Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2011 on Comedy Central
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Copies of Bender may take over Earth after the robot learns how to clone himself.

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  • Its all about bender.

    This episode is all about bender. The previous episode wasn't as good as this, one thing that it lacked was it didn't have millions of benders. I did like the fact that Bender only qualifies tasks by the number of tasks he has to do and not their individual difficulties. The episode wrapped things up with Bender realizing that he'd much rather save the planet than fold TWO sweaters. Theres also a giant ugly monster which is really really ugly. This is an amazing episode of futurama.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . .moreless
  • perfect

    Bender learns how to clone himself, and it causes trouble, especially when his clones learn how to clone themselves. Good episode. I laughed a lot: "Walk toward the light, Bender." "oh, do I have to walk?" the ugly jokes Bender and his duplicates make to that monster (is he really a monster though?), and later the monster coming to Earth for revenge, the monster freaking out when Fry mentioned his mom, amongst other things. This was a really good episode, both in terms of comedy and plot, and as such, my final grade is an A+. hopefully more episodes from this season are as goodmoreless
  • Season 8 is looking bright for "Futurama" so far

    I know that Comedy Central only aired 2 episodes of "Futurama" to turn it into a 1-hour season 8 premiere but Season 8 is definitely looking bright. As I mentioned at the end of the episode "Neutopia", I hope Season 8 gets better and better because "Futurama" episodes always stay strong... at least most of the episodes stay strong and bright. Bender is my favorite character in "Futurama" and when I saw that he replicates himself into a million Benders, I said to myself "This is definitely the episode for me". Patton Oswalt did a very good job as the voice of the ugly giant monster. The three Benders making the ugly monster's ugly appearance was absolutely hilarious. The rest of the crew making fun of the ugly monster's ugly appearance when the ugly monster was apologizing to them was very funny. Bender replicating himself into a million Benders were absolutely hilarious. Professor in a tub of alcohol was also funny. I also loved the million Benders morphed into a giant Bender to defeat the ugly monster and it was hilarious giant Bender was giving the ugly monster a wedgie. The ending was funny as well. Overall, "Futurama" is looking better than ever with Season 8 and I hope the rest of this season stays strong like the first two Season 8 episodes that Comedy Central aired. 10/10moreless
  • Much better! Welcome back Futurama

    I wrote quite a harsh review of the season opener of this years futurama season, and shared my doubts about its future. This episode proved one thing, that the talent and comedy is still very much there for the team. Just hope the rest of the season is more like this and not like neutopia.

    A Bendercentric episode, which is always a good start for a story. (Even though I do feel he is danger of being overused and becoming stale)

    Bender finds a way of cloning ever smaller and smaller versions of himself to share his already limited workload. Well, if you know futurama you already have a good idea where it is all going. The laughs are more frequent in this episode and overall it just felt more like Futurama than anything else has since the reboot.moreless
John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Voice of Bender Bending Rodriguez (Bending Unit 22)

Billy West

Billy West

Voice of Philip J. Fry, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, Dr. John A. Zoidberg

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    • (News report: World Without Water, Day 6)

      Linda: Hey, you! Good evening! Who're you calling drunk? You're not drunk, I'm drunk. (falls over)

      Morbo: That's right, Linda. Water is no-- now booze, an' everyone's tetty much protally fit-shaced.

      Linda: Turning to sports, the Indy 500 was today! There were no survivors.

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    • Bender: Hi! I'm Bender. This is my robot, Bender, and this is my other robot, Bender.

      This alludes to the 1980s sitcom Newhart where a trio of brothers, Larry and the two Darryls, would enter a room and greet themselves in a similar manner.