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Futurama Should Have Done 'Taken', Not Family Guy

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    [1]Jan 29, 2014
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    When Family Guy spoofed the movie Taken in that episode 'Leggo My Megg-O' it was just another endless stream of Brian and Stewie hoopla. Futurama would have done a better parody of Taken than Family Guy ever could have.

    If Futurama had spoofed Taken, it would've been about Cubert and Dwight going to a boarding school in France. Farnsworth and Hermes are skittish aboutletting them go and they finallygive in and let them go.AndCubert and Dwightget kidnapped by some aliens who want to turn them into soliders. And Bender and Hermes go to France to get them back. Meanwhile, Fry, Leela, Kiff, and Amy are all on a double date and not shown in the episode.

    Why couldn't there have been an episode like this for the final season instead of LATGS?

    What other ideas can you people come up with if Futurama did a Taken parody?

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