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Missing the thrill

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    [1]Apr 24, 2014
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    Usually....around this time, we hear news about new Futurama episodes. By now, we would hear about episode titles, see picture previews and promos to the new episodes that are coming. And we would see the clips on Youtube.

    Remember how excited we all were in 2010? Looking through message boards like PEEL and FMMB. Not FFF so much. (for some reason, FFF didn't keep up with new season news.) I posted some new season news back when FFF was up and running and everyone there ignored it. Then there was specualtion about what the new episodes would be like. Then I got really exicted in 2011 when I first got the WIFI and saw the pics and videos for the very first time I was able to do that on my computer. Then my family made me give up the WIFI and blamed me.

    Then I would watch the previews at my local internet cafe. In 2012, I would always go there to see the preview videoes and pictures on Youtube and would get very excited for the upcoming episodes. Of course, there was some I was doubtful of.

    In 2013, all the thrill was lost. (for me, maybe not others) because of it being annonced that it's been cancelled and it's the final season, And because of a certain episode that shall not be named!

    Now we have no new episodes, previews, videos or anything like that. At least the comics are still keeping up the thrill. What in the world happened? In 2010, Futurama got over 13 million viewers and the ratings dropped from then on. What show had beaten it that people (non fans) seemed to think was so much better?

    Anyone else feel the same?

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    [2]Apr 24, 2014
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    I just re-watched season 5A-B on dvd and had an absolute blast. Even though I had only gotten into the show when I heard it was getting revived I still found its return to be a great thrill.

    It still shocks me that it was cancelled after what was essentially only 2 seasons. I mean, Comedy Central knew it was a cult classic and wouldn't break the ratings bank.What was problem with it???

    The one thing I do take solace in though is knowing that it won't be milked dry like the Simpsons. If it were up to me I'd have wanted at least one or two more A-B seasons but I'd rather it end early than get run into the ground.

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    [3]Apr 29, 2014
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    I think the some of newer episodes weren't that great to begin with at all. I noticed in the new first season most shows were about current events and which in the original run didn't really exist. That could have turned fans away in the second season. I do agree that CC should have done another season of Futurama.
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