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Create your own Futurama Character(s), with more detail

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    I don't know if this topic has already been made(god hope not), but how would you create your own Futurama character? You can describe it's looks and attitude as well, and also have ideas for episodes for your created character to star in.

    You can name it of course, but I don't have ideas for that now, so I'll basically say that this character I'm creating is a combination of Fry and Bender. He has the intelligence of Fry, which makes him stupid, yet he drinks, smokes, dance with strippers and has the attitude of Bender, plus he steals. And he can be emotional at times(to probably give him more depth).

    Sorry, but I'll describe a lot more of him later, and you can make more than one character of course.

    Now you can do some of the following:

    Name it(it doesn't matter if it's dumb)

    Describe it's looks(from head to toe)

    Describe what kind of being he/she/it is(like is it a human, robot or ailen and is it mean, smart, cool, dumb, etc.)

    Give ideas for episodes(totally optional, but I would like to hear it)

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    Name: Emily Miori

    Describe: short blond hair, black eyes, green shirt, brown baggy pants

    Describe: Emily is a kind short tempered human

    Crush: Fry

    Rival: Leela

    Best Friends: Bender, Fry, Lella, Amy

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    Name:Jackie Violette

    Love Interest:Fry


    Species:Mutant (Less mutated than Leela)

    Appearance:Semi Wavy blonde hair,hair goes just a little below shoulders, Black Jacket, Black Shirt, Blue Jeans

    Favorite food:lollipop (is usually seen with one)

    Best Friend:Amy , Likes Leela (but leela is jealous because of her crush on Fry)


    Personality:Loves Slurm,Angered Easily,Likes to taunt people

    Mutality: Purple Pupils

    Favorite Things:Her own ship

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    Name: Rosetta Stoney

    Love Interest: None

    Age: 28

    Spieces: Human

    Appearence: She's a goth who wears all black. She wears a sleeveless tank top with a skull on it, a skirt, and black and white knee-high socks, and ankle-high boots. She has pink on one side of her hair, and green on the other. Favorite Food: Fish

    Friends: None. Doesn't want any.

    Rival: Fry

    Personality: She's dark, sullen, withdrawn, and very vindictive. She even hates Leela and Bender as well. She hates Fry and has it in for him after he criticized her about her hair, and wants to ruin him in any way she can.
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