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If There Was Another Season

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    What kind of episodes do you all think another season of Futurama could've had? The preimere episodemight probably have Fry and Leela be young again somehow.

    Here's some things Futurama could've done:

    The Botil-Antes:

    Gangster Aliens from the planet X2971 stealthe Earth's beer and weed. Bender and Hermes decide to do something about it, so they disguise themselves as The Green Hornet and Kato.This makes Fry very jealous of all the time Bender is spending with Hermes. One day Fry sneaks off to spy on the aliens himself (and even takes pictures which he catches a lot of flack for from the rest of the crew)which leads to dire consquences for him and his friends.The Gangster Aliens take everyone captive(yes, even Leela) to their planet to tie them all up and put them in a death trap tokill them all. Can Bender and Hermes save them?

    Support Your Bender Sheriff:

    (Both Futurama and American Dad can spoof this movie) They all go to a western planet with a drunken mayor. Bender is made the mayor and they want him to build a jail. The townspeople are deathly terrified of a gang of deadly cowboys who terrorize the planet. Zoidberg gets kidnapped by the hoodlums and Bender, Leela, Fry, Hermes, and Amy encourage the town to fight. There's a huge cannon involved.

    Fanny and Bender Smith:

    Bender and Fanny are dating again. Fanny is still the Donbot's wife but this time she's an assassin for the Robot Mafia. Bender joins the Spark gang from Freewill Hunting and they're both ordered to kill a target. Unknowingly the targets are each other.

    Tango In Paris:

    Cubert and Dwight get accepted to a prestigious Parisian Boarding School, Farnsworth and Hermes are hesitant to let them go. When they finally decide to let Cubert and Dwight furthur their education, some Arabian Aliens who pose as humans kidnap them to brainwash them into being soliders. Bender encourages a heartbroken Hermes to join him on the rescue mission.

    A Knock In The Head is Worth Two In The Zoid:

    After failing a mission, Zoidberg is punished by washing the Planet Express ship which is a very degrading job in PE. Zoidberg accidently drinks spaceship polish thinking it's apple juice, then he's hit over the head with the bottle after throwing it, and becomes a butler named 'Zoider-rick'. Zoider-rick is very classy, and everytime Fry and Bender do something Leela and Amy would tell them why can't you be more like 'Zoider-rick'? Then Bender and Frycan say, "'Zoider-rick'! YUCK!" Then after a while, they all get fed up with Zoidberg's classy ways and go to someplace dirty. Everything turns into a disaster when Zoider-Rick tries to light an over which causes the PE Building to Explode.

    Winter Horrorland:

    The Planet Express Crew recieves a mysterious invitation to a ski resort on Neptune. Everyone is having funskiing, skating, snowboarding, and bobsleddinguntil they are all attacked by snow statues. Then they all find out it's a plot by some goof off kids from Mars University.

    Dirty Bender:

    (Caught a lot of flack for this idea on PEEL) This is one where Bender becomes a cop. Bender sneaks off and steals something rather than going on a delivery with Fry and Leela. Once Hermes finds out Bender is suspended from work for 2 months. Feeling unappriciated, Bender runs away to San Francisco. While there, he gets a job as a plain clothes cop and becomes like Dirty Harry. While being a cop, Bender solves crimes, beats up gangs, and does drug busts, and takesdown pimps and becomesthe hero and savior of San Francisco. His mission is to take down an evil sniper robot named Scorpio. Fry and Leela find out where Bender is and want to help him from behind the scenes. At first Bender doesn't let them, and Leela convinced him he'd do a better job if he had some inside help.

    Mummy Invasion USA:

    Mummies from the planet Insoh 7 the sister planet of Osruis 4 want to invade Earth to make it more like their planet. Bender accidently shoots Hosni Bubarak's head and the Mummies get a new leader, Mohammad Morsi's head and hewants to destroy Planet Express. There can be a funny part where the doorbell rings and Zoidberg goes to get it, and it's the Mummies and Zoidberg can say, "WHat can I do for you fine....." then he sees the Mummies and screams, "KILLERS!!" Fry can get captured by the Mummies.

    Anyone care to take a crack at this?

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    [2]Feb 20, 2014
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    BTW, Hermes and Amy are in these ideas I wrote above, too. Accept for the Bender and Fanny one. Here's some more:

    Farnsworth's Dyin' But Who's Got The Will?

    Farnsworth is dying and needs a mineral to help him live. The mineral is too expensive. So, Fry, Leela, and Bender find it and Bender steals it and gets arrested while Fry and Leela get away. Then they decide to raise money for the mineral by putting Zoidberg on a game show. Fry, Leela, Hermes, and Amy hypnitze Zoidberg into getting the questions right, while Bender watches the whole thing from his jail cell which he eventually escapes from.

    Triple Dripple:

    Hermes and Zoidberg are kidnapped on that pogo stick planet from Fry Am The Eggman. Fry, Leela, Bender, and Amy struggle to save them but Hermes and Zoidberg get caught in an explosion. Then they need a skin transplant and Hermes gets Zoidberg's skin, and Zoidberg gets Hermes's skin. Hermes is now the lowly doctor and Zoidberg becomes a gangsta rapper. Moon Park Battle:

    They all go the the amusement park on the moon. The owner of the place closes the park down trapping everyone inside. Then everyone is pitted against each other and forms their own armies. Bender puts together an army of people who like roller coasters. Leela leads an army for people who like other rides like Ferris Wheels and Bumper Cars. Amy leads one who likes Merry Go Arounds, and Hermes leads one for the people who work in resturants. Only Fry and Zoidberg are left behind and they find out the owner wants to destroy the park. The owner puts them to work until Fry makes Slurm smooties that make everyone stop fighting. If American Dad did this, why not Futurama?

    Fixing Bad:

    Family Guy and American Dad did Breaking Bad spoof, Futurama should've done one, too. Either one with Bender and Hermes selling weed, until they are taken down by rivals, or one where Bender and Leela sell fake IDs. At the end, Bender could fly away in a car.

    Hope other people can write in their own ideas, too.
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    If Futurama returned, I hope the staff would let me have Fry. Fry only romantically loves me! I hope the staff would make 'Meanwhile' be a bad dream

    If Futurama returns and the staff does not let me have Fry, I will start a protest to make Futurama stay cancelled

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