Season 5 Episode 1

Crimes of the Hot

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • funny episode

    It is really hot. The professor gets a global warming video and shows it to everyone. It shows that every couple years they have to dump a giant ice cube in the ocean to make it cold again. Every year it has to be a bigger ice cube. Then it reveals that Bender can't get up when he is on his back (like a turtle). Then president Nixon calls the crew and says they're the ones who have to do it. They go to Hailey's Comet to get ice, but there is no ice left. They have to find another solution to make it cool again. President Nixon gets every professor to come to a conference. Farnsworth goes and he admits to making it hot. It's the robots that make it so hot, but he is the one who made the robots so pollutionary. The only solution is to destroy all robots. President Nixon invites all the robots to a party. It is obviously a trap to destroy all robots, but no robot, other then Bender, figures it out. Bender goes anyway because he wants to save the earth. Nixon plans to fire a gigantic laser at the island where all the robots are. The professor has an idea. He gets all the robots to vent as much as they can. They all do except Bender. He is stuck on his back and can't get up. He starts to roll. He rolls as hard as he can and he rolls over. He gets up and vents. That made enough power to push the earth a bit away from the sun. Doing this made the laser miss the island. It wasn't hot anymore, but it made each year exactly one week longer. That week became robot party week.