Season 7 Episode 20

Calculon 2.0

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • Calculon 0.0

    The final episodes of Futurama should have been focused on the main characters. In the final moments of this great series I highly doubt any fan was thinking: hey, they should do another episode about Calculon. The robot soap opera was a fun running joke but should never have been the center of an entire episode. There are some good jokes to be found: a procedure to reinstall Calculon's software that appears as a satanic ritual is quite hilarious. But mostly this just falls flat. Even the brilliance of the Robot Devil cannot save this one.
  • So much better.

    A definite return to some proper Futurama nonsense. Flaky future sciences (that's indistinguishable from magic.. I can't believe they didn't make that reference), hammy robot actors and plenty of gags. Still far from the shows potential but one of the best episodes in the last 2 seasons all the same.
  • Great episode

    Last week episode sun morning fun pit was kind of weak, this week was a brilliant episode i love calculon he a great character, great episode center around him. It really sad that futurama is going off the air but this was a great episode to end a great character