Season 5 Episode 1

Crimes of the Hot

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

It's a sweltering hot day, so the Planet Express crew are outside waiting until Leela fills up a pool with "Instant Pool Water, Dead Leaves Included". Once filled, Nibbler drinks the whole thing, and burps up chlorine gas, which makes everyone pass out. Bender, wearing a Speedo, completely rusts and falls over.

Inside, the crew (miserable from the heat) watch a film on global warming, using Bender as the projector. Greenhouse gases are to blame for the Earth heating up. The film tells that to combat global warming, the government drops a giant ice cube into the ocean every so often. President Nixon's Head contacts Planet Express and tells them that it's their job to harvest the next ice cube from Halley's Comet.

On Halley's Comet, the crew uses an ice drill shaped like an ice dispenser to try to fill a giant foam cup with ice. When the dispenser lever is pushed, no ice comes out.

The extreme heat continues. The crew is watching the news. One story tells of African turtles who must migrate to cooler temperatures in Holland. Bender takes pity on one little turtle who trips and lands on his back, unable to get right side up again. Later he comes back to Planet Express with the turtle he names Shelly. He tells everyone that the turtle reminds him of himself because he also can't get right side up when he falls on his back. The crew then pushes him over, and he ends up on his back flailing his arms and legs.

A civil defense truck announces to all scientists that there will be a worldwide conference on global warming in Kyoto, Japan. Prof. Farnsworth reluctantly agrees to attend.

At the conference, the inventor of the environment and first emperor of the moon, Al Gore's Head, comes on-stage to say that he will offer a bag of moon sapphires to the first scientist who can solve the global warming problem. Prof. Wernstrom is the first on stage with his idea of a giant space mirror, which will deflect 40 percent of the sun's rays away from Earth. He demonstrates it, but a very small space rock hits the mirror and changes its angle to face the Earth. The sunbeam reflected off the mirror incinerates everything it touches.

Prof. Farnsworth then goes on-stage and says that he knows the source of the greenhouse gases. When he was younger, he built robots for Mom's Friendly Robot Co. He was pressured by Mom into building a sportier robot. He built a robot that would not meet emission standards, but Mom told him to just classify it as a sport-utility robot. He goes on to say that all modern robots stem from his original smog-blasting design, which is the cause of the global warming. Wernstrom comes on-stage to say the only solution is to destroy all robots.

Back at Planet Express, Bender gets an invitation to a beach party on the Galapagos Islands that all robots are required to attend. Zoidberg is late in understanding that the reason behind it is to disable all the robots. Bender starts to leave, and Fry tells him not to go. Bender says he has something to die for, "this mindless turtle." He leaves.

Robots from all over the world descend on the Galapagos. They are all having a great time. Nixon gives a speech and tells them he will be back in 2 hours, then he and the Headless Body of Agnew escape on a chopper.

Wernstrom and Nixon are in a spaceship, with Agnew at the controls, flying toward the giant mirror in space. Wernstrom modified the mirror to fire an electromagnetic pulse at the Galapagos that will terminate all the robots. The Headless Body of Agnew now belongs to Wernstrom, as per Nixon's deal with him.

Bender is talking to his turtle about Nixon shutting off the robots, and a microphone robot hears this, broadcasting it to the others. Chaos ensues. Bender regains order and says that all robots deserve to be shut off because they pollute too much and they're killing the turtles.

Fry, Leela, and Farnsworth arrive and Farnsworth announces that he as devised a way to save the robots and stop global warming. If every single robot vents their exhaust upwards in one burst, it will thrust the Earth farther away from the sun, thus cooling it (Bender gets knocked on his back during the speech). The robots all open their exhaust ports and blast their greenhouse gases. It doesn't work because one robot isn't doing it. Bender struggles to get up, but can't, and just resigns to the fact that he failed. Then he sees his turtle rock from side to side until he rights himself. Bender does the same, points his exhaust port (which happens to be in his butt) to the sky and blasts away. The earth moves away just as Wernstrom shoots his electro beam, completely missing the Earth, and the robots are saved!

On the island, Nixon gratefully yet angrily gives Farnsworth the Polluting Medal of Pollution. Since the Earth moved a little farther away from the sun, an extra week is added to the year. Nixon declares it Robot Party Week. Everybody dances, and the robots pollute the air making the organic beings cough and gag.