?

    This episode is clearly one of the best Futurama episodes ever! It's good to see Mom again and her three dimwitted sons, trying to come up with ways to make more money. The episode was also a great parody to the whole fact that nowadays we love to buy things that are the latest hit when it comes to technology, as well, as surfing on the Internet, using Twitter, Youtube, and all kinds of social networks. The parody to Susan Boyle was also funny, and well, Fry and Bender's bet was clearly disgusting, but awesome at the same time. I give this one a 10!

    The previous reviews have said it all - this episode is easily the worst Futurama episode to date and the first time I cringed during most of the show. The jokes were dumb, the characters felt cheap and soulless, the story made no sense (why does Mom care about Bender and Fry's stupid contest when she could easily spread the "TwitWorm" over the EyePhones SHE SELLS HERSELF), and worst of all: The entire episode was a (awfully done) topical reference, like one of the terrible new Simpsons episodes or a bad copy of South Park.

    I can't believe this was written by the same Patric M. Verrone who is responsible for past masterpieces like The Sting. When we see the next show by first-time Futurama director Stephen Sandoval, we will know if maybe HE is to blame for this.

    With episode titles like "The Duh-Vinci Code" coming up, I now fear the worst.

    Please prove me wrong.
  • Uh oh!!!

    "Attack Of The Killer App!"

    Grade: C-

    I'm not sure if I'm liking the direction new Futurama is heading. I mean, I didn't mind the future version of I-Phone and Twitter, but something about this episode didn't click. It's not the pop-culture references that annoy me, because they can work if done correctly on the show. Like one reviewer said before me, the guy who wrote this also wrote my favourite episode of the series: The Sting! How could it go wrong you ask?

    Well... to be fair, there were quite a few good jokes in there, particularly the first half, which is why the episode still scores fairly high. I also liked the delivery scene to the third world planet part, but the main thing I hated about this episode was that Susan Boil character attached on Leela. Seriously, that's the best they could think of trying to make an embarrassing video of Leela? I've got a bad feeling it's going to show up again in another episode, whilst I'm not complaining too much about the Fry and Leela relationship (it's gone on and off all the time back in the original run, so I'm used to it), I also felt the ending made no sense. Why did Mom have to wait for someone to hit a certain amount of tweets before she could activate the virus? Is this episode a two parter? Who knows, but the flow was a bit off.

    I seriously hope Futurama improves soon, otherwise... well, believe it or not, I might stop watching it, just like Family Guy, and I'm a huge Futurama fan! So overall I didn't hate the whole episode as I felt the first half was strong, but past the Susan Boil "Leela" part (which looks like a hit or miss judging from other reviews), it went way downhill and felt like a new low for Futurama, maybe even more than In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela!
  • Shamefully bad.

    I am a guy who adores Futurama, and was very happy when it was resurrected. The first two episodes of season 6 had their flaws but were funny and fun to watch.

    Episode 3 is absolutely terrible. It is poorly-written, badly-paced and unfunny. For a show with a reputation for clever writing this episode stands out as being the stupidest, most garishly unsubtle pile of hack I've seen in a while- and a horribly deep low point for the show. It is the only episode I wish (to date) didn't exist. I will never watch it again and spend the rest of my life forcing myself to believe it never happened.
  • This episode was more like Futurama saying, "Hello 2010, we are back!" I definately had some good laughs watching this one. I haven't seen the last episode yet but I definately thought this one was funnier then Rebirth.

    The show hasn't been around for a few years (except the movies which were getting a little too weird, even for Futurama), so getting back into the groove will be a matter of time. After seeing other peoples comments, I was a little surprised. The humor in the show isn't typical Futurama, but it was far far from the worst episode ever. Clearly people have forgotten The Birdbot of Ice-catraz, or War is the H-Word, or even Rebirth, which I found mediocre at best, but was on par with what could be expected. When Family Guy came back for Season 4 its first few episodes were a bit on the weak side too.

    Let's face it, they had to poke at Apple sooner or later. Hollywood loves Apple.

    The Boil part itself was pretty lame, and even if Susan Boyle wasn't old news, is kind of weak. I would think a Susan Boyle boil would sing better too, it wouldn't be funnier, but it would make more sense. Points were lost on the boil. Thank God for the iPhone, pardon, "eyePhone" zombies!
  • Twitter this!

    I enjoyed this episode a lot, the plot may have been a bit weird but they made it work. Fry and Leela's relationship seems to have got a little twisted in this episode but it doesn't bother me much. The iPhones and Twitter stuff was very funny and I was surprised at how the show was able to bring in modern day technology that we're all used to, and then make it funny. This felt like a classic Futurama episode and got me excited about the fact that I then knew that Futurama's classic feel definitely hasn't left us. And might I say THANK GOD it was better than In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela.
  • Be grateful for now..

    Harsh words indeed. I am just happy the show is back on again, and so far I have not found a reason to be disappointed or not to laugh, a lot. I was a little surprised to see such a relevant topical reference though, that seemed somewhat out of character.And smack!- Could any of the reviewers here possibly be in possession of an iPhone or any other mostly white product? Thought so. All my Mac friends refused to discuss this episode with me, too. There were several episodes from the original run that never did it for me, either then or in rewatching. Without a contrast, how could you tell the really great ones? I doubt I would ever give up completely on the show, I have waited too long and this is a blessing. Lighten up, already.