Season 1 Episode 5

Fear of a Bot Planet

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The episode starts off at a blernsball game. Fry is confused and having trouble following the game. About midway through the game Bender gets in an argument with Fry and Leela about how robots are treated unfairly and are only used to do the jobs humans don't want to do. Then Hermes calls them back to the office.

Back at the lab they get the mission. Apparently they have to travel to an all-robot planet where humans are killed on sight. Bender does not want to partake in this, but after Hermes sees through his excuses he has no choice. Reluctantly, Bender goes down to the planet.

Fry and Leela decide to throw a party to celebrate one of Bender's ridiculous robot holidays, to show him they care. as they are decorating the ship, they receive a transmission from Bender. Supposedly, the bots found out that Bender was working with humans and he was captured.

Fry and Leela decide to get Bender back. To do this, they must don robot disguises.

After a quick quiz from two guards they are allowed into the robot base. Eventually they happen upon a daily human hunting meeting. This meeting has a special guest, though...Bender!!!

As the human hunt goes on, Bender finds an old abandoned adult book store. Fry and Leela meet up with him inside.

Just as they are about to leave, the rest of the party comes in and captures them and puts them on trial for being human. They are found guilty and fall under a trap door.

Within the trap door are the five robot elders who run the planet, unknown to the people. They confess that they used humans as a scapegoat for the problems of the society,such as a lugnut shortage and an incompetent government.

When Fry threatens to breathe fire on them, they don't remember if they made it up or if humans could really do that. While they are arguing, Fry and the gang escape.

As they make it back to the ship, Bender remembers the package and tosses it from the ship. The package turns out to be... Lugnuts!!! As lugnuts rain down, the bots cheer for the humans.

Back at the ship, Bender celebrates his holiday with his friends.