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    It does seem like to any of you, everytime Futurama ends, something bad always happens to Leela? In The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings, she gets terrorized by the Robot Devil. In ITWGY, she endures lots of abuse there. And now in LATGS, she got turned into a squid, captured, caged, tied up and electricuted. And Fry and Bender were running around free having a fun adventure to save her.

    Why didn't the writers giveLeela a more dignified episode instead of torturing her and putting her in a DiD sitaution justso Fry can be the hero and prove his love to her. Why not have the Cloud Castle have been something Farnsworth inherited from a dead relative that's full of ghosts? THen he sends Leela, Bender, Hermes, and Amy to go check it out? Then they all would have been terrorized by the ghosts and only Leela had the power to stop them? And a subplot could've been Fry working at a funeral home and Zoidberg steals the corpses so he can eat them.

    This would have been better:


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    Pretty good fanfic episode Kurt!! I know alot of work goes into writing any fanfic.
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