Season 6 Episode 1

Bender's Big Score Part 1

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 2008 on Comedy Central
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Bender's Big Score Part 1
It begins when an Owl flies into the Planet Express building and the crew lines up as Hermes calls their names out, reviewing you after 4 years of being off. Professor tells them all that they have been fired, until a call from FOX comes and tells them they are all rehired and they celebrate, until in a freak accident, Hermes loses his head from a sword, and is rushed to the hospital, leading to the theme song, then Hermes' wife tells him Dwight needs a daddy and goes back to Barbados Slim. The crew makes a delivery to a nude beach and stay there, then nude aliens scam them into getting their personal info, and use it to steal the Planet Express building and use Bender's code from the tattoo on Fry's butt and make a time sphere. The Nibblonians come to try and save the day, but all get defeated and ends with Nibbler saying they are doomed.moreless
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  • Part 1 of the 4-Part episode "Bender's Big Score"

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Futurama". It's also the start of the episode of "Futurama" returning after 4 or 5 years being off the air which is awesome. I rarely see a show that gets canceled but comes back years later which I think is awesome. I was happy that Matt Groening revived this show because it's gosh darn funny and awesome. The episode starts with Hermes calling out the crew's names to help review on that person since it's been years that "Futurama" was off the air. Anyways, Part 1 of this 4-Part episode "Bender's Big Score" started off superb. While it started out just a little weak, the episode was mostly entertaining and was really bringing out a really good story. There were some funny parts in this episode as well. The whole joke "You must be this naked to enter" was hilarious. Zoidberg's lines in this episode were pretty much hilarious especially when he would get naked. Fry having a tattoo of Bender on his butt and then Professor Farnsworth having a tattoo "Thug Life" on his back was hilarious. Those pink naked aliens taking over Planet Express due to Bender being under mind control is also interesting. The action scene at the end of Part 1 is also very cool. My score is a little low because this episode did seem to start off a little weak and it got a little boring in some parts. Overall, Part 1 of the 4-Part episode "Bender's Big Score" was superb. 9/10moreless
  • perfect

    the first episode of the first DVD after futurama was renewed finds the planet express crew conned by evil nudist aliens. they eventually find that fry has the secret to time travel on his butt, and they use it to go back in time and steal things to be rich. Nibbler and Nibblonians try to stop them, but will they be able to, or is all of earth doomed because of what will happen by using it?

    very interesting premise with some hilarious jokes and as such, it definitely gets and deserves an A+, to me at least, just perfectmoreless

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