Season 2 Episode 17

Bender Gets Made (a.k.a. Bendfellas)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

One night, the crew goes to see this cook named Elzar (resembles Emeril Lagasse) perform live. Of course, Bender has to act like a jerk this time demanding Elzar to bam it up another notch and then when Bender tries to take a photo of it, Elzar winds up spraying Leela's eye with the spice weasel so bad that she's temporarily blind for a week.
Later, Elzar invites them to dinner at his diner to make up, but still charges them with a bill. Unable to pay, the crew is arrested but Bender agrees to work for Elzar and they are released.
The next day, while Bender is working at Elzar's diner, three robots step in, known as the Robot Mafia (Joey, Clamps, and DonBot). Bender, of course, tries to bond with them, first by giving them a table they want that's being used, then by trying to steal (which makes Clamps and Joey mad, but Donbot likes it, and even decides to let Bender hang out with them).
The next day they give him a test. Although the police do a surprise search on him, he manages to pass the package to Tinny Tim to deliver before the cops reach him. Bender then suggests that they meet out that night to do some organized crimes.
After doing some that night, Donbot decides to let Bender help them with a cigar heist. Because it'll be dangerous they give him a fake name, 'Blotto' and Bender records a message on the Planet Express ship pretending he's sick.
However, that night when the Robot Mafia and Bender go to steal the finest cigars in the Universe, Zuban cigars, Bender is shocked to discover they're heisting the Planet Express Ship. He nibbles his nails nervously and soon is ordered to shoot at it. He pretends to shoot at it, while nervously looking at the Donbot who's steering the ship. Eventually Clamps manages to drain the fuel line and they climb aboard the ship. Bender meanwhile has to disguise his voice while the other three blindfold his friends (except Leela who's already blindfolded).
Bender then is ordered to tie them up. He nearly gets caught doing so, accidentally lifting Leela's eye patch off, having Nibbler crawl on him, and then the Mafia finds out that they have a robot on-board, but Bender volunteers to take care of it, goes in the room and smashes his tape recording. Finally, he convinces the mafia that he'll burn down the ship himself and the rest of the gang leave with the Zubans.
Bender then ties himself next to his friends, and Leela rubs their binds against his body causing it to break free.
The next day, Leela gets her eye-patch taken off and thinks she recognizes Blotto (Bender is quivering) but instead suspects Professor Farnsworth. Tinny Tim then arrives to deliver Bender's pay from the heist and Bender tells him to tell the mafia he's quitting, deciding to stick with regular crime.
While Fry tells his side of the story about what happened the night of the heist, Bender happily eats his money!