Season 3 Episode 6

Bendless Love

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The song "Bend me shape me" by American Breeds was playing during the factory scene with Bender and Anglelyne falling in love.

    • The way in which Bender and Flexo fight is the same from "The Lesser of Two Evils", eg, as in they both punch with opposite fists, so they keep hitting the others fist.

    • Another French phrase slips in, when Zoidberg says "J'Accuse", even though it is supposed to be a totally dead language.

    • Opening theme promotion: TORN FROM TOMORROW'S HEADLINES

    • The sign outside Elzar's restaurant changes from 'Blackened Leftovers' to 'Blackened Blackened Leftovers' in between the commercial break.

    • Angelyne says that her legs are made of rubber, but that wouldn't be possible because rubber blocks electricity.

    • In his apartment, Fry is trimming a bonsai tree in the shape of the Planet Express ship.

    • In this episode we learn that Bender is four years old, an age that changes as a result of time-travel in "Roswell That Ends Well" and Bender's Big Score.

    • In the scene that shows Bender being built, the box that his head is taken out of, also has Flexo's head, complete with soul patch and goatee.

    • Look closely, aside from iZac from "A Flight To Remember", Hookerbot 5000, the Masked Unit's girlfriend (whom Bender's disguise gets stuck to), and at least one of the nerd-bots from Mars University are at the Hip Joint.

    • Elzar's book title is 'Three More Great Recipes.'

    • When Hermes first shows the security cameras, it shows still-frames of all the people in the lab. A few moments later, the image of the Professor shows him with the mirror attached to his head. Are there several cameras running in that one room we don't know about?

    • Angleyne tries to bend the girder, and fails. Bender then bends it into a heart shape, and the girder has at least doubled in size.

    • The oil spill that Flexo spits out disappears a few seconds later.

  • Quotes

    • Fry: Professor, we're all sick of your upbeat attitude.
      Amy: I'll say.
      Zoidberg: Believe it.
      Farnsworth: Nonsense. It's just like in the song I wrote:
      We all need a new angle on life,
      You gotta bend away all your trouble and your strife,
      Leela: Bender, you've gotta help us.
      Bender: I try to get out but they keep pulling me back in.
      Farnsworth: You gotta dangle,
      Have a new angle,
      Wangle a new dangle on life,
      Bender bends Farnsworth right over backwards
      Amy: No, Bender! The other way.
      Bender: I like him better this way.
      Farnsworth: I'm sad now.
      Leela: Eh, it's fine.

    • Leela: So Flexo and Angleyne had sex right there on the factory floor? Well, at least you got bending out of your system.
      Bender: Yes. I won't be up to bending again for a long, long time.
      Farnsworth: Perhaps it's your outlook that needs a good bend. A 90-degree bend to a place where happiness is perpendicular to wonderment.

    • Angleyne: I'll always remember this, Bender.
      Bender: Me too. Me too... Jerk.

    • Flexo: Thanks, buddy. Another year under that and I'd have been a goner.

    • Bender: I'm saying I've got an unbendable girder to bend.
      Angleyne: You can't bend that girder. It's unbendable!
      Bender: Well I don't know anything about lifting, so that just leaves us the one option.

    • Angleyne: You can't die. Tonight Bender showed me that I love you.
      Bender: But, I love you.
      Angleyne: I know and I care for you too. But I could never love anyone as much as you made me realise I love Flexo.

    • Angleyne: Flexo? Are you OK?
      Flexo: Yeah, never better... Nah, I'm yankin' your chain, I'm dying.

    • Angleyne: Please stop! I'm not worth it!
      Bender: Probably not. But I love you and I'm gonna kick his ass till I win you back.

    • Clamps: Alright, boss, give the word and I'll drop this unbendable girder. Clamp, clamp, ka-bamp!
      Donbot: Remember, only kill the one with the beard. That other filthy scab we got nothing against.

    • Bender: You call yourself divorced? You're making a mockery of one of our oldest institutions.

    • (Bender walks in and pushes Flexo)
      Flexo: Thanks, I appreciate that. (He laughs) Nah, I'm joshing you. That was quite annoying.

    • Bender: There's only one reasonable course of action now: Kill Flexo.

    • Bender: How 'bout a lift? To your place.
      Angleyne: What?
      Bender: Admit it. You felt something for me tonight. And by "me" I mean Flexo.

    • Joey: He's flashin' his cash loaf again.
      Donbot: How many times is that? Two or three?
      Clamps: Three.
      Donbot: Alright. That's the necessary number of times.

    • Angleyne: Flexo, Flexo, Flexo. I'm starting to remember why I fell for you in the first place.
      Bender: (thinking) So, she's falling for Flexo, eh? I'd better seduce her a little more, just to be sure.

    • Bender: So the moral of the story is: If you want it to stay sunk, tie a weight to it!
      Angleyne: You always were a kick in the teeth, man.
      Bender: Aw, shucks, thunder-buns! You make me feel like a million volts.

    • Angleyne: You used to be so inflexible, Flexo. You have really loosened up!
      Bender: I recently upgraded my funk card.

    • Donbot: I had hoped that by the second time he flashed his cash my rage would have subsided. Sadly that has not happened.

    • Bender: You're lookin' good to Flexo tonight.
      Angleyne: Quit makin' with the googly eyes. You know that I'm in love with Bender.
      Bender: Bender? That walking wuss factory?
      Angleyne: Well he may be a walking factory but believe me he is no wuss. Now, look, you and me are through. I told you that when I divorced you.
      Bender: But going through a divorce together, you can't tell me that didn't bring us closer.

    • Joey: Yo. Get an eye-load of that filthy scab with the beard flashing his filthy scab money. It's an insult to you, boss.
      Donbot: Yeah. That cash oughta be slushin' my fund and kicksing my back.
      Clamps: I'm greasing up my whoozits!
      Donbot: Whoa, whoa, Clamps, not yet. Let's just keep an eye on him and see if he does it a couple more times.

    • Bender: I hope they can make change for a fortune.

    • Bender: Hey, barkeep, I'll have a Fuzzy Navel and she'll have the girliest drink in the house.
      Bartender-bot: Two Fuzzy Navel's comin' up.

    • Bender: Hey, hot stuff.
      Angleyne: Hey, Flexo. So since when do you go to bars on work nights? It's not like you at all.
      Bender: Nonsense. It's exactly like me. Flexo: The fun-loving love machine Fembots love to love.

    • Bender: OK, I've constructed an elaborate lie: I'll call Angleyne while pretending to be Flexo, arrange a date, show up disguised as him and catch her two-timing me with myself.
      Fry: That's thinkin' like a man.

    • Bender: That Flexo, I'm knockin' him right on his butt. I can't believe this.
      Farnsworth: Obsessing won't help, Bender. Take a lean back and enjoy life.
      Bender: I can't. My Fembot may be in love with another Manbot.
      Leela: Well talk to her. Tell her about your feelings in an open an honest way.
      Fry: Yeah. Either that or be a man.

    • Bender: You degenerate hussy! I'm disappointed in you too, Angleyne.
      Angleyne: Bender, it's-it's not what you think.
      Bender: Oh, God! Then it's worse than I think.
      Angleyne: Now, look, there is no reason to be upset. Flexo and I are divorced.
      Bender: Div- Huh?
      Flexo: We're just havin' dinner 'cause we wanna stay friends.
      Bender: Uh, I knew that. What I'm actually outraged by is your choice of wine. Really, it's the steward's fault.

    • Bender: I finally meet a nice girl with a pair of legs that don't quit unexpectedly and that jerk Flexo steals her away? It's time to kick some shiny, metal ass.

    • Farnsworth: So, Bender, tell us about this new girlfriend of yours.
      Bender: I intend to. Through the lost art of the toast. To Angleyne, she's got it all. Looks, charm and the love of a fabulous bending robot.
      Fry: She sure does.

    • Elzar: Hey, look at this crowd. You guys gotta try the pasta. It's got a real nice profit margin. Bam! So, special occasion tonight?
      Bender: Oh, Elzar, you'll never guess what's happened?
      Elzar: Bam?
      Bender: I met the most dynamite ladybot.
      Elzar: Hey, that's terrific. To celebrate, I'm gonna stick seven copies of my latest cookbook on your bill.
      Bender: Bless you, sir.

    • Bender: I'm in love and I'm taking all my friends out to celebrate.
      Amy: Let's get liquored up!

    • Bender: Howdy, doodies. What's new?
      Farnsworth: I was just regaling your former co-workers with a tale of bedroom antics, the likes of which-
      Bender: Yeah, yeah! Big whoop! No one cares. I got Bender-related news.

    • Farnsworth: My new bent outlook has completely re-energised me. I'm even dating a young Brazilian retired actress.
      Fry: Alright!

    • Bender: I bet watching me bend girders like this turns your legs all rubbery.
      Angleyne: Well my legs are made of rubber.

    • Bender: Union forever! Lousy scabs! They can't do those things! Et cetera!

    • Farnsworth: What an exquisite day. That azure sky, the verdant treetops. Those delightful birds with their chirp, chirp, chirp and their tweet, tweet, splat.
      Fry: Professor, I've never seen you so cheerful. What the hell's wrong with you?
      Farnsworth: Hmm. I'm not quite sure. Perhaps seeing things from a new perspective has reminded me of life's beauty. Or perhaps my new posture is causing blood to pool in the back of my brain, resulting in a mild delirium. Incidentally, you have a dime up your nose.
      Fry: I wish! It's a nickel.

    • Bender: Um, hi, Angleyne. Whatcha up to?
      Angleyne: Making hangers. Guidance counsellor said I had a knack for it.
      Bender: That's cool, that's cool. So, um, uh, I was wondering if, y'know, it's cool if not, but, what are you doing after work?
      Angleyne: What I always do. Jack squat.
      Bender: Me too. Man, we have a lot in common, huh?
      Angleyne: Well we are made of virtually identical components.
      Bender: Are you sure? Maybe I should sneak a peek at your access panel.
      Angleyne: Hey, according to the scab handbook that's extremely inappropriate banter... And that's just the way I like it.

    • Sal: Come on. I'll introduces you to your scab co-workers you'll be scabbing with. This here's our scab foreman.
      Bender: Flexo?
      Flexo: Bender?
      Bender: Hey, sorry you got sent to that South American Turkish prison instead of me on account of mistaken identity.
      Flexo: You bastard! They treated me like an animal and that's what I became! (laughing) Nah, you're alright. Good to see you, buddy!

    • Bender: Aw, no! A strike? Now I'll never get to bend anything. Oh, woe is Bender.
      Robot: Hang tough, brother. Management refused our demand to switch casual Friday to Monday.
      Bender: What?!

    • Donbot: As the duly-elected mobsters of this union, it's our duty to support the struggle of these proud, lazy slobs.
      Joey: Yeah, but what if management remains intragnizent?
      Donbot: From the context it is clear what you mean. In that case, Clamps may have a little surprise for them.
      Clamps: The clamps!... Right?

    • Joey: Yo! The Mafia supports you. But don't tell no one. Spread the word.

    • Robots: No more bending, no more work. Give us a raise, you big fat jerk.
      Sal: Nevers!

    • Leela: Hmm. Bender must have a pent-up need to bend that's not being satisfied by his bend-free lifestyle.
      Farnsworth: Then he can't stay here. He's a menace to every straight person in the company.

    • Amy: You remember your own birth?
      Bender: Sure. It was only four years ago.
      Fry: You're only four years old?
      Bender: Precocious little scamp, ain't I?

    • Fry: You weren't sleepwalking, you were sleep-bending!
      Bender: This is quite a shock. On the other hand, it's not surprising in the least.

    • Hermes: Ah. Last night's tape. It was right next to Bathroom Bloopers 4.
      Bender: See? Nothing. Told you, losers.
      Fry: Wait! There on the screen. It's that guy you are.

    • Hermes: I know how to settle this: We'll check last night's surveillance tapes.
      Fry: Huh?
      Amy: What tapes?
      Leela: Surveillance?
      Zoidberg: You've seen me naked?

    • Amy: Wait a minute. Bender, what did you just do to the Professor?
      Bender: I bent him.
      Amy: Aha!
      Hermes: Bender!
      Zoidberg: J'accuse!
      Bender: Oh, I see. A bunch of stuff gets bent so it must be the robot designed for bending.

    • Farnsworth: What's all the hubbub?
      Leela: My God! Even the Professor's been bent.
      Farnsworth: Thank you for your sympathy, talking square of linoleum.

    • Zoidberg: My slinky! My cuddly, little pet slinky!

    • Hermes: Sweet lamprey of Santa Fe! My edge has been bent!
      Amy: My javelin too! It's ruined. Now we'll never beat Jupiter State.

    • Leela: Whoever did this was strong. This is 340 pounds of Tonka-tough steel.
      Bender: Hmm. It should look like this. (He bends it into an L-shape) But instead it looks like this. (He straightens it again)
      Fry: Who would do a thing like that?
      Bender: Who could do a thing like that? And by "that", I mean this.
      He bends the L-unit back and forth repeatedly
      Zoidberg: Well, gang, it looks like we have another mystery on our hands.

    • Leela: This is a normal L-unit. Without it, space travel is but the fevered dream of a madman.
      Fry: Yep.
      Bender: Of course.
      Zoidberg: Doy!
      Hermes: It's an important unit.
      Leela: And this, my friends, is the L-unit I just removed from the ship. (she reveals a unit that has been straightened)
      Fry: That doesn't look like an "L" at all. Unless you count lowercase.
      Bender: You know we don't!

    • Bender: Whoa! I'm not reading that crap. Summarise it in one word.
      Leela: Sabotage.

    • Leela: Guidance system?
      Bender: Online.
      Leela: Autopilot?
      Autopilot: Present.
      Leela: Dark matter indicator?
      Fry: Making the noise.

    • Farnsworth: Some say I'm robbing the cradle, but I say she's robbing the grave.

    • Angeline: Bender! You tricked me!
      Bender: That's right, baby! I ain't your loverboy, Flexo, that guy you love so much...you even love anybody pretending to be him!
      Angeline: Well maybe I love you so much, that I love you no matter who you're pretending to be!
      Bender: Oh, how I wish I could believe or understand that!

    • Donbot: That robot's about to have an on the job accident.
      Joey: With all due respect, I don't think we should rely on an accident happening. Let's kill him ourselves!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • J'accuse:

      Once it becomes evident that Bender is the one who has been bending everything around Planet Express, Zoidberg shouts, "J'accuse!" This is an allusion to an article written by French author Emile Zola in 1898 and addressed to the French president of the time accusing the government of anti-Semitism over the Dreyfus Affair.

    • Law and Order:
      The opening title promotion "Torn from Tomorrow's Headlines" is very similar to the advertising tagline for the show Law and Order, "Ripped from the Headlines".

    • Scooby Doo
      Zoidberg: Well, gang, it looks as though we have another mystery on our hands.

      This was said almost every episode by Freddie in the original Scooby Doo mysteries. Frank Welker (original voice of Freddie) coincidentally voices Nibbler and other Futurama voices.

    • The "L-unit" in the beginning is made of "340 pounds of Tonka-tough steel" , which is a reference to the popular Tonka toy trucks.

    • In order to bend the unbendable girder Bender applies "Bendgay" a reference to Bengay.

    • Title: Bendless Love

      The title is a pun based on the title "Endless Love". Whether it was inspired by the 1981 movie or the overly sentimental theme song of the same name by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross is open for debate.

    • American Breed: Bend Me, Shape Me
      The song that plays while Bender and Angleyne are going around doing stuff with each other.

    • Bender: Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.
      Really quick and cheap reference to one of the more frequently parodied movies of all time, The Godfather.

    • Ghost
      When Bender helps Angleyne bend the girder into the shape of a heart, it parodies the pottery making moment in Ghost. An instrumental version of "Unchained Melody" plays in the background to further the parody.

    • Professor Farnsworth: New angle on life.
      The professor's "new angle on life" song in the last scene closely shares a tune with Monty Python's "bright side of life" song.