Season 5 Episode 15

Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Bender opens his safe marked 'Bender's Loot' some how from the inside where the door has no handle/combination on the inside.

    • All of the parents protesting Bender are fathers (or F.A.R.T.ers). Mothers, apparently, have no such issues with Bender.

    • The other kids at Cubert and Dwight's "cool party" are the same orphans that Bender adopted in The Cyber House Rules. There is also a Horrible Gelatinous Blob kid present, though it's presumably not Bret Blob (the blob who bullied Dwight and Cubert in Route of All Evil), unless they've patched up their differences since then.

    • Opening theme promotion: CONTROLLING YOU THROUGH A CHIP IN YOUR BUTT SINCE 1999

    • The human character on All My Circuits is named "Human Friend".

    • The CEO was an Apple; he was running what appeared to be Quicktime and the sound editing program that comes with new Apples.

    • Cigar names: Bender's Favorite, Benderillos, Bender Smokes.

    • Bender has a plug near his crotch plate when he was plugging in the TV. In the previous episode, he couldn't find a plug.


    • In the audition room there is a poster of Zoidberg's uncle Harold Zoid on display.

    • When Hermes takes the 'Jamaciaan hand-rolled cigarette' away from the boys, it is still lit. Hermes stuffs it in his jacket pocket. You can briefly see smoke coming out of his suit, before it switches to the next scene.

    • eMotitron Junior has a mother who looks after him. This doesn't make sense, as robots aren't born. His mother is surely a big arm, not a humanoid robot.

    • I'm aware it's a mick-take, but wouldn't Macaulay Caul-con's hands being fixed to his face be really, really impractical for a robot?

    • When Antonio broke on set, why didn't they just make an identical robot instead of casting a different one?

    • Why does Calculon say "Great Shatner's ghost!" when Bill Shatner is still alive... At least we've seen him in Where no fan has gone before". Wouldn't that deprive him of the rightful ownership of such thing as a ghost.
      Response: But we do know that everyone thinks the actors are looooong gone, so he probably believes Billy-Boy is dead.

    • Fry lives in Bender's closet, and he's seen sitting on the couch with the window behind him. Cubert, Dwight, and Tinny Tim then walk by carrying Bender's stuff heading in the direction of the window. Where are they going?

    • When Dwight smokes the cigar, his barf is a blue-green. When the fat kid (at the party) puffs at the cigar, his barf is brown.

      Response: They must have eaten different things before they expelled their stomach contents.

    • Bender's lack of knowledge of Spanish in this episode is a goof considering Bender was built in Mexico, and has spoken Spanish (sometimes even with the correct accent!) in previous episodes.

    • Calculon doesn't recognize who Bender is - apparently, he has forgotten entirely about making "The Magnificent Three" with Bender, Zoidberg and Harold Zoid in 3ACV08, That's Lobstertainment!.

  • Quotes

    • Bender: Hey, this is my stuff they stole. That's it! Bender should not be allowed on television! C'mon, were going all the way to Hollywood to protest!
      (they board the Planet Express ship and fly to L.A.)
      F.A.R.T. and Bender: Down with Bender! Down with Bender! Down with Bender! Down with Bender!
      Bender: (to guard) This mob's with me.
      Guard: Go right ahead.
      (He lifts parking bar)
      Bender and F.A.R.T: Down with Bender! Down with-
      (Read sign that says "be quiet while light is on)(light turns off)
      Bender and F.A.R.T: ...Bender!

    • Bender: Listen up, 'cause I've got a climactic speech! You, cameraman, keep the camera rolling. You, director, gimmie my motivation.
      Director: You're angry.
      Bender: Perfect. Viewers of the world, do smoking and drinking on TV really make me cool? Of course they do. How 'bout committing crimes and violence? Again, the answer is "yes." But do we really want our kids exposed to that kind of trash on TV? I say absolutely not! Uh...on the other hand, most - perhaps all the blame rests with the parents. That's right, you!

    • Farnsworth: There'll be no further nasty. We still have the option of resorting to violence.
      Hermes: What makes you think that'll work?
      Farnsworth: I saw it on TV in that episode where Bender shot Calculon! How cool is that?

    • Farnsworth: I'll tell you what. Our boys have taken up stealing! One of the worst and coolest of crimes.
      Hermes: And all from watching you on TV you cool jerk.
      Bender: Hey lay off me. TV would stink if everyone on it was a positive role model. Bender is about entertainment baby! You can't hold me responsible for what kids do when - hey! This is my stuff they stole! That's the last straw! Bender should not be allowed on television!

    • Hermes: There's enough cool stuff here to furnish a happenin' pad. Where did it all come from?
      Tinny Tim: Don't tell, comrades.
      Dwight: We stole it!
      Tinny Tim: Oh, crumb!

    • Cubert: Relax Dad, we just invited a few friends over.
      Farnsworth: Hmm. There's something wrong with your story but I can't put my finger on it... Of course! You don't have friends!

    • Leela: As unclean as it makes me feel, I agree with Bender. Kids don't turn rotten just from watching TV.
      Fry: Yeah. Give a little credit to our public schools.

    • Farnsworth: Where did you learn such language?
      Tinny Tim: From Bender, my good jerkwad.
      Hermes: Bender, eh? That guy's really startin' to twist my dreads.

    • Cubert: Hey Dad, bite my shiny metal ass!
      Farnsworth: What? Such an act would be most uncomfortable for both of us!

    • Calculon: Sir, children watch this show. Bender's no role model; he's a filth monger!
      Network President: At our network, we love filth! Filthy rich, that is! Being filthy rich, that is! "Bite my shiny metal ass" could be a catchphrase.
      Alphabot: 80% likely.

    • Director: Cut! That's the worst coma acting I've ever seen. I'll have to shoot it again.
      Calculon: No! No, no, no I don't do two takes.
      Director: But this guy was -
      Calculon: Amateurs like you do two takes; I do one take. Print it; I'll be in my three storey trailer.

    • Calculon: Alas that mine only son should sink into an irreversible, permanent...coma.
      Bender: Permanent? That's completely out of character for Antonio. I'm gettin' up.
      Calculon: Curse the tragic wildebeast accident that -
      Bender: Hey everyone! Antonio here but you can call me "Bender"! I got ants in my butt and I needs to strut.

    • Bender: Yo! I read the script and I think it would help my character's motivation if he was on fire.
      Director: Uh, don't worry 'bout the script baby, we re-wrote your part to better suit your acting abilities.
      Bender: So now my character has a British accent?
      Director: No, now your character's in a coma. Get in bed and don't move. And...action!
      Bender: Stupid dumb coma...coulda been British.

    • Calculon: That was so terrible I think you gave me cancer!

    • Casting Director: Have you ever been on TV before?
      Bender: Once, when I took those hostages.
      Calculon: I saw that! You were good.

    • Casting Director: In this scene, you've just found out your real father is Calculon's fourth evil identical septuplet, Sleazy Martinez.

    • Fry: Psst. There's that robot child actor who grew up and robbed a convenience store!
      Leela: And there's that robot child actor who grew up and became a convenience store!

    • Bender: An open casting call for child robots? Tinny Tim? Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
      Tinny Tim: What's that sir?
      Bender: That I, Bender, am perfect for the role!
      Tinny Tim: You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly sir!

    • Morbo: Welcome to Entertainment And Earth Invasion Tonite. Across the galaxy my people are completing the mighty space fleet that will exterminate the human race! But first, this news from Tinseltown.

    • Dwight: This party pukes.
      Cubert: Yeah! The guests were supposed to be here three hours ago.
      Farnsworth: Well that doesn't mean that no one is coming and that you two are total losers. Who gave you that idea?

    • Antonio: Father, I've discovered the shocking secret mother has kept from you for 200 years.
      Monique: No! No!
      Antonio: Brace yourself. For when I speak these words you may well suffer an attack of explosive amnesia.

    • Dwight: Hey, next week'll be my birthday too.
      Hermes: That's true. If only there were a way to have one party for both of you here at the office then write it off as a business expense. Wait! I thought of a way! The way I just said!

    • Narrator: Previously on All My Circuits...
      Antonio: I'm sorry father but, somewhere along the way, I forgot how to be your son.
      Calculon: Why Antonio?
      Antonio: Because...I have amnesia!
      Monique: Calculon?! But I thought you were -
      Calculon: Egyptian?!
      Monique: Before I kill you, I must ask you one question. Who am I? For I have...amnesia!
      Calculon: Let me get this straight. Does anyone here not have amnesia?
      Monique: Not sure.
      Human Friend: I 'unno.

      Cubert: This show is awesome! When I grow up I'm gonna have so much amnesia!
      Dwight: Me too. I mean, I have it now, but I forgot.
      Cubert: Well mine's louder!

    • (After they watch Hypno Toad for a few seconds)
      Fry: This show has been going downhill since Season 3!

    • Cubert: Cool! I'm gonna have a fabulatious birthday party just like Calculon!
      Dwight: Oh, yeah? Well I'm gonna show up looking good, just like Monique.
      Leela: Do you two have to imitate everything you see on TV?
      Cubert: Um, we're 12. So, yes.

    • (Bender, Calculon and the producer are watching inside the taping room)
      Bender: Now that's hospital! What do you think, Cal-cy?
      Calculon: Good?! I've seen better acting from extras in Godzilla movie?!

    • John DiMaggio: You're watching Futurama! The show that doesn't not advocate the cool crime of Robbery.

    • Calculon: I'm not familiar with this type of thing I'm seeing.
      Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass!

    • Farnsworth: That's not what F.A.R.T. is about.
      Hermes: No, sir. Not us farters.

    • Cubert: Dad, do I have a birthday?
      Farnsworth: Hmmm...you didn't have a birth, so technically, no. Aw, don't feel bad. We can celebrate the day I extracted you from the cloning tank. Or the day I scraped your DNA from that growth on my back.
      Cubert: Ooh! That one!

    • Bender: It's the parents fault! Have you ever tried simply turning off the TV, sitting down with your children, and hitting them?

    • Bender: Bender must be stopped! I've gone too far! Who does that guy think I am?

    • Fry: What kind of bozos would start a Bender protest group?
      Farnsworth: Good news everyone, Hermes and I have started a Bender protest group.

  • Notes

    • According to the in-show credits, Lewis Morton had left the show by this time, so he must have signed back on for a brief time to pen this episode. Like a guest writer.

    • The song playing at the party was Young MC's "Bust A Move."

    • The end credits feature each member of the Futurama cast singing a part of the song "TV Party Tonight", as the credits roll over an episode of "Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad".

    • This episode has slightly different intro where Bender and Zoidberg "raps" to the intro, also the professor is heard.

  • Allusions

    • Apple Inc.
      The President of the network is more than likely an Apple computer.
      It is running QuickTime, and near the end, when his gun is plugged in he plays the Apple start up theme. This theme was also featured in Fear of A Bot Planet.

    • Bender: Whoa,whoa. You can't censor me just because I appear as a bad role model.
      Leela: As much as it hurts to say, I have to agree with Bender. Kids don't turn rotten just from watching television.

      Super coincidence or not this could be a reference to first season of The Simpsons. Reason why is because many parent watchdog groups complained about Bart Simpson being a bad role model for kids leading up to many censorships of Bart's behavior.

    • The Three Musketeers

      Tinny Tim quotes "All for one, and one for all" which is from the novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.

    • Happy Days
      Cool-ometer: Oh yeah!
      (Thumb up)
      Farnsworth: I'm getting a reading of over 40 megafonzies!

      This is a reference to the show from the 70's and early 80's, Happy Days, where the main character, Fonzie (Alfred Fonzarelli) played by Henry Winkler, was supposedly the coolest guy of the gang.

    • F.A.R.T.: Fathers Against Rude Television, alludes to many parent oriented groups such as P.T.A. and M.A.D.D.

      F.A.R.T. was probably inspired by the PMRC, an organization that became famous in the mid-80s for protesting sex, drugs, violence and Satan worship in the lyrics of heavy metal and rap songs. It became even more famous when Dee Snider of Twisted Sister testified at the hearings in favor of musical expression. No word on what Futurama staff writer Kristin Gore thought of this episode, since her mother, Tipper, was one of its founders. The initials stand for Parents Music Resource Center.

    • Entertainment Tonight The news show Fry and the gang were watching was called Entertainment and Earth Invasion Tonight, a take on the popular star news show Entertainment Tonight.

    • Gamma: It will play in Peoria

      This is a refernence to the famous question, "Will it play in Peoria?", a question that states that if something entertaining could amuse Peoria, it could amuse the entire American culture, as well as the fact that many things are tested in Peoria.

    • Execubot Alpha: Hey Hey Hey!
      A quick and funny reference to the television show What's Happening!!. (response: actually its a reference to the 70's show Fat Albert)

      Response #2: Actually, the DVD commentary for this episode discusses that Alpha's "Hey hey hey" is modeled after the catch phrase from "What's Happening!",but the cast and crew in that particular commentary also discuss the oddity of two shows (What's Happening" and "Fat Albert") both having variations of "hey hey hey" as a catch phrase.

    • Home Alone
      The child star that goes in to audition for the part is a cheap parody of Macauley Culkin who rose to stardom in the movie Home Alone with a scene where he screams after putting on after-shave.

    • Calculon: Amateurs like you do two takes...
      A funny reference to William Shatner's habit for only wanting to do it once, no matter what he did.

    • Bender: Stupid dumb coma. Could have been British.

      A funny stab at the tear-jerking film The English Patient.

    • Fry: Ah, that show's been going downhill since season 3.

      Fry's line of Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad (or something like that) is obviously making reference to Futurama itself & the FOX exectutives who've been screwing with Futurama since season 3. The title of the show is a cheap stab at the CBS comedy Everybody Loves Raymond.

    • Mother: No more hanging wires!!!

      This is a parody of Faye Dunaway's famous line "No more wire hangers!!!" from the 1981 film Mommie Dearest where she played famed actress Joan Crawford. The film was based on Christina Crawford's biographical book of the same name which painted a very unflattering picture of her adopted mother Joan. Both the book and the film portrayed Joan Crawford as a controlling mother obsessed with having the perfect Hollywood family and whose pet peeve was, apparently, the use of wire hangers.

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