Season 2 Episode 17

Bender Gets Made (a.k.a. Bendfellas)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2000 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Alien code: The Ambulance that rushes down the street has Alien Code #1 on the front of it. It's written backwards for rear-view mirrors and it reads "Meat Truck".

    • Bender's mafia name, 'Blotto', is a joke on the double meaning of his real name. Blotto is a slang term for being drunk, and Bender, in addition to being what he does, is also a term meaning a drunken binge.

    • Opening theme promotion: SIMULCAST ON CRAZY PEOPLE'S FILLINGS

    • Fry ties strings to the steering wheel since Leela can't drive, but in the next shot, they are gone.

      Response: The strings aren't gone until Leela returns to the wheel, and presumably she had removed them herself.

    • When Bender's speaking with Tinny Tim at the Oil-Aide stand, you can see "The Masked Unit" standing in the background.

    • When Bender gets that $50 from the Don-Bot he puts it in his apron. Right before he quits Bender crumples up his apron and throws it on the floor without grabbing the money first.

    • We see the return of Tinny-Tim, but his crutch is on the other side of his body.

    • It is revealed Leela did a horrific job with her lipstick, and that it is all over her cheek. Yet when she comes in the room with Nibbler a few seconds earlier, her cheek is clear and the only place where there is lipstick is on her lips!

  • Quotes

    • Bender: So they sent a helpless child to kill me? Well I'm not going out without a fight. (kicks Tim's crutch out from under him)
      Tinny Tim: Fine kick, sir! But I'm actually here to deliver your cut from the cigar heist.
      Bender: Oh, sweet legal tender! Kid, tell the Donbot I'm quitting organized crime. From now on I'll stick to the regular kind.

    • Leela (seeing a blurry image that looks like Bender): I think it's Blotto, that gangster I saw when my patch fell off! (her vision clears to reveal the Professor) Professor?! Where were you at 10pm last night?
      Farnsworth: Where am I now?

    • Fry: I'm telling you, Leela was cool, she was in command, and when she kicked people it hurt. It really hurt.

    • Leela: I've got an idea. Hold still. (She rubs her ropes against Bender's arm) It's about to break. Yes! Yes!
      Bender's arm drops off
      Leela: Alright!
      Bender: Yeah that broke, alright!

    • Bender: Uh, help! Help!
      Leela: Bender!
      Fry: You're OK!
      Bender: Yes, I am. Having just this minute regained consciousness.

    • Fry: Leela, we may not have much time left so let's spend all of it reminiscing about Bender. He was like a big computer that ran on magic.

    • Donbot: Keep it up and I might just get you your own pair of clamps, huh?
      Clamps: He's gonna get clamps? Clamps, clamps...

    • Bender: Uh, hey, Donny, baby, gimme a chance here, huh? Yous guys skedaddle. Let me take care of the doity woik.
      Donbot: Hey, I like your attitude. And your latest accent.

    • Donbot: Alright, now let's Mafia things up a little. Joey, burn down the ship. Clamps, burn down the crew.

    • Joey: Hey, boss, this here crew list lists a robot on this crew here.
      Donbot: Alright. I want you to find him and plug him. Then unplug him.

    • Donbot: Joey, Clamps, hurry and blindfold them before they see us some more.
      Joey: Hey, boss, looks like somebody beat us to it.
      Leela: I'll assume that's a joke at my expense.

    • Bender(british accent): Sorry I'm tardy, old bean. I was just enjoying a rather tasty watercress sandwich.
      Donbot: Hey. He's more classy than I realised.

    • Donbot: Hello, we're the Robot Mafia. The entire Robot Mafia. We're here to steal your cigars.
      Leela: You'll never get away with this.
      Fry: Unless you let us live. Then you'll get off scot free.

    • Joey: They're coming straight toward our proximity. Maybe you should give 'em the clamps, Clamps.
      Clamps: Gee, you think? You think that maybe I should use these clamps that I use every day at every opportunity? You're a freaking genius, you idiot!

    • Leela: I'm back at the wheel, Fry. Everything's under control.
      Fry: Great, great. The one time I forgot to buy flight insurance!

    • Leela: Wait! Why do the raised letters that normally say "Turn Master Steering Wheel Company" say "Nibbler"?

    • Donbot: Their desire to keep living shows me no respect.

    • Fry: Wow! It's too bad you can't see, Leela, 'cause there's a cool ship out there shooting at somebody.

    • Donbot: Alright, here's the battle plan: We shoot, they surrender, we go aboard, somebody does some clamping, then we heist the cigars and go home.
      Bender: And all without killing anyone. This gang's got some fresh, new ideas. I admire that.
      Joey: Oh, we'll kill 'em alright.
      Clamps: We got 'em heavily out-clamped. They won't know what clamped 'em!

    • Joey: Yo! There's our pigeon now. Let's shoot bullets out of our guns.

    • Donbot: We're heisting a shipment of Zuban cigars.
      Bender: Zubans? Those are the finest cigars in the universe. I can stink up a hole maternity ward with one of those things.

    • Bender: You know the secret of traditional robot cooking? Start with a good, high-quality oil... then eat it.

    • Bender: I don't feel good. I'm genuinely sick.
      Fry: But we're about to take off. We gotta eat our blast-off sundaes.
      Bender: I can't move. Oh, I think I'm gonna output.
      Fry: OK, you stay in bed. I'll eat yours.

    • Donbot: Now, since we're committing crimes that may be against the law, I suggest you have an alibi.

    • Joey: Now, this score ain't gonna be no cake walk in the tea park, alright? There may be some death killing.
      Clamps: It's gonna be clamp this, clamp that. Bada-climp, bada-clamp!
      Donbot: What d'you think, Blotto? You in?
      Bender: It's funny: Until now I always wanted to be a gangster... so the answer's yes.

    • Bender: How 'bout "Blotto"? It's gritty, it's got street cred. Plus I can keep my monogrammed slippers.

    • Joey: Ho! Ho! This guy's an ox! He's got oxon-like strength! Hey, he needs a nickname, right? Let's call him Clamps.
      Clamps: Clamps? That's my name, you numbskull! Don't make me clamp you one!

    • Donbot: Nice job, Bender. You passed the test. You wanna join me, Clamps and Joey Mouse Pad at our, uh, social club tomorrow night?
      Bender: Uh, I'd rather plan some felonies.
      Donbot: Oh. Then we should meet at our Mafia crime headquarters.

    • URL: He's clean. Smells nice too.
      Smitty: Better than me?
      URL: Aw, yeah.

    • Smitty: Seen any suspicious activity?
      URL: Nope. But check out today's Marmaduke. Solid!

    • Bender: That's some fine oil-ade, son. We could use a man like you in the Robot Mafia, which I'm sorta in.
      Tinny Tim: You flatter me, kind goon. But I'm only programmed to sell oil-ade and write in cute backwards letters like on the sign here.

    • Donbot: Just take this disk over to the pool hall and give it to Sammy "The Mechanical Bull" Gravano. And watch out for the cops.
      Bender: That's just what my mom used to tell me.

    • Donbot: We're gonna try you out with a little delivery job. It's for a, uh, private lottery that we run.
      Bender: Wow, you guys run numbers?
      Clamps: Well, nothing fancy, y'know. Ones and zeros mostly.

    • Bender: Wow! Thanks.
      Donbot: Hey, you earned that 50 bucks.
      Bender: You gave me a twenty.

    • Donbot: Say, you wanna work for me as a hired goon?
      Bender: Are you kidding? I've always wanted to break into gooning!

    • Donbot: Hey! You think this computes over here? Where's all my change? I gave you a hundred.
      Bender: No, you gave me a fifty.
      Donbot: Oh, no I didn't.
      Bender: Yeah, you did.
      Clamps: Hey, you tryin' to steal from the Donbot?
      Bender: I'm tryin' but he's not makin' it easy.

    • Clamps: So I finally get this guy a pair of cement shoes which he likes 'cause they're lighter than his lead ones.

    • Bender: Mind your own business and get out!
      Donbot: Huh. I like this guy's lack of style.

    • Donbot: You call this a table? You call this a table? I wouldn't hit a guy over the head with this table.

    • Bender: Hey, who are they?
      Elzar: Let's just say they're very good customers and I'm not answering anymore questions.
      Bender: Are they the Robot Mafia?
      Elzar: Yes.

    • Bender: Well, I'm off to work at the restaurant. One of you will have to fill in for me while I'm gone.
      Farnsworth: Better yet, I'll build someone to fill in for you. Some kind of gamma-powered mechanical monster, with freeway on-ramps for arms and a heart as black as coal...
      Bender: Well, if that new guy can't handle things, gimme a call.

    • Farnsworth: You look beautiful. Incidentally, my favourite artist is Picasso.

    • Bender: So, how 'bout I work part-time at the restaurant to pay off our debt?
      Elzar: I don't know. I usually hire people who are a little less unbearable.
      Hermes: Oh, Bender's a model employee.
      Amy: He's so polite.
      Leela: And hard-working.
      Fry: He's made of candy.

    • Bender: Hey, wait a second. I've got the perfect solution.
      Zoidberg: Listen to the smart robot.
      Bender: I love cooking and Elzar's ass loves getting kissed, right?
      Elzar: No question.

    • Smitty: The old dine-and-dash, huh? My daddy owned a restaurant and it's punks like you who kept it from going regional. That's why I became a cop.
      URL: Now it's payback time. Aw, yeah!
      Zoidberg: Please don't hit me. I'm brittle!

    • Smitty: He's making a break for it. Get him!
      Fry: No! No! I was just picking my nose.
      Smitty: He's picking his nose. Get him!

    • Amy: A bill?
      Leela: You're charging us? After you blinded me?
      Elzar: Hey, I made you a nice meal. This ain't a charity.
      Fry: $1200?
      Farnsworth: Holy Zombie Jesus!
      Hermes: We don't have that kind of money. Especially not Zoidberg.
      Zoidberg: They took away my credit card.

    • Farnsworth: Oh, my. That steamed carrot was a bit spicy for me.

    • Zoidberg: The king crab is to die for. Look! A tiny edible crown.
      Amy: What's it made of?
      Zoidberg: Wood!

    • Hermes: It's the biggest Jamaican platter I've ever seen. Jerk chicken, jerk beef, jerk pork. Is there any meat this man can't jerk?

    • Bender: It's Elzar again! Oh, my God, I'm so excited, I wish I could wet my pants!

    • Leela: I just have to wear this stupid eye patch. Does it look stupid?
      Fry: No! In fact, it looks so nice I think I might get one too.

    • Doctor: Not as right that time. It looks like you might have some mild corneal irritation.
      Zoidberg: Nice try, little boy. You may have your textbook knowledge and your real diploma but I have more skill in my little claw than you have in your whole carapace!

    • Zoidberg: I don't like the looks of this doctor. I bet I've lost more patients than he's even treated.

    • Leela: Bender, please try to be a little quieter.
      Bender: No, you shut up.

    • Announcer: And now, here he is: Chef, restaurateur, author of Cooking Slugs For Dinner and Cooking Dinner For Slugs... Elzar!

    • Bender: Wow! I'm finally gonna see my favourite chef, TV's Elzar. Oh this is the greatest nanosecond of my life. No, this one is- No, this one. Wait... that one was slightly worse. Ah, so far, so good on this one.

    • Fry: Maybe someday I'll tell you what really happened.
      Bender: And maybe someday I won't listen.

    • Robot: Please Donbot, look in your mercy file!

      Donbot: File not found.

    • Bender: What's the matter, officers? Was I speeding?

      Human Cop: We'll find out as we perform this illegal search.

  • Notes

    • As was the case with the previous episode, the Professor's line "Holy Zombie Jesus!" was censored when aired on Adult Swim but restored for Comedy Central.

    • First appearance of Don-Bot, Clamps and Joey Mousepad.

  • Allusions

    • Hermes: Where in Legoland is Leela?

      Legoland is a theme park based on the popular children's toy, Lego. There are currently four theme parks in England, Denmark, Germany and the USA.

    • Star Trek

      The console above the bed Leela is on when she is being examined looks like the vital signs monitor used in Star Trek: The Original Series. In Star Trek, they are also placed above the beds.


      This could be a possible reference to a claim made by Lucille Ball on The Dick Cavett Show that she had picked up radio signals on her tooth fillings.

    • The ambulance takes Leela to Taco Bellevue Hospital, which uses the Taco Bell logo on its sign. Leela is carried into the ER past a patient who is talking to an alien doctor that looks like the Taco Bell Chihuahua with an antenna growing out of the top of its head.

    • Emeril Live

      Elzar's cooking show (and in fact his character) are references to Emeril Lagasse and Emeril Live, a cooking show on the Food Network.

    • Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

      Bender's scheme of having a tape player play a loop of a sick message when someone comes to his door was done in the John Hughes film.

    • Visual: Policemen's Batons

      The Policemen's batons look like lightsabers from Star Wars.

    • The Godfather

      The episode has several references to the 1972 film The Godfather.

    • Title: Bender Gets Made (a.k.a. Bendfellas)

      The Bendfellas title is a quick reference to the 1990 movie Goodfellas.

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