Season 7 Episode 3

Decision 3012

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • If you like/love political and government humor then this is the episode for you

    Leela becomes involved in a politician's campaign for President. But things get complicated when the candidate can't produce a birth certificate. Meanwhile, Nixon employs Bender to try to find some information about Travers' background. Didn't quite know how to explain the plot in my intro so I just went ahead and put that statement as my intro of my review instead. This was an enjoyable episode of "Futurama". It's got a very good plot, very good characters, very good...wait, wait, wait... humor. Come to think of it? where was the humor in this episode, I couldn't tell if this episode had humor or not or maybe it's because i'm not the person that laughs at political and government humor which I don't normally laugh at unless it's handled right. I really didn't laugh a lot in this episode and that's what lowered my score a little low. My score is also a little low because the plot was somewhat weak and the ending just felt very unfinished and unsatisfying which made me say "WTH?" afterwards. I only laughed three times at this episode which was the theme song at the very end of the episode when Bender saw "Free Beer" on the sign and he crashed into the screen (as it always goes at the end of the theme song) and the episode IMMEDIATELY starts with Bender falling out of the rocket and falling down finding "Free Beer" and I found that to be very surprising and HILARIOUS since Matt Groening doesn't usually go creative with the end of the theme song, and there are a couple of parts that made me laugh but I can't remember at this moment. I liked that Travers' was able to be born and get his birth candidate towards the end of the episode. I liked Bender trying to find background about Travers, and I liked the story of how time-traveling was involved and that Bender actually took over the world. I enjoyed all of that. I wish I could say more about this episode but while it's highly enjoyable, it is already forgettable as I forgot at least 75% of the things I saw in this episode so I'm gonna end it from here. Overall, a superb episode of "Futurama" that is really low of humor in my opinion at least and could've been a little better plus the ending could've improved but I really liked it though, it's better than the previous episode "A Farewell to Arms" though. 9/10