Season 5 Episode 13

Bend Her

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Bender bends his gender!

    At the 3004 Earth Olypics, Bender wants to win a Bending challenge. But when he sees that the men's challenge is too hard for him, he sneaks into the women's challenge. Bender does an amzing job, and wins all the challeges with perfect scores! But when they have to do an oil check, Bender flips out. Then Professor gives Bender (Coilette) a sex change so he can get his or her medals. Then Bender/Coilette gets to be a guest star on a late night show where he meets Calculon. Calculon falls in love with Bender/Coilette, and ask him/her out on a date. Then Bender/Coilette start taking things more serous, the others start to worry. But Bender/Coilette says that he'll find a way out of the relationship, like most famous people do. But when Calculon tells him/her that he's in love with her/him. Bender/Coilette needs a way out of the weddng by a dramic 'soup opera death.' Eventhough it was done very cheesy, Calculon bought it, and made a movie based on Coilette. Everyone was watching it while Bender was turning back into a man. Towards the end of the end of hte show, Bender cries when he sees hte ending of the Coilette movie. Then quickly covers it up!
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