Season 7 Episode 17

Forty Percent Leadbelly

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 03, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • Okay, but far from the show's glory days

    Bender's attempts to become a famous folk singer create problems for himself as well as others when he accidentally begins creating figments from his songs in real-life. The concept works okay, although not as well as you would expect, and the episode has some nice homages to everything from The Empire Strikes Back to Tron.

    I will say I liked Bender's folk song better the second time I listened to them, but I could certainly have done without the regrettable rap finale.

    You can find my full recap and review (with pics) at RazorFine
  • I assume Comedy central saw this 3 seconds before they axed the series.

    They finally topped That's Lobstertainment as the worst waste of 24mins of futurama.

    Terrible plot (wasted a potentially exciting opening), boring songs, pointless scenes, an obvious and halfhearted twist.. limp Star Wars/Trek references.. it was like the worst fanfic level writing.
  • What happened to Episode 4 ? (This being Episode 5 or Season 10)

    Looks like a accounting error.

    I enjoy every episode, no matter how strange they get - this one is no exception.
  • A Big Pile Of Garbage!

    probably the worst episode of the series EVER! OMG... don't get me wrong.. i'm a Die Hard FAN of Futurama.... but I want those 22 minutes of my life back... it actually eases the pain of the series being cancelled..
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