Season 3 Episode 6

Bendless Love

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • I never really fell in love with this episode from the start.

    After an overly dramatic takeoff results in an inelegant crash onto the streets of New New York, Leela discovers that the Planet Express ship's essential L-unit has been straightened. After discovering that other objects in the office (including Professor Farnsworth) have been bent, suspicion naturally turns to Bender. In order to confirm their suspicions, Hermes plays the security tape from the night before, which shows Bender sleep-bending. The professor sends Bender away to satisfy his psychological need for bending.

    Bender gets hired at a bending plant as a scab worker during a strike, and discovers that Flexo, who was sent to prison in Bender's place in a previous episode, is also employed as a scab. Also working at the factory is a solidly-built fembot named Angleyne. Bender quickly develops an affection for Angleyne, and they begin dating. Their relationship goes well, until Bender discovers that Angleyne and Flexo were previously married and then divorced, and that they may still be affectionate.

    In an attempt to discover Angleyne's true feelings, Bender disguises himself as Flexo, and meets her at an orbital night club. While there, Bender flashes the wad of cash he has made as a strikebreaker, which angers the members of the Robot Mafia who are present. Bender (as Flexo) succeeds in seducing Angleyne, and rushes off to kill Flexo.

    Bender arrives at the bending plant where Flexo is working the night shift, and starts a fight. Meanwhile in the crane control booth, Clamps of the Robot Mafia moves an unbendable girder into position above Bender and Flexo. Because they don't know that Bender was disguised as Flexo, the Robot Mafia wants Flexo dead for Bender's monetary indiscretions.

    Clamps releases the girder, which crushes Flexo. Angleyne confesses that she still loves Flexo, and Bender decides that her happiness is more important than his, and resolves to save Flexo by bending the unbendable girder. After a mighty struggle, he frees Flexo, earning Angleyne's appreciation, but not her love. Having satisfied his need for bending, Bender returns to his job at Planet Express. However, he didn't bend the Professor back to his right angle.