Season 1 Episode 5

Fear of a Bot Planet

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Fry and Leela Infiltrate

    The Planet Express Crew,Fry Leela,and Bender must deliver a Package to a Planet inhabited by Human Hating Robots.Bender must make the actual delivery since Fry,and Leela would probably be killed by the Robots.Bender once on the Planet is arrested when the Robots finds out that he he works with Humans.Fry,and Leela goes down to the Planet to rescue Bender,but must wear disguises to fool the Robot Population.Their disguises work almost perfectly,that is until they come across an inquisitive Robot.Fortunately they manage to escape.They would eventually find Bender,alive,and seemingly more evil.Will Fry,and Leela be able to bring their friend back to Planet Earth,and restore him to his usual less evil self?
  • hate it

    i strongly dislike this episode, though i don't know why. it has a good plot but i feel t hey didn't fully execute it to the best they could. i also don't find much of it funny and i actually get bored every time i watch it. which is said because the plot was an interesting premise, i just can't bring myself to watch it whenever it is on, or even watch it on dvd. i actually consider this one of my least favorites of the whole series. My overall grade for this episode would be a D+/C- or so
  • Not the best.

    Fry and Leela must rescue Bender from a planet called Chapek nine. Chapek nine is a planet ruled by human hating robots, and all humans are killed on site. But Fry and leela find out Bender is highly praised there. They see he likes it there, so they must dress up like robots, talk like robots, and act like robots, to take him back.

    This was an okay episode. There were a few funny scenes, like Leela dancing the robot, and Bender's merchandise, but to me, most of the episode was pretty boring. It had a great plot though.

    Overall Grade: 75%/C+
  • Chapek 9... a world where humans are killed on sight...

    This episode is awesome, the team have to deliver a package to Chapek 9, a world where humans are killed on sight, and they ask for Bender's help. But Bender has an epiphany that robots were made to make humans' lives easier. Fry and Leela soon find out that Bender was found out working for humans, thus leaving Fry and Leela to dress as robots, walk like robots, talk like robots (and if necessary, solve complex differential equations like robots). They sort-of get found out, and find that Bender is a special guest for the killing of humans. He finds Fry and Leela accidentally and has to order their 'beating', but judgement first, and finally the threat of Fry and Leela. They manage to escape, just in time for a Robanukah party. This episode has some great quotes and is a good episode overall for the first season. I especially enjoyed the snapshots at the end of the episode..!
  • Not my favorite.

    For reasons that I do not know, I do not like this episode as much as I like a lot of other ones. It did not seem as good as other episodes of the show, and lacked a certain spark that the other episodes of the show have. It was funny and good, still, but it lacked the quality, wit, and (as I said earlier) spark of the other episodes that the show had aired before it. Space Pilot 3000, Episode Two: The Series Has Landed, I, Roommate, and Love's Labors Lost in Space were much more clever and funny than this episode.

    Professor Farnsworth sends the crew to a planet inhabited by human-hating robots.
  • hillarious

    I really liked this episode although it was not one of my favorites.Also I think that this was one of Benders greatest episodes ever.This episode was incredibly funny however because of Benders and some other characters lines.So over all I think this episode is worth while watching because of it's very funny moments with Leela,Fry,Bender and many other characters on the bot planet.So I would give this episode one thumb up because it's very funny,but it was not the funniest episode in my opinion so thats why it only gets one thumb up,but I would definitly reccomend watching this episode.
  • Fry, Leela, and Bender have to make a delivery to a world of robots that hate and fear humans.

    Bender gets upset and thinks that everyone takes robots for granted. Professor Farnsworth tells them that they have a shipment to deliver to The Bot Planet, a world inhabited by robots that hate and fear humans. Needless to say, once they get to The Bot Planet, Bender must make the delivery because the robots would kill Fry or Leela on sight. Once down on the planet, Bender is captured by the robots. Fry and Leela decide to go down disguised as robots and rescue Bender. Comedy ensues as they try and blend in and find Bender. This is one of my favorite episodes of the series.
  • A critic on dictatorships

    I have to admit that I have seen my country reflected in this episode. I am not saying that I live under a dictatorship, well not a declared one. By I do find many similarities between the two. And that's what this episode is all about, making fun of tight minded societies that reject everything that is different from their supposedly better standards. Facism in the Futurama universe serves in a way to make us look back at our own governments and realize that they are using the same techniques used by the robots to keep us all in line. A very good episode!
  • One of the best episodes from the whole season.

    While attending a New New York Yankees blernsball game at Madison Cube Garden, Fry is told by Leela that Blernsball is a "jazzed up" version of baseball. Bender is offended that humans won't let robots compete in the blernsball league. Hermes calls the crew to report back to the office for a delivery mission. The delivery is to Chapek 9, a planet inhabited by human-hating robot separatists who kill humans on sight, so Bender is assigned the duty of performing the actual delivery. Bender claims that it is a robot-religious holiday, Robonikah, and doesn't have to work. Despite his made-up holiday, Bender must go on.

    Upon arriving at the planet, a resentful Bender is lowered to the surface using the ship's winch. Fry and Leela decide to throw a Robonikah party for Bender to show their appreciation. They receive a rushed message from Bender, who has been captured by the robot separatists when they found out he worked for humans. In order to avoid being killed on sight, Fry and Leela disguise themselves as robots, and infiltrate the robot society.

    After hiding out in a robot movie theater, Fry and Leela blend in with the crowd at the opening ceremonies of the daily human hunt. There they discover Bender is alive and playing the robots' prejudice for his own benefit, claiming he has killed a million billion humans on Earth.

    Fry and Leela reunite with Bender during the hunt in an abandoned robot porn shop, but he refuses their offer of rescue. Before Fry and Leela can leave, the other robots arrive and they are placed on trial for being human. After being sentenced to a life of tedious robot-type labor, they are dropped through a trap door, where they meet the five Robot Elders. The Robot Elders reveal that the trial was for entertainment, and command Bender to kill Fry and Leela, but he refuses. The Robot Elders reveal that humans are just being used as a scapegoat to distract the population from the actual problems, lug nut shortages and the incompetent corrupt government of Robot Elders, and that many of the supposed powers humans have that robots fear are in fact made up. The Robot Elders decide to kill the three, citing that they know too much. Fry threatens to breathe fire on the robot elders, throwing them into a state of confusion on whether humans can do that or if that was something that the robots made up. The crew escapes, and is pursued by a horde of robots. As the crew escapes on the winch, the robots stack on top of each other to capture the crew. Bender remembers that he never actually delivered the package, and puts it into the hands of the robot on top. The unbalanced tower and the package falls to the ground, and the robots are showered in much-needed lug nuts, and renounce their human-hating ways. The crew, now en route back to Earth, celebrate Robonikah with Bender.
  • It was painful to watch cos it sucked!

    I truly hate this episode, it was too drab and droopy and I don't understand how it could get so high reviews, I mean here's an episode with some of the most drab animation ever in the series, why watch this when you can see excellent episodes like The Pilot or Aliens Invade or whatever it's called. A quarter of a reason I watch Futurama is because of its great animation. And when I have to see some crap like this I just sigh oh and how can I say I didn't laugh once at this episode, it was truly pathetic, with the exclusion of the end-that was hilarious. However the rest of the show just sucked.

    I was truly disapointed by this episode.
  • Let's go to Chapek 9!

    Here is my review for the Futurama episode "Fear Of A Bot Planet". It is about Fry, Leela, and Bender delivering a package to Chapek 9, a planet inhabited by human-killing robots. Bender is used to accomplish the task, but he is arrested for associating with humans. It's up to Fry and Leela to disguise themselves and go to planet to search for Bender. They do a good job at not showing themselves as humans, and they find Bender unharmed and against humans. When they talk to Bender, they are caught and sentenced to court. Luckily, our heroes escape after the encountering the Robot Elders, who are the ones that tell the robots that humans are the enemies. This episode has a couple of video-game references in it (Tetris and Berzerk) and has plenty jokes about robots and humans.
  • This was one of Bender's funniest episodes.

    I really liked this episode although it was not one of my favorites.Also I think that this was one of Benders greatest episodes ever.This episode was incredibly funny however because of Benders and some other characters lines.So over all I think this episode is worth while watching because of it's very funny moments with Leela,Fry,Bender and many other characters on the bot planet.So I would give this episode one thumb up because it's very funny,but it was not the funniest episode in my opinion so thats why it only gets one thumb up,but I would definitly reccomend watching this episode.
  • Bender feels unappreciated

    This is the first episode I saw of Futurama and I have been fascinated with the show from that point on. The crew makes a delivery to a planet inhabited by human hating robots, so naturaly Bender is the logical choice to make the delivery.
    Not happy with been asked to do some work, Fry and Leela plan a party for Bender to show him that he is appreciated. But before Bender can return he discovered to be a human symathizer and is arrested but manages to send a distress signal back to the ship. Fry and Leela try to rescue him but are also captured and tried for the crime of being human.
  • Love this episode!

    "At Madison Cube Garden watching a blernsball game, Bender complains about the poor treatment of robots. They're only there to clean up, polish the balls or water the fields. They never get any respect. Later, Bender must deliver a package to a planet inhabited by murderous robots that kill humans on sight. He discovers a robotopia - a land where the robot is king! However, when Leela and Fry are captured, Bender must choose between protecting his celebrity status or saving his friends."

    As you can see, this storyline shows that this episode id excellent. Fry and Leela dress up as robots...ah, good times.
  • Introduction of Blernsball

    This episode has great gags and shows that Bender enjoys being evil. I love the names of the robot holidays that Bender comes up with such as Robonukah and Robonza and the fact that the holograph of Hermes got picked up by the bird is hilarious as was the lugnuts problem being solved by the package they were supposed to give the robot planet at the beginning of the episode. the judge shutting down was teriffic as was the suggestions shouted out. Perhaps the funniest part of the episode was Fry and Leela doing the robot better than Bender and the two pretending to be robots was teriffic too. A great episode for Bender fans.
  • Robot World!

    I loved the start of this episode. It was the first time I saw blernsball and even though it made no sense whatsoever to me it was cool to watch.

    There are many great one liners and lol moments especially when Fry and Leela are pretending to be robots.

    Just like previous episodes the crew get away just in the nick of time. But this was the first real "Bender central" episode and with him being my favourite character makes it a special episode for me.
  • My personal favourite episode.

    I love this episode because it\\\'s exactly liek the other ones, meaning that it\\\'s full of clever remarks and laugh-out-loud moments. I especially loved the part where the judge computer freezes and Fry yells out to call technical support. It\\\'s just aweosme how they think of that stuff. Watch this episode if it\\\'s ever on tv.